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Try my theory of planet Earth and life cycles on for size

posted 8/20/2010 12:34:39 PM |
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Some facts first, to set up my hypothesis:

1- Last info I have is that our planet is 4.67 billion years old

2- One massive land formation was Pannotia, about 600 million years ago

3- The last massive land formation was , about 250 million years ago. There may have been several other land masses thoroughout out Earth's 4.67 billion existence, according to researchers!

4- There are currently seven to eight major separate 'plates' [Earth's crust] (and smaller ones) as they are called that support the different continents we have today! The plates are supported by the magma underneath them! These plates drift (known as Plate Tectonics) and the continents on their respective plates, move with the plates!

5- Both land masses (and perhaps several others before- Pannotia and Pangaea) were broken up over time to form Super Continents, (Pangaea started breaking up about 250 to 200 million years ago to where things are today) sub-masses drifting apart due to volcanic activities and the continental plates drifting to where we see the positions they're in now!

My point is: The make up of the continents, over billions of years has changed shape and relocated to different parts of the planet- then, over millions of years, have had complete makeovers! All this due to the dynamic activities of the planet, including what is known as subduction, where one plate is pushed under another and begins to melt from the immense pressure and the magma underneath the plates- volcanoes are formed because of this- it's the Earth's way of 'blowing off steam', while forming new land in the process!

Enter the ice ages:

Now, enter the ice ages! The same thing (theoretically) can be said for many ice ages forming over billions of years! In fact, about 700 million years ago, Earth was completely covered with ice of about a 1/2 mile to one mile thick! It took millions of years to break the ice up and melt. (This also, could have happened several times over too). Since then, there have been many much smaller 'ice ages'- the last ending about 20,000 years ago! In fact, we are in between ice ages right now! The next is due about 35,000 years from now- so... you have time yet!

The smaller ice ages since the global covering of ice, obliterate most if not all land masses (except the last one) of any features the land may have had before then! Lakes are gouged out, valleys and canyons are gouged out, hilly land flattened etc. Ice flows, generally go around mountains.

All the while, life existed in some form! The lowest forms of life began to appear about 3.5 billion years ago- give or take a couple years!

Enter my theory:

Now comes my theory I have had on my mind for several years! (and I have never heard of this anywhere, anytime, from anyone in any field related to my theory).

If all that I have said can happen several times over (I'm thinking about 6 to 8 times over a period of 3.5 billion years, out of 4.67 billion years- the time it took for the Earth to begin to settle down)- I would think that humans (along with other life too of course) could have evolved several times over, maybe even more intelligent than what exists today (although, that doesn't seem to be saying much), where life as we know it- buildings, technology, means of travel, different countries, different people, different religions and yes (gawd- it pains me to say this) different politics too- could have existed!

All of the ways in which we live now, could have happened and then be obliterated (by Earth's dynamics) over time to the extent that, no traces are left! You have to think about this happening over 100s of millions of years each time- or cycle! In other words, how would we know? We have only drilled down to just a few miles into the Earth's crust without discovering anything unusual, unexplained artifacts!

We may have been to the Moon or Mars before but, evidence there could have been obliterated! We could even have developed the science needed to leave the Earth and travel to other star systems! How would we know???

Everything in our Universe is cyclic- there is order, in what appears to be chaos!

Anyway, that's my theory in a nutshell- there's some more about that but I'm not writing a book on it either! Although, I' thinking of trying to get this published in a few 'Editor's columns' in a few appropriate magazines! Am I nuts...? You decide- it's just how I think of things sometimes! Think about it!


When did life begin on Earth?

Plate Tectonics

Time-lapse sim of Earth's land mass movement- 650 million years to date- then 50 million in the future



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Aug 20 @ 12:48PM  
I guess someones been watching the History channel

Aug 20 @ 1:01PM  
I won't get into this too far as I am just passing through off and on today as a brief break from work. But it very much much resembles our cyclical seasons and the processes of alchemy.

Aug 20 @ 2:05PM  
i've had those theories myself. i've heard those theories before, on tv, in books,
in radio. a common theme. its like watching 'star trek' reruns for 999 zillion
years. without commercial breaks. or going to an 'eternal AA meeting' and there
is no escape. and there are not just 12 steps, but an infinite number of steps.
see, when the steps are being read, the meeting is just starting. on and on
and on and on and on and on and on and on ad nauseam. and we must be
AWAKE forever. and ever and ever ad infinitum. chordates. cordoba house
to become chordate center. where chords are played to get dates. and the
dates sit around and listen to the chordoba chordates playing chords

Aug 20 @ 2:39PM  
i've had those theories myself. i've heard those theories before, on tv, in books, in radio. a common theme.

Uhhhhh... huh!!!

its like watching 'star trek' reruns for 999 zillion years.

Ironically, I was only interested in any technology they may have come up with for any given show at the time! The rest of any given story was just that, a story!

Sci-Fi, precedes real life science developments, every time!


Aug 20 @ 6:25PM  
Sci-Fi, precedes real life science developments, every time!

Krap, does that mean I have to watch out for Man Shark™ ?

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Try my theory of planet Earth and life cycles on for size