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Who supplies the condoms??

posted 1/9/2007 7:37:44 AM |
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Ok, I'm feeling chatty this morning...LOL

Alrighty, I'm in a relationship, looking for enjoyment on the side. I'm not on birth control and I make this known before a meeting. But who brings the condoms??
I mean, it's the guy whose wearing it, shouldn't he bring them?? I mean, I don't know what kind of condoms he prefers. Or should I supply them on the grounds I don't want any babies or STD's? Who's the supplier here?? Is it ok to ask the guy to bring some with him?

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Jan 9 @ 7:45AM  
how bout you have some just as a back up ? he can choose his favorite BUT yours are as opposed to nothing due to his lack of planing?

Jan 9 @ 7:46AM  
I think the guy should, he wears them and there is differant sizes, he should be responsible enough to bring them....

Jan 9 @ 7:58AM  
Very definitely the guy should bring them, but from the comments that i have read on other blogs this does not always happen.

Jan 9 @ 8:03AM  
I think both should be resposible enough to have them. And, who knows if one of you is allergic to the spermicide that a particular brand uses?

Jan 9 @ 8:05AM  
The guy should supply the condoms. For backup you should bring some yourself. Pick the kind you like.
You should ask yourself if you really want to be with a guy who is sleeping around without condoms.

Jan 9 @ 8:05AM  
Yes, WTX, I agree with YNOT, I should keep some for back up....guess I gotta pick something random everytime for my stock pile......I heard from Big Flirt that cocks come in different sizes.....Now ain't that something???

Jan 9 @ 8:12AM  
I heard from Big Flirt that cocks come in different sizes.....Now ain't that something???

and don't forget...different outfits too....

Jan 9 @ 8:13AM  
Backup, always!! Better safe than sorry is as true here, as any other situation where you might suffer the consequences!

Jan 9 @ 8:27AM  
and don't forget...different outfits too.... [QUOTE]
You should mass produce those outfits and auction them on'd be a millionaire!!

Jan 9 @ 8:46AM  
Yes, for a number of reasons the guy should bring them. A woman should have backup though.

Jan 9 @ 8:56AM  
Let me see; Sunshine has hot date, and things get steamy. Now comes the time for the condom to go on. He doesn't have one, but no problem, all is good. She opens her draw to a multitude of condoms in every size shape and color imaginable. She pulls out a ruler because of course she has to get the right size, and she's hoping it will be a Magnum. She measures him and he looks a little confused, but thinks what the hell, I'm gonna get laid. She finds the right size and is not too dissapointed; now she is searching for the right color, the right flavor, and of course you have to have the right texture. Is it going to be lubricated or not. Ribbed for "your" pleasure or super thin for "his " pleasure. Mean while your hot date is cooling done fast and he's thinking to himself, " next time I'll bring the friggin condoms....... So guys just like with your AMEX card, don't leave home without a condom.

Jan 9 @ 9:02AM  
I think you should always havve a few on you (just in case), but the guy should have his condoms. I really don't want to be ab le to close the deal, only to see her walk out because i forgot the 'gloves'.


Jan 9 @ 10:09AM  
agreed that both parties should have them......

One of the bars I used to hang out at gave them out!! Turns out the bouncer worked for the Health Dept and he would bring boxes of them with him......

Probably not a bad idea!

Jan 9 @ 10:10AM  
In all encounters that I have ever had, I have always had a handy supply of condoms with me somewhere on my person. I carried lubed, non lubed, latex free and sheepskin. In the case of the non lubricated condoms, I also had a few small ampules of lube.

There was only one time that I neglected to bring any condoms with me. Luckily, the young lady I was with had the foresight to bring some that just happened to fit.

I suppose the condom supply should be a two way thing.

Jan 9 @ 11:55AM  
I'm with straddle on this one, the man should bring his own condoms.

Jan 9 @ 12:35PM  
I have a toy bag which houses condoms, lubes and vibrators. (Yes, Santa's jealous)... when I was available for guys and my potential fuck didn't have condoms, I would open the bag and say "Ta-Da! Let's try them all!"

Broke the ice and we had fun..course a few of them ran away...maybe it was the double-headed dildo that did

Jan 9 @ 12:49PM  
Both parties should bring some to the dance. There is so much scary shit out there why would you take that chance? If you aren't on birth control you absolutely better bring some! Everybody has their preferred brands and a guy should be smart enough to bring his with him.

Jan 9 @ 1:19PM  
Of course the guy should get them. And if you have any preferences, you should let him know so that he knows what to get.

Jan 9 @ 1:27PM  
The only person you can trust to be responsible for contraception is yourself, you can suggest to him to bring protection but ultimately you need to make sure you have condoms yourself as a back up if he can't be responsible enough, if he doesn't like the brand you get thats really not your problem.

Jan 9 @ 1:33PM  
I personally would never trust a condomn the woman supplied. I bring my own so I know they were not tampered with.

The woman already did her birth control part by taking the pill. It's the man's responsibility to rubber up.

If he forgets the condomns, then refrain from sex. That'll learn him.

Jan 9 @ 3:52PM  
He should be the one to bring condoms and for you, it wouldn't hurt to have one hidden somewhere in your purse in case the guy is a good looking DOLT! Let me tell you, if I knew I was meeting you for some delicious erotic fun! I'd have a whole box!

Jan 9 @ 4:08PM  
i usually bring my own, just in case he tries to pull the "oh, i forgot to buy some when i went to the store...its okay, ill pull out" bit.

Jan 9 @ 4:14PM  
I think the woman should bring the condoms if she is meeting someone for sex. She has the most to lose without the use of condoms. I mean with the chance of pregnancy and it has also been proven that it is easier for a woman to catch an STD from a man than it is for a man to catch an STD from a woman. I always use condoms, if the woman notices.
Also, I've had a bad experience with bringing condoms. I picked up a girl one time for dinner and I had condoms in the center console of the car. She finds them, holds them up and exclaims, "What are these!?!" I said, "Trust me, they will save your life later!"

Jan 9 @ 11:51PM  
Hey babe, I would have emailed you this, but I can't because I reached my email limit earlier. I just got home, so feel free to call me now if you can.

Jan 10 @ 7:43AM  
I always have condoms......nothing against men, but a girls gotta look out for herself.....If a man doesnt bring any, and he's not fond of the ones I have, then he's either making a trip to the store or Im straddling that face !!!!

Jan 10 @ 2:46PM  
Ashinatrex, I think I would leave the condoms behind and instead let you straddle my face.

Jan 20 @ 6:01AM  
guy should bring them. especially if u were talking bout not being on birth control. fuckin stupid if he doesnt. if you think you might fuck him, defintely bring some too in case and pick out whatever kind you want - some is better than none right?

and be careful bout where you keep them before/after your enjoyment on the side - so ur partner dont find them

Jan 24 @ 12:16AM  
A back up stock never hurts

Jun 11 @ 5:20PM  
well, the man should, to make sure they fit right, nothing worse than a condom that is too small, and one that is too big doesn't do it's job!!

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Who supplies the condoms??