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posted 8/18/2010 10:32:30 AM |
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Now I am not talking about scammers, so let's discard them from the equation. But I am more speaking about blog comments, things said by our online friends, even our friends in the real world.

It has nothing to do with compliments on the subject of our blog per se, but more about personal compliments towards us as an individual.

What this post is about is people, that you at least know in cyber sense, who say things like "you are hot", "you have such a sexy voice", "I just loved your pictures", etc.

Most of us posting and commenting are over 40, we've been around and we have a pretty good assessment of our strengths and weaknesses. Now we all love to hear a compliment, but if it is overly embellished, exaggerated, do you:

A. Blow it off as bull shit: somebody meaning no harm with no ulterior motive trying to be nice, to make you feel good.
B. Consider the source, they say things like that to everybody, not too picky.
C. Believe that they really, truly, mean what they say.
D. Kissing your ass for PR purposes to look good to others reading it.
E. They have something up their sleeve and want something from you.

I tend to think it will depend on who it is and what they say, perhaps potentially all of the above can apply.

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Aug 18 @ 10:51AM  
except for the scammers, if someone gives me a compliment, i may make light of it, or give one of my tongue in cheek comments, but it is appreciated. not many want to anyway, with my apparent attitude most of the time, lol.

good subject tho, and may give a few some room for thought.

Aug 18 @ 11:04AM  
It all boils down to do onto others as you would have them do onto you.
Speaking for myself my comments are genuine & I say what's on my mind & naturally nice to people. Brown nosing is against my religion along with screwing with someone's head. On the other hand if someone is rude to me it becomes an eye for an eye. It's just human nature & please take my comment with a grain of salt.

Aug 18 @ 11:22AM  
For the most part, I give back what I get! But when I get a comment in my blogs, I always thank the person making the comment- I figure if they took the time to comment, then I like to take the time to thank them- okay... I may have missed a couple of times over the months- probably related to how many comments I get at any one time!

Any comments towards myself, I take at face value! I may or may not comment on a comment in my blogs- just depends on my perception of what the commenters' intentions were!

Well... I think that about wraps it up for the word: COMMENT!


Aug 18 @ 12:04PM  
If I give a compliment, it's done sincerely as I don't get into bullshitting people, especially those I consider friends. And if I receive a compliment, I take it in the light it is given. In other words, I appreciate it, and often thank the person. To me it would be rude to tell someone they are full of shit if they are saying something nice.

Now, if I know someone is being a smart ass...I'll tell them they are a smart ass. Guess it depends on who and what. Who is giving the compliment, and what is the reason for it.

"just a side note....when I had the gold membership....I really didn't miss the ads. I can see that kooky ad with the dude with a ski mask on rubbing and kissing someones foot. *

Aug 18 @ 12:16PM  
I can see that kooky ad with the dude with a ski mask on rubbing and kissing someones foot.
I see it to.

Aug 18 @ 12:40PM  
If it is overembellished or exaggerated, I tend to dismiss it summarily as bullshit.

However if it's just a compliment and not over the top, I thank the person who said so.. mostly.. sometimes I do say .. you need glasses.

However, and just for the record... I don't give compliments I don't mean.

Aug 18 @ 12:50PM  
This is the most awsome blog I have ever read, You have out done yourself! ten lil green guys .....................and did i meantion you look great in those pants!


Aug 18 @ 1:15PM  
Well, if a compliment is all out bullshit...."who cares". I couldn't resist!

Seriously, if it's all out bullshit....I'm one who really doesn't think much on it. I just shrug my shoulders and move on. Now, if it's totally over the top, out of this world, I may be hard pressed NOT to laugh right at that moment. Of course, when it's online, it's easy to let myself laugh then.

But no, I don't tell the person they are full of it. I let it go.

Aug 18 @ 2:10PM  
I am a straight shooter, but there is NO reason to be ugly if it one of those times where someone is fishing for a compliment they probably aren't going to get. I don't find it particularly comforting that some might give one out just to be thinking they are making the situation better. I give a compliment when I mean it and no other reason is applicable in my mind.

Aug 18 @ 3:47PM  
For me it would be a combination of B and C.

I consider the source...but if I know a bit about the person...I will take them at their word...even if I don't agree with the compliment...which does happen sometimes.

As for me...I may be flowery sometimes...but I'm very if I give you a compliment...I'm speaking straight from the heart.

Aug 18 @ 7:40PM  
F: They're full of shit

Really, I believe it if people that I call my friends here tell me so. But it depends on how I feel that day whether I parry the compliment away, or let it be thrusted into my heart.

Outsiders, they just want more nudie pics, to phonebone or cyber so I disregard them.

Aug 18 @ 11:11PM  
lol...i dont drunk

Aug 18 @ 11:38PM  
If I give a compliment, it's done sincerely
That's how I am

Aug 19 @ 1:24AM  
Anyone who knows me I am a little outspoken so if I give a compliment I mean it. I get a good laugh out of some of the compliments in e-mail from people I don't know. If I believe a compliment or not coming my way depends on the person giving it. If I know the person is usually full of shit I take it with a grain of salt and usually make a joke out of it. If they are usually straight shooters I thank them for it.

Aug 19 @ 2:03AM  
funny how some just talk about the compliment they get, but never talk about the ones they give. I think that definately shows who they are most interested in. ,,,interesting blog,...maybe it was planned to show how sincere one is, or to show how self centered some are...hmmmmm....

Aug 19 @ 2:37AM  
interesting blog,...maybe it was planned to show how sincere one is, or to show how self centered some are...hmmmmm....

What the blog is about is the compliments people receive and whether they believe them or not. Whether individual commentators say they are sincere in the compliments they give has nothing really to do with the post.

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