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smokless cigarettes

posted 8/22/2010 8:14:54 AM |
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this original idea came from our own bunny, who i neglected to credit with it. she has done a lot of research on this and indeed deserves the applause. i apologize bunny.

ok, for those of you that might want to try these things, here is a link i found this morning. 10 bucks shipping, so that would be less than a cartoon of any brand. i figure after 45 plus years of smoking, got nothing to loose, so why not. it ain't gonna hurt me as much as the regular ones do.

smokless cigarettes

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Aug 22 @ 8:37AM  
Make sure you read under the Terms & Conditions:

Risk Free Trial:
At Direct E-Cig, we understand you want to take our electronic cigarettes for a test drive before deciding they are right for you. To make your decision easier, we have implemented our 14 day risk free trial. Starting from your original date of order you will have 14 days, includes shipping time, to determine if you would like to continue with our electronic cigarettes. All you pay is a shipping and handling of $9.95 (with coupon) or $14.99 (without coupon). Eleven days after your original order, you will be billed the full kit price of $89.95. As a bonus to you, we will also ship you a full 30 day supply within 24 hours of payment confirmation for FREE. You don’t even pay shipping and handling for this order. If you have chosen to receive more than 40 cartridges per month, you will be billed for the additional items shipped to you plus shipping and handling if the additional items will not fit into our standard cartridges package.

Direct E-Cig Money Saver Plan:
In order to offer you the best price on your cartridges and insure an uninterrupted supply, we will ship a one month supply 15 days after your original Starter Kit or Complete Starter Kit order and every month thereafter. The quantity you are shipped and billed for every month is determined by the number of cigarette packs you currently smoke. Our minimum quantity is 40 cartridges per month for a total cost of $59.95 (a savings of $15.05 monthly) plus shipping and handling of $9.95. Each additional add-on of 40 will be billed at $59.95.

The 9.95 S & H charge is just a sure you read all of the info, because they will charge your credit card.

Aug 22 @ 8:46AM  
thanks for looking deeper than i did. even at that, i think it will be worth it to see if they help stopping. they don't claim to, but it would be easier than patches or lozenges. i've tried both.

Aug 22 @ 9:15AM  
terms and conditions

Aug 22 @ 10:25AM  
don't waste your money sawduster, i have two of them and they really are worthless, they lasted about a week and you don't get anywhere
near the smoke as they show, i would like to quit also but this is not the way to do it, and you will pay throught the nose for refills. good luck

Aug 22 @ 11:52AM  
I smoked about a pack a day up until 1995! That Fall,I had a hellishness case of the flu that knocked me down for well over two weeks- so, I didn't smoke during that time! That allowed me to quit for 10 years!

But, circumstances in 2005 got me back into the habit again! However, I never got back to a pack a day- it's about 1/2 pack a day (sometimes, a little less)! Still not good but better than it was! I did that by:

#1- By adopting Bill [slick willey] Clinton's 'didn't inhale' BS (literately)! I take a drag and don't inhale- that gets me the nicotine with much less inhalants into my lungs! Still not good but much better otherwise!

#2- I smoke in my breezeway or outside so my house is virtually smoke free and therefore, not a reminder of having a smoke one after the other and the smoke doesn't get on everything!

#3- I light up, take 2 to 4 drags, then put it out! Any wheres from 15 min. to an hour or so later (like during a commercial) I'll relight it and take a few more drags! So, it may be a 1/2 hour to at least an hour to finish one cigarette!

#4- Not only does it limit my smoking, but, I actually move around much more than I would sitting in front of my monitor and/or TV all day, smoking cigarettes! Far more so than someone working in an office!

Even this isn't healthy but, much better than burning through a pack or two a day- even more for some people!

Three months ago, I had my chest x-rayed- all clear! Doesn't mean continuing to smoke like this isn't going to cause problems later but, I don't have breathing problems either!

I intend to quit in October- it'll be 5 years since I restarted- that's my goal! Should be able to stop completely, permanently!


Aug 22 @ 12:01PM  
good luck som, at one time i had cut back to a half pack or less a day, but didn't maintain that. but i was going outside, smoking a little less than a full one, and going back inside. i'm hoping i can get over some of the habits with the help of these. and stay off them. like war, smoking ain't good for nobody.

Aug 22 @ 2:00PM  
It is hard to quit, I smoked as a kid/ teenager, then at 18 was taken out in the country by my late husband and because I could not walk the 13 miles to the store with two little kids and he would not bring any home.. I quit.. fast forward to 2004 I picked it up from my oldest daughter, I do not smoke a lot 6 or 7 or a lot less a day but I am having a hell of a time stopping... She quit this summer cold turkey done with it.. LOL I am a work in progress and will quit when I can..

Aug 22 @ 5:05PM  
here is another link. and less expensive alternatives to the one i originally posted. i'm not pushing these for anyone, but if you are considering them, any other info you may have or come up with would be appreciated by many i"m sure.

another smokeless site

Aug 22 @ 6:19PM  
well since I am the one that started this I will tell you what I know. I posted a comment on Sawdusters blog about what I was doing the other day. I have investigated 4 sites and talked to 4 different people about smokeless brands they use. The best information came from a woman of a friend of mine.She has been smoke free since January by using the smokeless cig from I ordered the starter kit, plus extra cartridges, an extra battery is included and I will have enough nicotine to last me a week to see how the hand to mouth and inhaling procedure helps me along with the nicotine, but smoke free.
I will let you kids know how it works for me. I have high hopes based on the others that communicated their positive results with me.If it doesn't work then hang me up and out to dry till I die. I still haven't found the balls to quit cold turkey like Softie did.
Wishing me luck and Sawduster too...

Aug 22 @ 6:29PM  
you have my thanks bunny, i wish anyone that tries to quit the best of luck. and no one program or substitute is going to work for everyone that does. what ever works for you is what works. all the rest of us can do is provide support and suggestions.

the link to esmokey you might look into, the carts they sell are refillable, and they have the liquid to refill them. different strengths and flavors. hmmmmm, dunno about those, but what ever trips yer trigger i guess.

Aug 22 @ 8:21PM  
2 day stay in the hospital with health insurance because of a nasty case of bronchitis was incentive enough for me to quit smoking. Been 5 years since I quit......and no desire to take it back up.

Giving up smoking is hard...and can be done when the person is ready to give it up. It's hard, the cravings and all, but, it can be done. Best of luck to all who are trying to quit.

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smokless cigarettes