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My Summer Vacation Pt. 2 by theSkwirl

posted 8/16/2010 6:36:32 PM |
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First, I have to apologize to Chuch (Night), I did not make it to Merlin this weekend as planned, I found out I had to go to court today in another town, so I headed there.. but the results of that will come later.

My Summer Vacation.

Ok most of you already know about the Faerieworlds trip and how much fun that was... well this last weekend my daughter who is 23 got Hitched! Yup, she really did, I was there to witless it. I dunno how many of you have had a daughter get married and know what kind of stress and craziness ensues in the process? Well, I'll tell ya.. I was soooo looking forward to Saturday when it was all over.

Anyway.. My honey and I took off Thursday morning for Lincoln City.. took all day to get there, not sure why because it should only be a 5 hour drive.. but somehow we added 3 hours to that. I don't do one position for very long because it starts hurting.. and by the time we got there I was ready for drugs and a long night's sleep. Well.. didn't quite work out that way as my Mommy and her new Hubs were in the room next door and that meant much visitation must be had. Was nice though, to see her.

And then, Friday morning I was up at the buttcrack of darkthirty to get Mom and head off to the beach. (walking is not my strong point but walking in sand feels good). Sadly, we ended up having to climb down cliff side stairs that went on forever but it was worth it in the end. The climb back up hurt a LOT. Still worth it.. and then it was off to Newport to help my kid get the cake n stuff ready. I made the cake topper and the roses that decorated it, she made the cake. Anyway.. there was bumper to bumper traffic the whole way.. so I was a bit late in getting there.. many stressy phone calls later.. we finally got together.. I finished fixing the cake up and headed back to the motel to get showered, dressed etc.

While I was gone 4 of our nearest neighbors showed up at the motel to change and get ready as well.. that was a big ol mess.. plus a good friend from 'back home' came with her family.. great reunion but it put us behind.. and then .. you guessed it.. bumper to bumper traffic all the way to the wedding site. So, the preacher was a touch late to the wedding. The groom was frazzled enough that when told he needed to get 8 C batteries for the cd player he bought 6 D's.. but anyway that worked out.. the bridal party hummed the bridal march instead of having Ocarina of Time music (kudos to anyone who gets that reference)

Across the beach trudge the bridesmaids and groomsmen.. and I mean, TRUDGE! Loose sand.. hard as heck to walk on.. and the grand puppy came along too as he was the ring bearer. Then three lovely young ladies who were flower girls.. my niece got upset (she's 3) and her daddy had to carry her as well as walk my daughter down the aisle. (bride's father was uninvited long long ago.)

Then my neighbor, Ed, who along with me is an ordained Minister/Priest, did the wedding. The Nuptials were the Mawwage bit from Princess Bride, and the Vows were the song Miss Piggy sang at her wedding to Kermit in the Muppets Take Manhattan. Rather than having a unity candle on the beach .. which would be a beach to get and keep lit, they got a tall vase and each one had a little fishy in a glass and they poured them together into the vase as their symbol of unity. (mommy got to bring the fishies home to put in their aquarium.. that was interesting in itself)

Once the Nups were done, there was a bbq up in the park part of the beach.. that was a blast.. all the dogs played and the kids played with the dogs .. and there was copious amounts of food.. and the photos.. I'll get to those at the end here.

Saturday was supposed to be my day to lull around on the beach and chillax.. hah.. as freaking IF.. anyway.. I still had a pretty good day wandering around and looking at stuff. We took our dogs, Molly and Cooper who were very very well behaved considering they'd never been anywhere like that before. I found a few shells and got in the ocean up to my knees.. Most of the beaches were packed though on a Saturday in August.. imagine that?

The weather was cool and lovely, very foggy most of the day... just perfect for me.

Then Sunday, we meandered down the coast to Florence and drove home.. got past Eugene and the heat hit us like a wall. It was fully 40 degrees hotter back home than it had been on the beach. I want to go back and stay there, my honey wants to go there too so that may be in the future for us.

Anyway.. I promised pictures. First are pictures of the beaches and then of the wedding. My daughter was gorgeous in her ever so very NOT traditional wedding attire and her new hubby is adorable too. No, there's not one of me I was manning the camera .. some have seen the one photo of me on facebook.. and that's enough. I was not proud of my photo. Anyway.. here ya go.. a short mind vacation to the most fun wedding I've ever been to.

wedding photos slideshow and beaches

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Aug 16 @ 6:37PM  
I kudo'd me for surviving my vacation!

