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Do You Gossip?

posted 8/19/2010 4:17:03 AM |
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tagged: life, friendship, relationships, people

I have a confession to make. I dislike people who gossip for the sake of gossiping. And I love to test these so-called gossipers I don’t know very well…just to see if they would make a worthy friend…and to nip the friendship in the bud if they’re not good friendship material.

How do I do this? Simple...I tell the person I’m unsure of something that I don’t mind others knowing. I then wait and see if my story makes the rounds with my friends and family…and eventually gets back to me.

It’s kind of funny (and really sad too) when the person is discovered because they know they’re caught…and there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it…or any way they can begin to save face.

I started testing potential friends back when I was in my twenties and it worked like gangbusters when I needed to weed out those certain individuals lacking in honesty, integrity and loyalty. You know…great friendship qualities.

So how about it peeps…do you gossip?

If you do…do you gossip a little or a lot?

Me? As a general rule I do not gossip. So my answer would be no. But if I’d been given permission to tell a certain person a particular story…I would probably enjoy myself thoroughly while I was telling them the top secret story.

Your turn…

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Aug 19 @ 4:36AM  
So how about it peeps…do you gossip?

If you do…do you gossip a little or a lot?
Again, I never gossip...

Aug 19 @ 6:17AM  
and we don't post in blogs either ?

Aug 19 @ 7:33AM  
It depends on how you define gossip. When I talk to people on the phone or in person, I ask what is happening with people we know and if there is news we discuss it.

Aug 19 @ 8:53AM  
As the one who was usually the subject of gossip in my family, I don't do it. I used to find it amusing to tell two of my aunts something and see how fast it made the rounds in the family and how by the time it got back to me it had been greatly embellished. I fould the story was always more intereting than the facts. I think the family record for it making the rounds was less than 20 minutes. LOL

Aug 19 @ 9:30AM  
So how about it peeps…do you gossip?

I'm a male- males don't gossip!!

I know I'm going to catch flack for that................. that's why I said it!


Aug 19 @ 9:52AM  
Hell No !!!! I don't even spread it.
Simple...I tell the person I’m unsure of something that I don’t mind others knowing. I then wait and see if my story makes the rounds with my friends and family…and eventually gets back to me.
LOL ... I do that at work to weed out the little brown nosing snitches. You know the ones who go tell the boss that you called him an asshole or take any conversation out of text , twist it all around to get you in trouble. I call it bait & hook.

Aug 19 @ 10:40AM  
I discuss people but that isn't gossip. I don't do the "well did you hear about what so 'n so did?" kind of gossip. If I am NOT a witness to something or I DON'T know it as a fact, I don't tell it to anyone.

I think if you tell someone something that you don't care that others know then it gets back to you...I'm not sure that's a good test. People discuss's human nature.

It's when you share something in confidence and that person knows it's in confidence and spreads it to others....that just shows them as untrustworthy.

To me, gossip is telling others things that you don't know for a fact is true or just something that is fabricated from someones imagination or speculation.

Aug 19 @ 10:44AM  
I don't gossip. I call it networking.

Aug 19 @ 11:26AM  
Definitions of gossip on the Web:

* chitchat: light informal conversation for social occasions
* dish the dirt: wag one's tongue; speak about others and reveal secrets or intimacies; "She won't dish the dirt"
* a report (often malicious) about the behavior of other people; "the divorce caused much gossip"
* chew the fat: talk socially without exchanging too much information; "the men were sitting in the cafe and shooting the breeze"
* a person given to gossiping and divulging personal information about others

Let me see.....light informal chitchat...yeah, I've done that. Who doesn't?

"dish the dirt" in revealing secrets or talking about something told to me in confidence? Nope, I don't do that.

"a report (often malicious)" Nope, don't do that either.

"chew the fat"...I see as the same as "light informal chitchat", yeah, do that.

Guess it all comes down to how it's defined by the individual. If someone tells me something in confidence....and doesn't want others knowing...I don't tell others. Something like's up to the individual on who they want to tell...not up to me.

I'm a male- males don't gossip!!

Somnium that was funny.

I've never been into the "guess who so and so is dating, or what this person said about that person" type of thing. Just always seemed wrong to me.

Aug 19 @ 12:52PM  
I love to test these so-called gossipers
Shame on you!!!
I went to an event with a date this past Saturday.......and she Just had to tell me about everyone there!!!! Finally I ask/told her...."Are you always into other ppls Business"? She didn't really know what to say!!!
If talking about Family to Family is Gossip...than I'm guilty!!!

Aug 19 @ 1:21PM  
I ain't one to go round spreadin' rumors.. so you better be sure and listen close the first time...

Gossip.. well, if you want total honesty, everyone gossips sometimes.. but telling tales? Not so much. Another thing? I won't lie to you on purpose, I may make a mistake about something.. but I don't have the time or the patience to memorize a story.. so .. don't ask me if you don't want my honest opinion.

Aug 19 @ 3:15PM  
I dont really gossip with my friends and family...actually I try to avoid their drama on purpose. But I do live in a trailer park and will share in a little of the neighborhood gossip just cause its funny.

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