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When Does Dry Spell Become a Problem

posted 8/13/2010 1:46:40 AM |
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Curious how long some have had to go without sex because their significant other just had no interest? I once went 2 and half years because I loved the woman at the time and knew there was some personal type stuff involved. We are no longer together and it was not due to the sex which was awesome when we had it even broke a bed once from the banging. Just curious if others were willing to wait for a special one or would you have needed to move on? How did you get through it?

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When Does Dry Spell Become a Problem


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Aug 13 @ 2:22AM  
It's definately a personal matter that each must decide on their own, how long they are willing to wait / go without.For me personally two weeks.I can understand for medical reasons, but when someone intentionaly withholds sexual favors without a valid reason, its time to move on, to greener pastures.No one who wants sex should have to go without.I know guys who have and are going without, they have for a very long time, two of them ( male ) are straight, one has not received any sexual favors since his wife got pregnant with their last child, which is more than 8 years ago.His wife simply refuses to engage in anyhting sexual.The other guys girlfriend will not put out either, they had a healthy sexual relationship until she went on prescription meds for anxiety attacks.The meds she said killed her libido, she says.The guy has not had sex with here in over 4 years.Both guys have tried everything begging, trying to cime to some kind of deal, like sex once a week, month etc. nothing worked, both guys are about crazy, and use manual releif, to get off.Both couples are in their forties.U can see it like as i said if it is for medical reasons, like one partner is unable to perform or provie sex because of medical condition(s) as long as the capable partner is ok with going without, but for me i think it would be best to let the capable move on , or consent to letting them find sex outside the relationship, i think it would be cruel todeprive someone who is capable of a healthy regular sex life.Set your setting to allow automatic approval of comments and you will get more comments.Some people will not reply to a blog if they see : your comment will wait for approval "

Aug 13 @ 6:40AM  
interesting question.
from a males point of view, there will always be those guys who think the world revolves around them and if they're not getting any from their significant other, then its time to drop them like a hot scone and bolt down the road in a trail of me old fashioned , but not a gentlemanly, honourable thing to do .
but then there are ppl who simply don't know what to do when they find themselves un-expectedly in that situation through no fault of their own, be it a medical problem or something similar that they have no control over...thats when their true inner feelings surface and how they feel about their partner over-powers the easier choice of simply abandoning them for personal enjoyment .sure, some days you will feel complete hopeless depression asking yourself why the hell you are torturing youself being so close to someone you are attracted to but they don't seem to want to respond the way you wish.. but for some un-explained reason you always cool off and say to yourself, I'll do something about it later and make a stand.. but for now, I'll stick it out a bit longer , and why , cos deep down you know its where you want to be, with the one you want to be with...
am I speaking from personal experience ?... ppl that know me well enough will know and to those that don't, my advice, don't judge some one else until you end up in that situation yourself, it will probably be more unbearable than trying to give up smoking for the dozenth time, but you know you will stumble on regardless.
kudo's for an interesting blog.
at the end of the day I guess, somethings are mean't to be and somethings , alas , are not

Aug 13 @ 11:41AM  
I have went six months when I was Married, My ex lost all intrest, depression, work, bills, stress...we seaperated...she convinced me to come back and we started to have a normal sexual relationship, then six to eight weeks laiter..back to no intrest on her part. We did this for 3-4 years before i just couldnt do it anymore. I loved her,(still do) she is my daughters mother, and we are friends. 10 years laiter she is single and has no sex drive and has had more guys in and out of her life then I can count. She feels sex is somthing she has to do, once the Honey moon stage of the relationship wears off....she looses intrest.(she will not speak to a doctor reguarding this) If my mate couldn't physicly have sex..I could deal with that, but to not have any sexual contact and expect the relationship to survive.....not realistic. I need contact, i need to feel wanted. isnt that ok? if a man was impotent, he could continue to please his why is it different for a women? Sex or sexual contact is part of an adult relationship. and is a physical need.

Aug 13 @ 1:29PM  
Get a toy like everyone else.

Sep 18 @ 11:39PM  
I would never insult or belittle a woman who had medical issues, or a man either, that prevented sexual intercourse. when you are with someone, you should care more about their health than sex.
Myself, my own personal story here, which I would not tell if this weren't a website that is sort of anonymous, is that when I was gang-raped to the point that I had to have reconstructive surgery and was hospitalized for three or four months(time is kind of fuzzy there due to Seconal) and the minute I could physically have sex, I did, I did it alot with anyone who would do it with me. Mentally I was proving to me that I was not damaged goods, and that I was okay, and I was getting "those men off of me" by getting better men on me, if that makes sense to any of the women out there.
The man I am married to now, when he found out that that was how 'I became as sexually easy as I was, stopped intercourse with me, and literally courted me all over again, and I understood then, that a gentlemen is exactly that a Gentle Man.
I should of withheld sex and didn't and earned a terrible rep over it. And I see now that I needed help that didn't involve a mattress.
But now, on another hand all together, I personally know and have had experience with women who withhold sex to get their way and that is wrong also.
Long comment short, is a person cannot due to illness. or a crime of a sexual nature, then understanding is what a man does for as long as it takes, But withholding for no reason at all but for gain, shows a disregard for the person one i s in a relationship with and isn't love or caring, or even respect. Greener pastures, my friend, greener pastures.

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When Does Dry Spell Become a Problem