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Comments and Kudos and Pervia...Oh My!

posted 8/19/2010 4:03:11 PM |
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tagged: blogging, comments, amd, kudos

This was going to be a blog comment on Maxximuss1967's latest blog entitled "Stick Your Kudos Up Your Ass!" but he deleted his blog before I could post my comment. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

So here I am posting my comment as a blog. No kudos or comments required. These are just my thoughts about this particular topic.

I don't what if Pervia is a clique? Different types of people can co-exist on the same blogging site if they really want to...without any problems...IMO. I think it's more of how people's personalities fit together. Some days even friends nip at each other's heels. I prefer a private email to settle disputes because I think it's best for everyone. I learned this the hard way a couple of months ago. Again...this is JMHO.

I wrote a very in-depth (and looooong) blog yesterday about a personal journey I had taken...and which had nothing at all to do with cat food or grocery stores. My blog got a very modest amount of comments and kudos...but that's okay...because I wrote it for me...and it allowed me to share some really good information that I wanted my friends to know about. Just because everyone I know didn't leave a comment or kudo on my blog didn't make me angry or bitter. I assume it was too long (it was long)...and it just wasn't their cup of tea.

The blogs are very dependant on how the people present are interacting with each other on a particular day...what kind of moods they are much time they have to spend online...and whether someone else's blog caught their attention. A lot of people lurk...including me when I'm feeling sick. Did you know that quite a few peeps have been under the weather lately? Well...they have (moi included) so that takes away from the blog comments as well.

I like it when someone new breaths life, energy and humor into the blogs...but you have to understand that not every blog will be well received. And if there is a problem between two people....I think perhaps a private email would do well to resolve the situation better...instead of a harsh blog calling a lot of people (who you may not know very well) out. Again...JMHO.

Let's try and keep the blogs fun...and not write blogs as an excuse to pick on other people because they didn't like our blog topics.

There is a LOT of wonderful people in here. And I sincerely hope anyone who is interested in blogging and participating with an online community...and who stumbles into Pervia...likes what they see....and decides to stay and play.

The more the merrier is what I always say.

Oh...I just had to add this comment to my blog because it made me laugh. Leave it to Flavor to breath some humor into a difficult situation.

It's a kudo not cujo ... completely harmless .... So really what did a kudo do to you ?

Funny schtuff Flavor! Thanks for the laugh.

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Aug 19 @ 4:26PM  

Aug 19 @ 5:08PM  
I dont give away kudos on a regular basis but I dont receive them much either,so Im giving you 2
just to break the damn rules

Aug 19 @ 5:13PM  

Although I may be part of Pervia, I do not concider myself in a clique. Because I do not Support anyone who is argueing. I do not take sides. I comment only on the Blogs that interest me. I post to the newbies as well. And I welcome ALL Bloggers.

Aug 19 @ 5:44PM  
Good blog....good read.... And yes, how a body feels has a lot to do with bloggin'. I think a few of us have some long term afflictions and ya know...after weeks 'n weeks we just get frustrated, tired and testy. No excuse I s'pose but a fact of life 'n human nature.

But ya know what too? I've learned a lot the last few months about bloggin'...I mean about ME 'n bloggin'. Sometimes I get stoopid and act stoopid and say shit I regret and behave totally like an ass. ( ) But it's taught me a lot and I grow and learn not to take shit so seriously. I wanna enjoy life and for me, bloggin' here is part of my life with people that mean something to me and I've realized I don't wanna screw that up...and I came close to it a while back and I hope I don't get that stoopid again....

I don't see us as a clique but rather a neighborhood and ya know sometimes neighbors do squabble but on the whole of it, we do pretty good at patchin' things up and moving on. Newbies? Iffin they don't like the neighborhood then they don't have ta stay....right? Right.

Aug 19 @ 5:44PM  
Well's your kudo....seems I can't remember shit lately....

Aug 19 @ 6:06PM  
whinge, whinge, whinge .....

" not all my friends left a comment on my last blog''
well gurlfriend, thats what happens when Americans move to Canada ..

and as for kudo's ... helloooooo, I'm too much of a tight-ass for them to fit , so I may as well give one to you..kudo , that is..
yeah,yeah, i know what you was hoping I mean't but dammit, that rash from the last episode has only just faded.

Aug 19 @ 6:26PM  
Sooooo................. what's your point?? J/K

I never gave it any thought as to whether or not I was in a 'clique' or not- doesn't matter! I've always considered AMD as a community of people of different viewpoints and interests! I write a blog to convey information mostly- some of it I think, might be interesting to a very small group of people and that I'm fascinated with the particular subject I write about to begin with! I will also write about things going on in our country that are reprehensible, against our citizens! But, I also know that most aren't interested in that- it's when I read about something that really pisses me off, that I'll write about it! But that too, is to inform!

It's not my style to give a blow-by-blow (excuse the expression) description of an eventful day (a pack of camels trotting down my street, wondering where the Hell THEY came from- would be eventful) or an uneventful day! I'm not criticizing that and I do read blogs like that at times. But, I'm technically inclined so I'm interested in how things work- that's that part of me! Yet, I'm not going to start jotting down a mass of formulas in quantum mechanics on what makes an atom tick either- like, what's the point?

Another part of me is injecting some humor in a blog or comment I've read that, struck me in a humorous way! Sometimes my quips work and sometimes they don't! Whether a blog of mine is commented in, or I get a (cujo ) or not, really doesn't matter- I don't have a comment or kudo-O-meter, judging how my blogs or comments were accepted! It doesn't matter- it's just me, expressing my thoughts at the time! If someone makes a derogatory comment of what I wrote, I might respond but certainly not by labeling or making snide remarks! Usually, I just consider the source and let it go! Rarely, has that happened though!!!

