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Weird phone calls you get by mistake

posted 8/20/2010 6:35:42 AM |
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OHT's blog about rude phone solictors inspired this one: Weird calls you get by mistake.

We have all misdialed a number, wrote one down wrong, etc. But the two that come to mind for me didn't fit into those categories.

I had just gotten an apartment near the ocean after I got out of the military. Around three in the morning I got a call. A frantic voice said they needed a hawser (thick rope) for a ship in the harbor that had broken a mooring line. I got a few calls for rope over the next week. It turns out that my new phone number had once belonged to company that specialized in that stuff. I got a new number.

About ten to fifteen years ago, I got a call from a trucker saying he couldn't find the location. The next day I got a call from another one. This led to some investigation. The bottom line is that a distributor of paper products had relocated and their new invoices had one digit wrong on their paperwork.

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Aug 20 @ 6:44AM  
not long after I got my new cell number i got a call one afternoon and as soon as I answered it some guy said ; where the hell are you, i'm parked at the f#ckin landing waiting to be loaded and no f*#king ones here !
so i said ; well where the hell are you ??
and he said ; Gibbsland ya f*#kin idiot where else would I be ??

so i politely informed him he'd rang someone in Tasmania.. a completely differant state . talk about apologetic

so then I politely told him to go have sexual intercourse with himself * as you would,lol and hung up in his earhole

Aug 20 @ 7:17AM  
That's funny. I have a lot of experiences with receiving wrong numbers from misdialing. I suppose that we all do.

A drunk woman calling from a pay phone in the middle of the night after the clubs closed comes to mind. She dialed the wrong number, had used her last quarter to call me and there were no businesses open.

She couldn't get her car started which is just as well as she didn't need to be driving. She made some lurid offers, but I had a live in girlfriend at the time so I couldn't answer the door when opportunity knocked. Then she started crying.

I finally asked her to give me the number that she intended to call and volunteered to call them. She did and I did. It was her brother, he was pissed off but thanked me.


Aug 20 @ 2:08PM  
About ten years ago I received a telephone call from a woman who wanted to know if so and so was there . I politely told her who I was and that she had the wrong number . This is what she said '' Well I hate to tell you this but you're a damn liar !!!!!! " then hung up . What she said to me and how she said it was tantamount to someone slapping me across the face and I was not going to let her get away with it . The gloves were coming off . Her number was on my caller id and I proceeded to dial her number with the intention of calling this brazen hussy every low down , hateful , and vulgar word that I could think of . Words that would make a sailor who had been in the navy thirty years blush . But she must have anticipated a verbal confrontation because I kept getting a busy signal . I assumed she left her telephone off the hook . But I did report her to the telephone company for harassment and I did get some satisfaction for at least doing that .

Aug 20 @ 2:18PM  
My weird phone calls continued over several years.

When my son was 8 we moved to a new house...and because of the move had to get a new phone number. I picked one that was super easy for him to remember....but had also been used for years by a local trucking company. I didn't want to change phone numbers because of my I found the new number for the trucking company and politely passed it on to people for quite some time. Eventually the phone calls stopped.

Of course...there were a few early morning phone calls where I wasn't so polite. I think my response went something like this..."Do I sound like I'm at fuckin' so-and-so you moron?!?" before slamming the phone down in their ear. I quickly learned to turn my phone and answering machine volume down so that I couldn't hear the early morning/late evening calls when they happened...and it worked like a charm.

Aug 20 @ 2:25PM  
One of my new numbers when I had a land line was very close to the number of a company that picked up elderly people at their doctors appointments. I did the same as Kit. I found the right number and told the elderly what that number was. I had calls for years, but their discomfort was more important than mine. ...oh...ha!, some wanted to talk to me instead of getting the right number...

Aug 20 @ 2:28PM  
A few years back I had to block private calls and wanted people to show their numbers on my caller i.d. because I had a few problems with a few young women who enjoyed calling my number and flirting and talking a little dirty to me. Some guys would enjoy this stuff, but it was pretty annoying to me.

Aug 20 @ 5:56PM  
I got a call once from...only way I can describe this one is, a gossip queen. OMG! I answered the phone and she started off with, "Mary, you will never believe...." and went on for about 5 minutes about some woman who cheated, got knocked up, and how the family was supportive, but mad, blah blah blah...I mean this woman could GAB!!! I was beginning to wonder if she was going to stop for air when she finally did...and I calmly told her she had the wrong number. Deafening silence for a few seconds and then the flood of "oh my God, I'm so sorry...."

And make it even more fun...two minutes later, my phone rings again..and guessed, it was her again.. I just picked it up and before she could start..I said it's still the wrong number.

Aug 20 @ 6:32PM  
I got one a week ago that started out with, "Don't you dare hang up on me you lousy sonofabitch!" So.. I let her rant for about ten minutes until she asked me, "Don't you have anything to say?" I said.. "ummm, wrong number darlin."

she promptly hung up on me! I was just following instructions!

Aug 21 @ 12:41AM  
I had a drunk woman call the wrong number and ask where the hell her husband was. I politely told her she had the wrong number and hung up. She called me back three more times insisting she knew her husband was there and to put him on the damn phone right then. I finally I told her he would be home when we finished screwing and hung up on her. She didn't call back.

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Weird phone calls you get by mistake