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Brazil, Laser or Shave....

posted 8/24/2010 10:15:45 PM |
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So I finally decided to laser my hooch! So I an old ex called me (we're good friends) and I told him and he about had a coronary!!!! I was completely suprised to be honest with you...but anyways...he said....what about those of us that still like a little bush???? And I was SAYS! Soft and smooth!

So....Interested in hearing from both parties...Men what do you prefer and women what do you prefer? Frankly I am STOKED (did I just use that word???) to do it....the thought of never having to shave my hooch again THRILLS me to no end!!!!

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Brazil, Laser or Shave....


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Aug 24 @ 10:31PM  
A well trimmed "Hooch" Is Awesome!! I would Love to Trim my ladies a heart shape!!
I will say..some women have more scent.....than others...and they know it!!(So I was told!)
I had one tell me if she shaved, she could smell her own odor..!
Everyone is Different!!!!

Aug 24 @ 10:35PM  
LOL a heart shape....but the deal with laser is.....if i do a heart shape...I STILL have a heart shape when I'm 90! you want is what you get and ain't no goin back...kinda like a tattoo

Aug 24 @ 10:41PM  
Well..if ...we were together...!!
Yeah.......I hear ya!!!

Aug 24 @ 10:44PM  
I'd get mine lazered off in a heartbeat if i could!! I think the permanent heart shape would be very cool too!!!

Aug 24 @ 10:45PM  

That still doesn't even look right.... oh well!

Aug 24 @ 10:50PM  
Oh yea...and the BEST part is....each session is like 10 minutes!!!!! Seriously!!! You don't even want to know how much time I spend in the shower shaving!!!!!

Aug 24 @ 11:25PM  
My vote is for the full bush, lol , i like a nice crop

Aug 24 @ 11:28PM  
I wish I could afford a laser treatment..that would be so amazingly cool.. for now it's just shaving.. sigh.

Aug 24 @ 11:57PM  
Who said Laser?
I only use my teeth or a razor!! The Laser is on YOU!

Aug 25 @ 12:14AM  
HEY!!! I work on lasers... although, these are high powered systems for cutting metal- well, guess that wouldn't work very well... not only would you not have any hair, you wouldn't have a 'hooch' either!

anyway, my vote is smooth- a landing strip is kewl too! Smooth is a total turn-on for me- I love to have her open her legs wide and watch her 'pedals' open up like a flower!


Aug 25 @ 12:25AM  
Petals dammit... petals!!!


Aug 25 @ 1:29AM  
I see where your mind is at Soms

I like my vageen just the way it is; dont want to shave only to get those funny-feeling bristle in your panties.

And dont want to get lasered off, they might miss and de-clit me.

Aug 25 @ 6:03AM  
"each session is like 10 minutes!!!!! " They do it in multiple sessions? What a rough and finish cut ? I like a SSS (Silky Smooth Snatch) but a landing strip is my favorite.Styles change over time though, Look at 60's and 70's porn ,They had the serious all Natural bush going on .Suppose that style comes back, Then You'll have to take "Rogaine for Hooch "

Aug 25 @ 7:18AM  
I like a full bush. Easier to find the hole with hair around it

Aug 25 @ 7:54AM  
Compared to the "old days" when women didn't shave the muff, have tats or piercings, the shave muff is by far the biggest turn on.

Aug 25 @ 8:22AM  
"Rogaine for Hooch "

this is why i luv reading through blogs

I like a trimmed bush best

Aug 25 @ 9:08AM  
I see where your mind is at Soms

Bad... is good!


Aug 25 @ 10:53AM  
And dont want to get lasered off, they might miss and de-clit me.

OMG are so funny...and I have ta agree with ya.

Me? Trimmed around the edges occasionally to keep it from catchin' in my panties but shaved? Tried it...hated it...feel like a 10 yr. old and feel like if guys want it hairless they must be lookin' for a kid.... JMHO

Just not my thingy.

Aug 25 @ 12:14PM  
I have found that shaved women look about ten years younger. Besides, SHAVED seems to be the trend on the nudist resorts. Only the senior citizens wear the full bush anymore.

Aug 25 @ 4:05PM  
It really doesn't matter what a woman sports to me as far as her being clean shaven, trimmed, or full bush. I love a variety on women.

Aug 25 @ 6:05PM  
Senior citizen and damn proud of it...full bush or not....only little boys think that way....

Aug 26 @ 1:54AM  
Only the senior citizens wear the full bush anymore.

Scuze me while I put my teeth back in and offer up this factual statement: Pubic hair is a sign of sexual maturity. Not implying women with shaved vags aren't of age. Its an insult to people who would rather avoid the irritation and skin sensitivity of being hairless for someone's sexual pleasure instead of their own comfort. Gonna echo Soft's 2nd to the last statement..something creepy about wanting hairless pussy.

Personally, I like my dude's easter basket with some grass on it, know what I mean? Too smooth and hairless makes me feel weird and creepy.

Sep 30 @ 2:17PM  
I am not too picky, as long a it's maintained. That said, my preference is completely shaved, and very smooth!

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Brazil, Laser or Shave....