I come on AMD to break up my day by reading some interesting blogs and comments! If I'm not interested in the subject, no one is forcing to read it and then make some kind of a rude remark- just skip it, is all ya gotta do- what's so hard about that??

Blogs were initially intended to convey info from say a researcher and his/her's students- to pass info back and forth! Now, most everyone on this planet (and some that are questionable) is using them- that have a computer anyway! There are even websites that specialize in blogs, showing you how to create and maintain a blog(s)!

So, after all this- I agree with KitKat... keep your unwanted, unnecessary and fun destroying remarks to yourself, if you have a beef! Use email for that stuff and "can't we all get along?"


Aug 19 @ 6:28PM  
Ohhhhh CRAP- I forgot your kudo!!!


Aug 19 @ 6:41PM  
You said it Kit! Leaving a kudo cause I want to.

Aug 19 @ 6:53PM  
I always worry about that, spending time commenting on an implosion. Fortunately, when I see a blog like that, it spawns others, so I can do a copy/paste, as from my POV one size fits all. In this case the the copy/paste is from skwirl's post.

I have been around here so long that I can still see the nudie pics without paying. This issue comes up every so often and maybe it is not an old ho hum for them but it is for me. It is no different than the rants about scammers, not getting laid, rude emails from men, too many overweight women, blog nazis, spelling police, etc. The site is what it is and isn't what it isn't, and becoming progressively less.

If somebody farts in their room, they are the only one who has to smell it unless you go in.


Aug 19 @ 7:17PM  
I know my comment is short, but I agree.

Aug 19 @ 7:46PM  
i know i have my opinions and share them, wanted or not at times, and i usually blog about something of interest to me, or something that has happened, good or bad. just depends on how i feel. the comments i appreciate, and a kudo is fine, but i judge my blogs by the number of reads i get on them. few reads, well, it didn't go over so well, and i suspect the younger members of pervia do a lot of the reading on all the blogs, don't say much.

oh well, you are right kat, we do squabble at times, just like a family or a community. gonna get that no matter where ya go.

Aug 19 @ 9:00PM  
I agree with the whole blog...but this Quote sets out..a little more than the rest!!!
There is a LOT of wonderful people in here. And I sincerely hope anyone who is interested in blogging and participating with an online community...and who stumbles into Pervia...likes what they see....and decides to stay and play.
I Could not agree More!!!

Aug 19 @ 9:13PM  
I think the fact that this site is so small is part of the problem. People always tend to group up in blogs according to common interest. However if there are not many members and even a smaller number that blog it is going to look like a clique to a new person coming in. The reason for that is that older members have formed those common interests through the years that may not be shared by that new person. To those more sensitive types it probably does not seem like a friendly place. Kind of hard for them to jump into waters where they perceive there are sharks. That perception may be completely wrong but they do not know that. I have been here a little over a year and if I had not been the type that could give as good as I get I probably would not have even commented on a blog here in the first place. But I don't scare easily and while I do not agree with everyone on here about anything on a given day, I find the best thing to do is just say what you think and let the chips fall where they may. So what if there are no comments or kudos? If that is the only reason a person blogs maybe they need to go look in the mirror to have a talk with themselves.

As far as kudos. It is a free country and people are free to leave them for any reason they want. I think if they are left for any and everything it kind takes their value down a bit, but that is for each person to decide for themselves.

I might suggest though letting a person getting a couple of blogs out there before we scare them though.

Aug 19 @ 9:49PM  
Hey I'm new here and everyone has made me feel welcome. And by the way thanks for that.

Aug 19 @ 9:55PM  
I completely disagree, I think you're all ignorant culls for thinking so and I wish ... fuck I couldn't get through that with a straight face.. sorry..

So if that makes me a clique.. then click me baby.. I could use a good clickin. Click me til I boom.. what? Hey it's a sex site right?

Luna, can we marry Kit Kat also? She kinda rawks yanno? Plus she's creative... and really cool.

Aug 19 @ 10:01PM  
I'm so new I've still that new car smell goin on. But I agree with you anyway. And I kudo'd you just because I can and because you earned it

Aug 20 @ 2:39AM you, but some never in real life, so ya just deal with them. Where were you 3 plus years ago...I needed you then. Hugs and're the bomb. M...oh yeah...have a cookie!

Aug 20 @ 5:05AM  
Luna, can we marry Kit Kat also? She kinda rawks yanno? Plus she's creative... and really cool.

I'll have to see if B9 and Shadowmale are okay by it, but sure..more the merrier

Aug 20 @ 2:00PM  
What often ruins other sites is the anger and venting. Why bother? If you hate what someone is writing, why not stop reading it? Noone has a gun to your forehead...(unless that is your idea of a good time). Life is too short and apparantly so are the minds of som who feel the need to seek and destroy.
"just sayin"...

Aug 21 @ 1:24AM  
Great blog, Kit!
Gee....I'm excited to think that, after all these years, I might actually be part of the "in" crowd? Nawwwwwwwwwww. I stopped thinking about "cliques" when I left high school. Obviously some folks NEVER leave high school!
But I'm like everyone else who has commented here. If I see a blog that looks interesting, I'll click it and read it. If I dislike what I'm reading, then I stop. Move on to the next blog that looks interesting. I choose blogs by their titles, and sometimes just because of who wrote the dang thing!
I've never had a Kudo shoved up my ass before.....Prolly hurts somethin terrible!
Oh yeah, here's one of those green thingys for ya! But Imma not tell you to shove it where the sun don't shine! You take this little green thingy and do anything you want with it, KitKat!
Again, great blog!

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