Aug 16 @ 6:47PM  
the bridal party hummed the bridal march instead of having Ocarina of Time music (kudos to anyone who gets that reference)

Legend of Zelda, gimme mai Kudo!

No, you deserve it more. *sigh* I love weddings, snazzy weddings, quirky weddings, kick-ass weddings..weddings like this 'un. Everyone looks great, I love the colors. Bride and groom look fantabulous.

Aug 16 @ 7:00PM  
Very nice! Your pics are great! I am happy for you and your family! Yeah! I loved the colors and attire! Very unique!

Aug 16 @ 7:07PM  
the bridal party hummed the bridal march instead of having Ocarina of Time music (kudos to anyone who gets that reference)

Ocarina of Time? That's my favorite Zelda game!

Anyhoos.....Welcome back Skwirl!!!! Sounds like a lovely vacation spent with family and friends. And thanks for sharing the pics. I loved the wedding dress...very unique. And everyone looked so happy.

Aug 16 @ 7:50PM  
Only my kid would get married on Friday the 13th, at 3:33 pm by a Church of Light Minister, on a beach named for a dead Governor, wearing a black dress.. lol.. damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead.

It was a very brief and cute ceremony... we all enjoyed it and she laughed so hard she cried.

Aug 16 @ 8:38PM  
I... LOVED.... THAT!!! The pics were great!!! Your daughter is adorable, her groom handsome and it just looks like everyone was having a good time!! Thanks for sharing with us!!!
You've been a busy lady! I bet you're happy to be home!

Aug 16 @ 8:57PM  
Awesome!! And your Photo's were not in all that?
Welcome back!!!

Aug 16 @ 9:05PM've been one busy Skwirl! It makes me tired just reading about it.

I weddings! I bet it was fantabulous.

Here's a green cookie to help you recover from all the wedding festivities.

Aug 16 @ 9:11PM  
Awesome wedding... Beautiful daughter and Groom and happy times at the beach... Nice.....

Aug 16 @ 9:33PM  
Awesome .... Glad that it all went well. Slideshow was so good that I had to reach for the popcorn.

Aug 16 @ 9:34PM  
Oh shit- forgot something

*drops down on one knee, opens a purple ring box with a bright n shiney greenie*

I've been giving this a lot of thought...will...will you Kudo me? You dont have to say yes, but how can I go on without brushytails and nut-collectin' in my life?

lol, forgive me, I only had 3hrs of sleep last night, I'm not even sure I know who I am anymore.

Aug 16 @ 11:23PM  

Awwww !!! How could I not forgive my lil Skwirl. You must take care of your priorities first Sammy. Still lubs ya. Nice wedding and nice pics. Congrats.


Aug 16 @ 11:24PM  

Almost forgot to put a GREEN Stamp on it.

Aug 17 @ 1:40AM  
That was a unique and fun looking wedding! Kewl slide show too!

A kudo for you!


Aug 17 @ 2:39AM  
Love the wedding photos! Looks like everyone had lot of fun. Kudos on the photos they are great.

Aug 17 @ 5:46AM  
I found out I had to go to court today in another town, so I headed there..

bad skwirl.... go to my room.

wanna go halfs in another gorgeous daughter like the one you already got

cereally, good to see a great time was had by all. mebbe they should have danced down the sand like them ppl on y'all tube

I wish them a happy and long future together


Aug 17 @ 8:35AM  
Quite a unique ceremony. I liked the pics.

Aug 17 @ 1:21PM  
Squeeek! I'm gettin Kudo'd to Luna! yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Chuck, thanks for understanding. I was seriously ticked off.. all to once they want me where??? Oh and I found out on Saturday.. how helpful was that?

Thanks y'all for the compliments.. she's a purty one, my kid.. and lucky too.. and her new hubby is soooo freaking adorable.

Tassie my sweet.. we could practice going halvsies.. but I quit that bidness long ago.. 3 was my limit. Well, actually it was 2 over my limit but what the hell.


Aug 17 @ 6:39PM  
Every time I see the pics they get cuter! I love the whole theme she had going there! Who says you have to be "traditional" ? What is traditional?? lol I give you another shiny green thingy just cos I can and cos I know you're worn out my lil skwirly girl! I wish the happy couple many many years of happiness!

Aug 18 @ 12:56PM  
There are more pictures up for anyone who is interested.

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My Summer Vacation Pt. 2 by theSkwirl