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posted 8/24/2010 7:21:05 PM |
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tagged: sex, porn, tv, people

I was talking with a friend yesterday…and they voiced their disgust at the reality T.V. show I was watching at that moment. They even went as far as to call it “trash” TV.

I thought about what my friend had said for a moment…and then stated that someone who keeps tons of porn catalogued on their computer for repeat viewing on their big screen TV shouldn’t be talking about "trash" TV. I mean come on…porn gives a whole new meaning to the term “trash” TV IMO.

At this point in the conversation…my friend said that MOST people watch porn…have it saved on their computer...and that because of this reason…it wouldn’t be considered "trash" TV…but "normal" TV.

I told this friend I completely disagreed with them…and would take this topic to Pervia so we could settle our dispute.

So Pervia…Do you watch porn?

If so…how often do you watch porn…and do you have particular porn clips organized and saved within your computer for repeat viewing?

Do you consider porn "trash" TV?

Do you consider reality TV "trash" TV?

Me? I watch the occasional porn clip...if I want to know what something is…and to see how this particular something is performed. Beyond that…I much prefer erotica to any type of porn I’ve ever seen. So to answer my own questions...I watch porn rarely...and I do not keep porn clips saved on my computer. I do not consider ALL reality TV shows to be "trash" TV...but there are some shows that I feel would fall into this category.

Your turn…

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Aug 24 @ 8:36PM  
I have gotten a few Free Videos from A&E.... and I have visited "Boys Food" a few times....! Shoot me!!
My son has been warning me about spam..and other things that will fuck up my puter..!! Porn is Prolly #1 for that!!!
My Yahoo was Hacked last week...!! So...I will listen to my Son Now!!
If I'm with someone..we will make our Own Porn!!!! (No recordings!! )

Aug 24 @ 9:13PM  
Occasionally... but only porn with at least some class to it like... when there's a story to it??

But lemmie ask you this: what is the difference between, let's say, a guy watching porn or a woman whipping out her toys, when you consider that the end goal (for both) is the same- both sexes achieving self gratification using different means to do so???


Aug 24 @ 9:39PM  
yes I watch porn. not very often. dont watch on my computer or save any porn on it. Have kids that use my computer. Try to have all adult sites blocked or resticted. Some porn I call trash other erotica. Depends on what you like at the time. Yes some reality tv is considered trash.

Aug 24 @ 9:50PM  
(waves to kat)
of course I do occasionally...
is it
is it trash?, well remember what Woody Allen once said when asked if sex was dirty, "It is, he said, if you do it right"
its all fun in the right moment.

Aug 24 @ 9:53PM  
Some reality shows are trash, but not all of them are. Some are pretty fun and interesting to watch. For your friend to put down your reality tv shows by calling them trash, while they may enjoy porn is pretty hypocritical on their part.

I usually pull up tube galore where they have some interesting stuff on there. I do keep it on my favorite list on my computer, and I go in to check out the facing sitting clips that come in every day, along with the woman humping videos every few days.

Aug 24 @ 9:58PM  
Hell yea I watch porn!!! Not all the time...but sometimes.....I don't ever have to order it from anywhere cuz I always get free videos from A&E when I buy toys! LOL

But I think it's a great turn on with the right guy!

Aug 24 @ 10:02PM  
...and yes...I have a tasty guy that I like on that I have fav'd on my computer.....and I don't watch reality TV cuz I'm just not home enough to watch....I DVR too much shit as it is! LOL (that rarely gets watched!)

Aug 24 @ 11:26PM  
Ok I'm an odd duck. I like porn, preferably hardcore with no story line and lots of closeups. LOL gawd.. there goes my girl rep again.. pretty soon they will kick me completely out of the club.. the only story porn I like is gay man on man porn.

Do I consider it trash tv.. I like Real Sex, Odd Sex and a few others. so, no I guess I don't.

Some 'reality' like big brother, the bachelor/ette, survivor.. yeah I find that to be junk tv.. but it's a personal choice. I don't look down on you for watching it if you wanna.. my fave reality shows are on discovery, discovery health and nat geo. So.. yeah.. umm yeah. I like my reality a bit more real than some. I mean, WTF? I used to watch Soaps back when my kids were little. (I'm over that now) But watch out when Desperate Housewives season six comes out on dvd.

Aug 24 @ 11:28PM  
But lemmie ask you this: what is the difference between, let's say, a guy watching porn or a woman whipping out her toys, when you consider that the end goal (for both) is the same- both sexes achieving self gratification using different means to do so???

Let's whole blog stemmed from a friendly conversation about what is considered "trash" TV. If you're gonna call Survivor or American Idol 'trash" TV...then porn would certainly be considered "trash" TV at it's trashiest...with the background "fuck me" music to prove it.

