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Giving Something Back!!!

posted 8/28/2010 11:10:38 PM |
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As Most of yall know... I went to TN. to do some handyman work! (Thx Pink for Posting a Dang Blog on it! )

Pink is a real sweetie and a Awesome Hostess!!! The Best!!!
She was the "Pink" I have gotten to know here.....!!! She is a "Country LADY"..!!!!
...A TOP Of the Line Lady there!!!!!!!

I'm sure that there are some out there "saying" that I went there to "Get Lucky" ( @ Straddle!!! )
Nope.... I did Not have Sex with PINK! Yeah I know I am Loosing my bad rep.!!! But life is life...
Although...I was Surrounded with "Pink" and "Pussy"....!!!! (she knew that was coming..I'm sure... )
I had a slight "Pink Out" while I was there!!!

To be Honest......I went there.... only to help out a friend!!!
Most know I am unemployed.... Hell, I've been that way since Feb./09....My Unemployment ran out this past March!!!(Early that!! lol)
But you know what....? I have lacked for NOTHING!!! I had No Savings...Nothing...but a Little Faith!!!
I'm prolly broker than most that is reading this!!! That's No shit!!!
Some may ask why did I go help a Friend?!!! No benefits, No pay...WTH? I can hear the words now..."He is a Dumb ass!
I know some have all ready called me a Dumb ass....!! Hell maybe I am....
but yanno if that makes me a dumb ass.....Sobeit!!!!
I'm not patting myself on the if any of you are thinking that...shame on You!!!
I knew my agenda was gonna get out of the next few weeks..!! In the next 3 weeks..I will be so busy..I can't stand it!!!(but Loving it to death!)
Hell,..... I received a call in the 1st... 2 hours headed to "Pinks" !! it was family...but they have used up their free passes!!! This will cost them, and I will still be 1/2 price!

I just want to "Give Something Back"!!!
The good Lord has taken care of me....he has Directed me the whole way!!
If I am wrong...Shoot me!! (Please... don't miss! cause I will shoot back! I'll Not Miss! )
I do wish I could have stayed a few days and done MORE!!! Sorry "Pink"!!!

When I was leaving...I saw the sunflowers again..and wanted to go back and get "Pink" and take photo's all afternoon.... but yanno.....that's her Treasure!!!
I can't wait to see her photo's!!!

Maybe Straddle was right..... I was Very "lucky"...but No SEX! I was Very Lucky Too meet someone from AMD and Very Lucky to have Met This Lady!!!
Lets give something back!

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Aug 28 @ 11:38PM  
I think it was awesome you went and helped her good for you...
Shows what a good man you are...

Aug 28 @ 11:39PM  
OMG!!! PInk is the Dumb ass for not snatchin up a gentleman like you!

Naw....I'm givin ya both shit...there is somethin to be said about GOOD FRIENDS! That is worth more than any amount of work you will ever do for her or anyone else!! And thats the truth! Ya know what? That house will fall apart and crumble someday, but REAL and good friendships will stand the test of time and I for one could only wish for the honor to know the likes of both of you! Thats what I call QUALITY WORK!

Aug 28 @ 11:44PM  
You don't have to explain anything!!! You went to help a friend out... a friend helping a friend- what more... or need be said??


Aug 28 @ 11:47PM  
I think it was wonderful. That had to be around 300 miles one way. I didn't see how either of you could afford the gas.

Aug 28 @ 11:48PM  
You are a true gentleman Mr. Toadman...and that's a fact. I'm so glad you were able to help Ms. Pink out since she was in a really tough spot. I wish there were more people like you in this world.

Kudos for being you.

Aug 28 @ 11:53PM  

Aug 29 @ 12:08AM  
Way to go guy! It's allways a good feeling to help a friend, and from what I've seen in the little time I've been on AMD Pink seens like a sweet lady with a good heart.a kudo for you

Aug 29 @ 12:26AM  
That had to be around 300 miles one way. I didn't see how either of you could afford the gas.
By the Grace of God!
Thx for asking!!!

Aug 29 @ 12:39AM  
Awwww.. thanks Alex!!!! You must clarify the pussy comment though... Let them know I have a bunch of cats!!!! LOL

Thank you for coming and thank you even more for helping me out!!! You are a true blessing!! Only good things will come your way for being such a great man and a good friend!! You are welcome to come back here any time and even if it's just to hang out with me!!

I'll get those pics of the sunflowers posted here in the next few days but if you did take some, by all means! Post them!! I would even love to see them!!!

Luvrgrl... no dummy here! Who says I haven't snatched him up?!?!

Hog.. thank you so very much.. that was sweet of you!!

mama... he is a sweetheart!!! Any woman would be lucky to have him!!

Ditto to Kitkat!! Love ya girl!!

WOW... yeah, what he said!! I couldn't afford much this week so I'm ever so grateful to Alex!!! He is the man!!!!!!!!

Som... right??

I do thank you again and again and again and over and over and over!!!! I don't know what I would have done without your kindness Alex!!! Bless you always!!

Aug 29 @ 1:23AM  

For any out there reading this Blog. Let me assure you. OHT is a Gentleman
at all times. And the type of a man that is there to help friends in need. I would also like to add that Pink Is a LADY of very high quality and standards.
Pink I am so glad he was able to help you out. And of course OHT I hold the deepest respect for. Way to go OHT.

Aug 29 @ 2:21AM  
Blessings to Both of You!!!

God does provide!!!

Aug 29 @ 6:24AM  
well Pink, it you get another shot at him, he might put out if you wear high heels just kidding, friends are good.

Aug 29 @ 7:03AM  
I think this was wonderful! I wish I had met a person who could do that for me. It is difficult being single when things go bad lol So I will enjoy your weekend with Alex with you

Aug 29 @ 3:38PM  
You know, OHT, you may be the last of a dying breed! I think we all know the dying breed of which I speak....the breed of "Gentleman"!!!!!
I think it's awesome that you took your own time to help out a friend in need! I'm sure she was SO happy to have that help, too! (I'm a single mom so I know how precious those gents are that help out without expecting anything in return!
I say hats off and KUDOS to you! Thanks for reminding us girls that there are still gentlemen in this world!

Aug 30 @ 12:21AM  
I think that was nice of you to do that for Pink, Alex!

Kudos to you!

Aug 30 @ 1:00PM  
You sound like a very nice person toad, good deed

Aug 30 @ 5:45PM  
It was a cool thing to do.

Aug 30 @ 5:53PM  
I know some have all ready called me a Dumb ass....!! Hell maybe I am...

Not at all my friend. You helped a friend out...nothing wrong with that. Actually, that is quite admirable. I applaud you for helping a friend.

Giving a kudo to a great guy.

Sep 1 @ 6:23PM  
We all could learn to give something back was raised that you caint get along thru life with out doing for others ..

Lets lend a hand to our friends and family

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Giving Something Back!!!