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LOL..only me

posted 8/14/2010 6:29:09 PM |
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true story....earlier (about an hour ago)i was getting ready to settle in to my evening...hopped in the shower, grabbed my fav pink jammies....then i had a brain storm to run to food giant and grap a few groceries instead of the jammies, i put on a bra and a tee shirt style know the kind...just a hole for your head and two arm holes...maybe it would be called a shift....or a moo moo

just as I was leaving food giant...a torrental storm hit...wind and rain...rain and wind...lots of both.

but wth, i wont melt or drown, so out i moments i was soaked...really really soaked....i have 5 bags in one hand and am trying t...o unlock the passenger side door with the other.

side i am attempting to get into my truck a very kind man is trying to get out of his...

suddently a great gust of wind hits and blows my dress up to my arm pits...and since the dress was so wet, it didnt blow up and fall down...oh no, it blew up and stuck to its self...and remember this dress and a bra is all that i have on....

so i leave the keys hanging in the door, and with both hands, (even the one filled with 5 bags of food) and trying to get my dress down ....oh, and i was using some very colorful language...

by this time the very nice man is trying to help me get my dress down, finally it is down to both of our satisfaction...i whispered thanks, he said "welcome" i ran for the driver side door, and he ran for the grocery
so if anyone hears about an old lady at food giant showing her a$$ was me, and for the kind stranger....thank you

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Aug 14 @ 6:46PM  
OMG!!! Thanks!!! I needed that!

Aug 14 @ 6:55PM  

OMG!!! Yeah Comet, it could happen only to you!

Aug 14 @ 7:04PM  
oh and let me describe the kind stranger....a very dark skinned african american, a about 6'6" and looked like he had just left folsom prison, but was gentleman, and helped me cover my white shiny ass on the busist istreet in my little town i think he was as embarressed as i was

Aug 14 @ 7:17PM  
LMAO!!! Yep! Only you girl!!!!! That was hilarious!! Thank you for that laugh!!!


Aug 14 @ 7:20PM  
oh my friends, it is my pleasure to provide you entertainment at my expense.....picture yourself at the busyest street in your town...naked to the arm pits...and lets ALL laugh again.... i wish each of you had been there...first to help me pull my dress down...then to laugh about it....

Aug 14 @ 8:04PM  
Coulda been woise- coulda been a Scotchman in a Kilt blow'n up in the wind, with no undies on, try'n to pull your skirt down!!


Aug 14 @ 8:08PM  

OMG Comet! I agree with the other gals...this could only happen to you. Thanks for the belly laugh...I so needed it.

I'm curious though...did your gentleman friend ask for your digits?!?!

Aug 14 @ 8:28PM  
Truth is stranger than fiction. I wonder what the others near by thought.

Aug 14 @ 8:49PM  
Isn't it nice to know there are really good people still out's all your friends who are here laughing at you...

Aug 14 @ 9:08PM  
I wonder what the others near by thought

You KNOW she's hoping no one else seen it!!

it's all your friends who are here laughing at you

Yes we are!!!!!!!! Bless your heart girl!!

Aug 14 @ 9:36PM, my friends are not laughing at me...they are laughing with me.. this is fucking funny no matter who it happen to....

Aug 14 @ 9:45PM  
LOL Yeah things like that are always funny after the fact. I won't go into details of what happens to dresses when the 7th Avenue subway leaves the Christopher Street station in NYC.

Aug 14 @ 9:57PM  
Hey I can relate to this story on what I'm betting is a better level than most! Years ago I had gone home to Dallas on vacation and loaded up on some really cute broomstick style skirts. Our office is a little more relaxed in the summer months so I couldn't wait to wear them to work. And did. Once.

I got all kinds of compliments on the one skirt I wore and it was so cool and comfortable. However because of my circulation problems in my left leg I always wear light support panty hose when I wear a dress of any kind. I left work that day knowing that I needed to stop by the local Sav-A-Lot grocery store and pick up items on the way home. I went in and began shopping however when I hit the cold air in the store I had to go pee nearly immediately. So I hurried by the produce isle and ducked into the public restroom near the back of the store. When I came out I retrieved my cart and finished my shopping. Throughout the store I ran into several people that I knew and noticed that most would just say a quick hi and move on, but didn't think anything of it.

Finally I have everything on my list and I head for the register to check out. I'm standing in line when this little old lady comes up to me and whispers in my ear, "here honey let me fix your skirt" as she is pulling it out of the back of my panty hose. So apparently I had walked all through the store with part of my skirt tucked in my hose, so my ass was showing to. The bottom of the skirt was so full that I didn't notice it wasn't down around my legs in the back! I couldn't face those "friends" that I had ran into in the store for a very long time after that!

I sold those skirts to the local consignment shop and never wore another one again!

Aug 14 @ 10:27PM  
yes after the fact it is funny, and i did get a real good chuckle oout of it comet, and RJ, why do i get visions of that marilyn monroe pic running thru my head? and wonder if there was someone with a camera on the scene.

Aug 15 @ 3:23AM  
I bet you were the prettiest girl, soaked to the hilt with a man trying to befriend you...and no one was laughing at handled it perfectly....I bet if you check Craigslist he will be looking for you!

Aug 15 @ 5:39AM  
I have a Visual here!!!
Cute Story!! Greenie for the giggles!!!

Aug 15 @ 8:09AM  
Good morning my dear friends....i just wanted to thank you for sharing a laugh with me!

Aug 15 @ 12:07PM  
I was busy up to my ears yesterday and didn't read this until now. OMG girl...that was hilarious!! I'm glad my coffee cup is empty!

You gave me the best laugh I've had in awhile...thank you thank you thank you w/kudo...

Aug 15 @ 4:22PM  
Thanks for the laugh today

Aug 15 @ 5:43PM  
Well LBS told me but I had to read for myself. And btw I'm pretty sure I HAVE been to that street/store just not lastnight lol

Aug 16 @ 6:44PM  
heheheh.. thank gawd it's not just me that those things happen to.

Aug 21 @ 7:49AM  
I know you were laughing at yourself when re-calling the event for your blog,and all your friends on here were laughing with you,as did I,just wondering what the man thought as he looked out his window and suddenly your bare ass was showing,good thing for you he was a gentleman and helped and not a jerk who would just sit there and enjoy the show.thanks for sharing.

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LOL..only me