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The Past, Present and Future......

posted 1/9/2007 4:17:57 PM |
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From my experience in life it seems people have a way of living in the past instead of the present or future. Sometimes the past is what it is.....THE grow from it, learn from it, and hopefully do not repeat it unless it serves your life in a positive way. I personally have been down many roads of happiness and disaster only to become a better, stronger person.....see I LEARN from my past, not DWELL on it like allot of people do these days.

So why do people hang on to the past and live nowhere near the present?

It is very rare to find someone living and whining about the past to be a positive influence on anybody, including himself or herself. Most cases they bring others down into their past misery. They have a hard time letting go of past hurts and grudges only to find out, THEY are the ones suffering not the circumstances that produced such misery in their life. The scary thing is, They sometimes will never let go of the past and suffer a lifetime of depression and misery.

I always find time to pray for such individuals, as it must be awful to live that way.

So why is it people have a hard time living in the present?

They are not able to see a future in the present because they live in the past. These are the same people that cannot look at themselves and find a way of forgiveness within, and forgiveness to others. After all Jesus forgives us for everything and if people can look to be forgiving within themselves they can move to the future.

The Future to me is always bright, because we cannot do anything about our past. What we can do is look for a beautiful future and work our present to obtain everything we want in the future.

I wrote this blog because a few people on here might need to read it and I think its good food for thought as we shall all give up our anger, grudges and hurts so everybody can start being happy again........because Life is beautiful and Fragile.

There is no time to worry about the past..........

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Jan 9 @ 4:27PM  
People cannot let go of memories or life altering events (whether positive or negative).. the act of moving on is sometimes too hard for some people to do. Whether they are emotionally incapable of doing so, or are just unwilling to let bygones be bygones. We may be through with the past, but it is never through with us. Whether we like it or not, our history is what has shaped our present and will ultimately mold our future. We cannot change who we are or our actions, and there are people out there who like to be reminded of that. Some people enjoy the pain of remembering past hurt and they subject themselves to it daily. They think about old lovers, lost opportunities, or bad mistakes and they use it to do one of two things- better themselves or dwell on it and become very unhappy people. We're not perfect and we often make the wrong choices in dealing with grief and regret, but we always have the option to change.

t's not about letting things go, it's about not allowing those things to affect you.

Jan 9 @ 4:32PM  
I agree with all that you said LadyM, The only thing is WE can change who we are and our actions for the future to become stronger and happier. Great comment though you are right.

Jan 9 @ 4:53PM  
For me the past has been a great help in shaping me for what i am. I remember myself as a good and easy going guy. But the experiences in past is what has made me what i am today. It has helpmed me to understand who is what and who means what to my life today. And one more thing. I am sorry, I used to be a believer of GOD. Not anymore. But thats my opinion and they differ from people to people. I dont disrespect anyones opinions though. I personally believe in PRESENT only. Who the fuck has seen future. I might be going on my way back to home and die in a car accident. Lol.

Jan 9 @ 5:52PM  
it's too bad that looking behind all the time makes it damn hard to go foward well...........i mean how can you steer if you can't see where your GOING cause your too preoccupied with where you been???

Jan 9 @ 6:03PM  
Is that a question for me Ynot?

Jan 9 @ 6:14PM  
Sometimes a reference to a past love or experience can help us move on but there is no point in constantly dwelling in the past as it can be very unhealthy. If I make references to my past loves it's just to give an example of some of the experiences I have had. I am not saddened by my lost loves as most of them I am still friends with and their memories certainly don't stop me seeking that elusive love of my life instead it gives me a better idea of just who I am looking for!

Jan 9 @ 6:26PM  
Good Point Argit...I do like to hold on to the experiences and great memories...I think you have to always hold on to the good in everything.....

Jan 9 @ 8:48PM  
Holding on to the past is definately harmful.....not only to yourself but to others just like you said....but you see....sometimes people hold onto the ugliness of life because it's all they has become their security...their only source of happiness is something tragically sad that must be for them...I by no means am justifying might help you to understnad why people do what they do.....but as with anything in life....we make choices......

It is my hope that you are making a very conscious choice to let go of the past and enter into today with tremendous courage and confidance......I know that there IS SOMEONE there waiting to greet you with open arms and walk into the future with you....


Jan 26 @ 2:04PM  
I Never, ever let anyone bring me down,,,nor have I intentionally tried to hurt someone,,,,not through my divorce,,,,which was ugly,,,did I take my hurt or anger out on anyone else,,,not even my ex-husband,,,, very civil to him,,,even though he was the cause of our divorce..I lost my only first born son,,,,five years ago to murder...have never shown,,,I hurt on a daily basis...My family,,,,My friends,,,My Co Workers and just people I meet on a daily basis tell me I am a very happy person.....Always smiling and making people laugh.....All people handle pressure and hurt in different ways,,,I was blessed....a very loved child and never saw anger or my parents stressing over anything therefore I think life is what you make of it....I live everyday as if it was going to be my last....I tell all my family and friends I love them on a daily basis....I have alot of patience.....I apologize when I think I have stepped on someone's toes as to speak.... Do I sound corny,,,,,sorry this is just me....and I love that God has given me all these blessings on a daily basis...Lena

Jan 26 @ 2:06PM  
Just one more thing I forgot....YOUR VERY MUCH DESERVED KUDO....THANKS WE NEEDED THIS......Lena

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The Past, Present and Future......