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posted 1/9/2007 1:07:04 AM |
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tagged: tampons, blood, straddle

I remember about three years ago I went to check my mail and what did I get? I got a box of free tampon samples from O.B. I thought what the hell, I'm not a chick, but then over the years I get mail with a female name on it saying "Shawna" instead of Shawn. Yes, I still have that box of tampons, I'm not one to just throw things out. My plan was to give them away to someone who needs them most. Sitting here thinking what to blog next, that came to mind. Then I started thinking about how many women actually use tampons over pads anyway. With that said, which is most popular with you women?

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Jan 9 @ 1:17AM  
OMG do we have to tell you verything Bro??? Did you not get any sex ed in school, or have dad give you that "talk" It's all about the FLOW of the red river. The best place to pick up the ladies is in the tampon isle of walmart dude!

Jan 9 @ 1:19AM  
Hey, Shawna, those tampons were meant for the lesbian you. Apparently the direct marketers were aware of that side of you! About keeping them on hand, you have an adult daughter and may have lady friends over sometime that might be in need. At least you can be thoughful and have them on hand. Not a total loss.

Jan 9 @ 1:22AM  
HAR HAR HAR, to funny, Wtxman. I bet I know where you hang out at, you perv!

Looking4now, another cute one, and yes, I thought about changing my name to Shawna many times and getting that sex change only to become a lesbian...NOT!!!!!

Jan 9 @ 4:45AM  
lol, i agree with looking, they've discovered your inner lesbian, better watch out for the mail and deliveries of birth control pamphlets and flowery deodorant...

I keep getting samples of mens body soap. I guess everyone thinks i'm a guy.

Though the oddest thing i've ever gotten was when i was 15 and a freshman in high school offering me insurance coverage for myself and my husband and children. Had my mom laughing when i read it and said to myself, "Damn, when did this happen... and to think i missed out on the best part.. making the kids... Damn roofies"

Jan 9 @ 4:59AM  
Glad you liked it Shawn,and you should know where i hang out at: this cellar is getting full of AMD pervs and everyone wants to know when you are going to show up

Jan 9 @ 6:53AM  
WOW.....some intimate stuff.....should be.....

My preference is pads....if light enough. However, when it's heavy, I'll wear both....And you know something?....I think God gave us a period just to torture us....did it have to be so gross??

Jan 9 @ 7:33AM  
Good to hear I'm not the only one to get stuff like that in the mail, mostly ads for women's products and other mail addressed as ms or mrs. Oh, I did get pantyhose in the mail once but no tampons. ........

Jan 9 @ 9:37AM  
You think thats bad sunshine, god made us men horney, then put our brains south of the border

Jan 9 @ 9:50AM  
Okay, I just got home from work a little early this morning and just got the mail.Get this, I get something from a regional hospital (not mine) with the name "Shawna" on it. Another little piece of item I got was a bunch of these 5x7 cards of natural healing for women, and the name on this item had Miss Shawn * ********. This has always been a problem.

Jan 9 @ 3:22PM  
Thank God! I have only got the new fusion razor in mail. Must be a promotion going on.

Jan 9 @ 3:50PM  
I won't be too shy to respond. I REFUSE to sit in it, I am not an animal. During that "time" I am highly cranky, and while I cramp like hell, I would prefer the safety of something to clog the drain.

Jan 9 @ 8:19PM  
Ok..ya know what Maura...that's just plain fucking rude! I've sat back and watched you make various comments and not said anything because I understand it's your nature to be ...ummm...ok, dominant. But this is just unthinkingly rude. For your information, there are women who are unable to use tampons for various reasons...and therefore have to use pads. That does not make them "animals" who "sit in it"! Next time...I would suggest you stop to think about what you're posting, especially these types of broad statements...and how others may take it.

Jan 9 @ 9:33PM  
Sunny! I happen to be one of those women that can't use tampons, as much as i'd like to be able to. So unless i want to ruin all of my clothes or be sequestered into a basement cell for 5-7 days, i'll wear pads, thank you very much!

Jan 10 @ 1:29PM  
I can't wear tampons, either. It feels like it's ripping my insides out if I get it in far enough that my natural muscles won't push it out unexpectedly.

Jan 10 @ 1:59PM  
No, it's not "plain fucking rude". However, using the word fuck is rude. It makes ME feel like an animal to use pads. I'm certainly entitled to My opinions, and if you are offended than so be it. I cannot help if you take My comments as a personal insult to your act or demeanor during the time of the month, but everything I write is in reference to Myself and no one else.

Jan 11 @ 11:41PM  
I am not an animal.

These are your words...and you imply that women who do use pads are animals. Granted...I could've chosen my words better...but so could you. All I'm saying is in the future...think about what you're saying. That post may have been your opinion, but the you worded it made it sound as though you believe using pads makes one like an animal.

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