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I don't belong here?

posted 1/9/2007 6:20:13 PM |
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I am here to make new friends and keep in contact with my current friends...and to write blogs. I like to write and when the inspiration hits me...that's what I do.
So...given that, who the fuck are these people who, once again insist on telling us that we don't belong here...this is a sex site...if we're not looking for sex we need to go somewhere else? Are they that fucking stupid?? 'bout this:

If you are here looking for hot, horny women, men or both for a one night stand, fwb or some other no-strings encounter don't belong here.

If you are looking for someone to watch you cum on cam, cybersex on yahoo or call you and describe how they want to fuck your brains shouldn't be here.

If you are only looking for sex, be it oral or anal, missionary or doggy-style, BDSM or Master/Slave, gay, bi, or should definitely look elsewhere.

Why? This is NOT a sex site! It's an Adult Dating and Swingers Community. Nowhere does it say sex site! does it feel?? Do ya like being told you don't belong here just because your preferences or reasons for being here don't match mine? Does it annoy you? Does it fucking piss you off?? Good! Welcome to my world!

This Community is diverse and exciting. It is a way for like minded people to meet, hook up or just correspond...without having to spend thier grocery or lottery ticket money. It is absolutely NOT limited to people who just want sex.

Oh and another thing...women post naked pics...that does NOT make them sluts, bitches or whores. That does NOT mean they should have to lower thier standards for who they'll sleep with...just because you think they're hot. If you want a woman's attention...regardless of what she is or is not wearing...behave yourself! Use those manners your mother or other parental figure should have taught you! And for Gawds original! Don't forget...Girls Talk!
And considering the fact there are ALOT more men then women here...the ladies can afford to be picky. If your game ain't ain't the ladies' fault. It's your's.

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Jan 9 @ 6:27PM  
Hey Sunny.. you don't belong here.. you make way too much sense to belong to this site.

Jan 9 @ 6:27PM  
I see this site as a community of like minded people.
What does piss me off however are the morons who constantly post blogs asking for sex. If they are that desperate let them go find a hooker as I doubt if any of the women on here are just going to drop their drawers and fuck a guy just because he happens to be on this site looking for sex! All the women I have made contact with and read about in blogs have standards and in no way can they be called hookers or sluts and any man doing so can't have any respect for women!

Jan 9 @ 6:29PM  

You tell em, girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 9 @ 6:38PM  
You made me wet my pants !
You tell them girl .........

Jan 9 @ 6:40PM  
Sunny all I can think of is that some people are jealous that you found what they want!!! Congrats to you and Canu, you make a wonderful couple


Jan 9 @ 6:46PM  
LMAO very well said...I think there is a site somewhere that they can get that....

Jan 9 @ 6:47PM  
It's not even just me Zena! It's the people in general on this site! I saw two blogs today insinuate that people who are NOT looking for sex...just sex...should not be here! I'm tired of being told I shouldn't be here!

Jan 9 @ 6:49PM  
No Words

Jan 9 @ 6:52PM  
Yeah well Sunny they should all go eat shit and die! We have every right to be here as much as they do, and if they don't like then stay the HELL away!!!


Jan 9 @ 7:04PM  
Thank you.

Jan 9 @ 7:07PM  
Oh God, do you know how many time I've been told I don't belong here? It really gets to me sometimes, but then I remember one simple thing....who the fuck do they think they are?! Everyone here has the same right to be here, even the wanna fuck emailers, as long as they obey the few little rules, such as not harrassing other members. Damn, I need a drink, anyone wanna go to the store for me?

Jan 9 @ 7:23PM  
Wow, I can't believe Zena just said what she said in her last comment. I'm shocked. She's getting tougher guys!

Jan 9 @ 7:45PM  
It wont take long for the " i need to fuck" assholes to wake up from bein fuckin stupid and realize they aint gettin laid and go back to jerkin themselves off and leave us decent people thing about this site is we are a pretty close knit bunch.......

Jan 9 @ 7:50PM  
Couldn't have said it better myself. Right on.

Jan 9 @ 7:54PM  
Straddle, you have to be tough or get tough to stay here, to be able to take the stupid, idiotic, just plain fuckin dumb comments like "if you're not lookin to screw anything with a dick, you shouldn't be here". Sunny's right, and we all know it! I'm tired of trying to tell those that think because they don't have a surplus of pussy lined up at their door this site doesn't work. I don't remember reading anywhere that you were guaranteed to get laid by being here. "Playing" a game doesn't work if you can't find another "player". I'm so sick of this kind of discrimination. We don't sit around and tell those that are looking for an easy lay that they don't belong here. So don't tell those of us that found more than just an easy lay that we don't belong here, and we'll all get along much better!

Jan 9 @ 8:19PM  
Damn, Sunny - you took the words right out of my mouth! (Oh, it must have been while you were kissin' me! *prrrrrr*)


Jan 9 @ 8:20PM  
Oh hey - look who's back!!! jjmsmitty! Hope all is well, guy!!!

Jan 9 @ 8:29PM  
No, Belle, I have known SunnyD to be tough. I was referring to Zena about getting tough with some of her recent comments that she's posted.