Aug 24 @ 11:37PM  
Oh well, if we are looking at it like it's reality then yes.. yes it is trash. Cuz not much of that is reality.

Aug 25 @ 8:00AM  
Do You Do Porn?

On occasion, mostly to watch hot women do the things I wish were being done to me. The weapon of choice is YouPorn.

Do you consider reality TV "trash" TV?

One man's trash is another one's treasure.

Aug 25 @ 9:02AM  
well there was that rather kinky link that you accidently added to the last email you sent me but i had no idea you did that
but i was being a gentleman and keeping it to myself, plus ...I'm not finished watching it again yet
its not as shocking as skwirl trying to shave that beaver that one time on y'alltube, but who'd have thought one of those could wriggle and scratch like a mo' fo' so much

Aug 25 @ 9:43AM  
I've wathced the begining of some(read as a hell of a lot) porn, But havent seen the end of one yet .
Reality TV some, deadliest catch and that show wipe out, something hilarous about watching people fall down

Aug 25 @ 3:40PM  
Reality tv..well, what people watch is their business but don't ever expect me to know or care if you ask me have I seen/do I watch "________ of Love" or "America's Next Top Underwater Basket Weaver." I don't watch any of that. But notice that when all the soaps have been canceled or ended, reality tv has risen. "Reality" tv is more or less 21st cent. answer to soap operas..just scripted drama is all. At least when my mom sat down to watch something like Guiding Light, she knew it what it was. Someone like Kim Kardashian and all her miscellaneous overhyped body parts are fake trying to pass off as "real" and that's disturbing.

Porn? Ask me about all my bookmarks. But I tend to watch things more closely related to amateur-looking.

Aug 25 @ 3:46PM  
I watch some porn, but don't really need it with my wife.

Reality TV? Is there really any reality TV? I think they are mosty just game shows or documentaries, just done in a little bit different format.

Aug 25 @ 5:08PM  
I don't watch reality TV so I don't really know if it's trash.

Is porn trash? Not all of it.

But much porn has nothing to do with reality.

Aug 25 @ 7:42PM  
I've been known to watch some porn when I've needed a visual aid...Ahem.
I once dated a guy who needed to watch porn in order to get it up. Needless to say, it didn't last very long! Both the relationship and his hardon! LOL
Porn serves it's purpose. Is it trash? "One man's trash is another man's treasure."
I wouldn't call reality TV trash, nor would I call porn trash. Interest in these shows/movies is in the eye of the beholder, wouldn't you say?

Aug 25 @ 11:34PM  
According to some of the comments...Reality TV and Porn would BOTH be considered a form of "trash". I really liked both WoW's and Sunshinegal35's comments. I can definitely see how some of us would view our Reality TV or Porn as an extremely valuable treasure.

Thanks so much for stepping up to share your opinions on such an important topic. Our world is a better place because of it.

Aug 27 @ 12:48AM  
Ok, here's is my take.. neither will make NatGeo. They both have their place. I'm not a huge reality TV fan, mostly because there is little reality involved, but I must admitt I've been sucked in a few times. As far as porn goes... most of the new stuff isn't even high quality for porn. Bad actresses, bad story line and to much ass fucking for me. BTW that is an exit only hole.

Aug 27 @ 5:31AM  
Do you consider reality TV "trash" TV?

I am not quite sure of the exact context, but I am recalling something Woody Allen once said about television being a form of mental masturbation.

Aug 29 @ 11:17AM  
porn..........the sci fi of sex everything seems too easy........but when im lonely it does the trick

Aug 31 @ 3:37AM  
I don't need no stinkn' t.v.
Porn? ahhh waaaa?
nuttorrents? And limewire too?
they count? ahhh mmm
Sure. I dump my shit(pun-intended) every month or so. 10-20gigs
And I look at a few in passing along the way. Make sure I don't lose a GOOD ONE!
DUMBASS! javascript:emoticon(''); All of you know what I m talkin' bout'
I can see right through my wc right into yours! boo! ha
And I say wtf? that is the nastiest thing I never want to see again. seriously/
hellooooo helloooo
I watch 10 30 twice the other 2000?
musta been somebodyelse



Aug 31 @ 8:48PM  
there's nothing wrong with watching porn, I actually learned a few moves from it, as far as reality TV, I get a kick outta watching people screw up on live television but to each his own and a person shouldn't be judged by what they watch unless it is illegal (ie: snuff films, child abuse/porn)

Jan 25 @ 5:28AM  
I love porn as long as it is all women. I get so wet watching women eat pussy. I wish I could jump into it

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