Jan 9 @ 8:56PM  
as usual....BRAVO!!
The Forum Pimp bow's to your wisdom or atleast your writting skills.... oh...and THIS...
It wont take long for the " i need to fuck" assholes to wake up from bein fuckin stupid and realize they aint gettin laid and go back to jerkin themselves off and leave us decent people alone

was almost as good as the blog...

Jan 9 @ 9:36PM  
Gawd I love it when you don't hold back Sunny! I've noticed an increase in my "wanna fuck" emails lately.... it's like some of the morons have to react negatively to all the warm and fuzzies around here lately.... kudos to ya gurl!

Jan 9 @ 10:17PM  
LOL Straddle in my own convoluted way i was agreeing with you.

Jan 9 @ 10:53PM  
kudos, sundance!

Jan 10 @ 12:05AM  
I haven't had the I don't belong here speach yet, but I'm sure it's coming soon with the comments I've made in the blogs lately. I am looking for a relationship with a nice person and won't settle for less.....but that doesn't mean I want to be without until it comes along. I guess that means i'm a little ambigious in my terms, but still I know what I want and I won't be happy until I get it.
I want what Sunny and Canu found, maybe I will be the next lucky one to find it here. I certainly hope so. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Jan 10 @ 12:13AM  
I say FUCK people, do what you want,, No matter what you do some one will be there to talk shit. Just slap them and do your thing girl.

Jan 10 @ 2:51AM  
What can I say that you haven't Sunny D? Brilliant as your name suggests.

Jan 10 @ 4:00AM  
Sundance you have figured it out. You stand up. I wish more people would stand up for their opinions. But as a man I have not encountered men on this site in the way probably have. I see them in blogs and that can be quite depressing. But cheer up. They are not getting it anyway .

Jan 10 @ 5:45AM  
You Go Girl
I couldn't count the times I have been told " You Don't Belong Here " in my life.
Thats why I have stoped responding to blogs here, just laying low and keeping my blood presure down -lol-
Big Hug for you

Jan 10 @ 7:06AM  
i couldn't agree with you more. amazingh how you said what i've been feeling for awhile

Jan 10 @ 9:04AM  

Jan 10 @ 9:39AM  
Bravo Girl! . Forget the site. i do not belong to this mean WORLD!

Jan 10 @ 12:40PM  
Well said......Nothing more to add....Thanks Lena

Jan 10 @ 2:09PM  
I can tell by the intensity and the frequency of your posts here, you obvoiusly have your own way to spend your time. I respect people who can spend so much time posting their thoughts so often and about things they feel deeply about. It is like I respect your FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. There is a heart in this site's logo, as well as some other unidetified thingys over the 'M', I guess that means people are supposed to mind the ways their hearts direct them as you have done so perfectly with your words. I express with my paintbrush and I am a successful artist, but on this site I have only been successful with my offers to members to model for me aboard my yacht 7 times, and each time was a meaningful and gratifying session of modeling. I find women here look sideways at offers from artists to have them model because there are so many weirdos out there posing as photographers or talent agents, whatever, who are only after sex and control.
I have models pose in a series of poses that causes them to have the experience of coitus, without any actual contact. Because I seek this look in my art, it works out well, but as with your issue, sex does exist here, but I agree, people can come here for non-sexual reasons as well.
Dave Adam

Jan 10 @ 3:09PM  
Damn!! This is some good stuff!! You said exactly what I feel!!

Jan 10 @ 3:26PM  
I sure as hell don't belong here! None the less, here I am, fucking daring somebody to tell ME, to leave!

Oh p.s.
I belong in your arms baby, I love you

Jan 10 @ 3:49PM  

DAMN........did I slip in without paying a "cover charge"?
Me sooooo friggin' sorry.........
Call da bouncers.........
REALLY --- call 'em!


Jan 10 @ 10:32PM  
I'm suprised that it's such a suprise that you even wrote this blog......

Ya know, it's women like us that assume that most people know this time they won't be so lucky! LOL


Jan 10 @ 10:56PM  
Reality check...........don't we all know they, men and women aren't gonna go away? Ignore them, pass their blogs by.......they still come back. At least those that only post to get attention. I love seing blogs with no comments........but does it tell them there are egos involved here......unfortunately, they can email. Well, perhaps not.........have also seen some that actually adjusted their profiles and approach. I like to believe there are some people that can see the light......others...........well fuck em!!

Jan 14 @ 11:20PM  
i have not been told yet i dont belong here .. but if i were told it.. it wouldnt matter to me.. i would just let you vent.. and then turn you off... thats about it.. your not worth my time to get upset about.. ive meet a lot of nice people in this sight and dont plan on going any where else...

Jan 15 @ 7:56AM  
Oh, shut the fuck up and take a hike! A long hike. Change your mail setting mush mouth....

Jan 15 @ 11:17AM  
Oh I'm so glad that ugly fucker posted a comment to my blog so I could block his stupid ass. I mean...look at him...don't his looks totally fit his personality? Ugly Ugly Ugly!!! He looks like the troll he is. I bet he has an ingrown pecker too.

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