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No McNuggets?!! Are you serious?!

posted 8/11/2010 6:44:33 PM |
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Ok, it's almost 6:30 pm here where I'm at, and I figure most have seen/heard about this:

Gimme those McNuggets!

I've had McDonald's Chicken McNuggets, and in my opinion, they're not worth going to jail over. I just can't fathom going ballistic at 6am because the drive thru worker told me that the McNuggets aren't on the breakfast menu. Now, I don't know about everywhere else, but I know in Michigan, most McDonald's don't start serving the lunch menu items until 11am. Until then, they are serving the breakfast menu items.

I can just see that on a job interview...

Interviewer: Why did you serve 2 months in jail?
Applicant: I went ballistic at a McDonald's drive thru window at 6am because they wouldn't serve me chicken McNuggets.

In the time I've worked at the hotel, I know of 2 instances where the night auditor had to call the cops to have guests removed. Once was 5 years ago, the first summer with the new water park built and 2 women tried to fill up one of the family suites with themselves and 13 kids. The breakdown on the rooms: standard...up to 4 guests, family suites and parlor suites up to 6 guests, and the loft suites 8 guests. Not one of the rooms at that hotel are equipped for 15 people. And that comes from the Fire Marshall. Well, these people got found out because the kids were noisy, running up and down the halls at 1am, yelling, screaming, and slamming doors. A few guests in rooms nearby got just a bit annoyed. First they tried talking to the mother, who got rather nasty and started accusing the guest of being racist. She started yelling and swearing and slamming the door herself. So...other guests started calling up to the front desk about it. So, management was called, he showed up her door and asked politely to keep it which she stormed into the hallway saying everyone working at the hotel and staying at the hotel were racist and she was only trying to have a nice birthday for her kids....and about that time....the cops showed up. And it was then they discovered just how many people were trying to fit in a room designed for no more than 6 people. Yeah, they got escorted out by the cops.

Another incident was just this past week. Don't know the full details on this one, but apparently the guests in a couple of rooms had a dispute of some kind where they were yelling at one another in the hall and slamming doors. And were doing so for a while. Front desk got the calls about it, and the manager went up to see what was going on. Talked to the people, and thought he had the situation calmed down. Wasn't even down the stairs when he heard the yelling and door slamming start over again. He finally told them they either quiet down and ignore each other or they can have their money refunded and stay elsewhere. One asked if they could just move to another room, and they were moved.

Amazing how some people can get.

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Aug 11 @ 6:57PM  
mmmmmm made me hungry for McNuggets

Aug 11 @ 7:14PM  
yeah don't you love the hotel life? Its amazing how many "adults" forget their children while they are downstairs in the bar to.

Aug 11 @ 7:17PM  
I don't want to spend too much time on this story but one comes to mind. When I worked at the Hyatt in the late seventies it was the most prestigious hotel in town (it has the "big ball", a city landmark). It was a quiet Sunday morning and only two things were happening. There were two groups of 15 to 20 guys in adjacent meeting rooms. One was a plenary group of oil and gas executives in early for a convention and the other a Christian businessmen's fellowship.

Well the hotel rolled out a coffee service with pastries for the executives outside of the meeting rooms and didn't leave anyone there to watch it. The fellowship took its break first and thinking that the hotel was just being nice, proceeded to help themselves. When the executives broke about ten minutes later, they discovered their coffee service had been ravaged.

Words were heatedly exchanged, quickly followed by pushing and shoving leading punches being thrown and a hockey game broke out. Our radios went off and a bunch of staff went to the scene and could not believe our eyes, 30 to 35 guys in their fifties wearing suits were brawling. The cops got there quickly and broke it up, arresting a few of the combatants. Later, several law suits were filed. After that, all coffee services were staffed unless set up inside of a room.

Aug 11 @ 7:34PM  
You know, as an after thought, it occurred to me that if what happened over 30 years ago that I chronicled, happened today, it would make CNN, Fox News, MS NBC, Fark, and USA Today. The media today is not nearly as much concerned with what is news as much as it is getting readership and views in a tabloid manner.

Here is another example for you, actually it is kind of a concept. Did you ever notice that if a woman is murdered and she is good looking, all of the usual suspects saturate their coverage nationally? But if she is a plain Jane, unless she is a high profile person, she only gets page B of the local paper? It is even more true for male murder victims except that looks don't matter, only good looking women or high profile people count I guess.

Aug 11 @ 7:46PM  
Supposedly this woman admitted she was drunk but I think even for being drunk her actions were way over the top for"normal drunkenness". It's one thing to rant at the woman in the drive thru window and quite another to turn it into a brawl with hair pulling and breaking the glass. Did you see where she lifted her leg intending I suppose to crawl through the window?

Todays news isn't's hyped up and tabloid stuff and I see little resemblance to good and honest journalism...although stories like this one does bring an amazed kind of chuckle.

Aug 11 @ 8:03PM  
Damn.. what an idiot! I'd seen this on the news this morning but did not realize that it was 6AM that she did this! She deserves the time in jail! She was brutal!

Aug 11 @ 8:05PM  
In a similar vein, we have this story that got considerable press in the last couple of days.

Aug 11 @ 8:08PM  
Oh yeah! The JetBlue Attendant! OMG!!! I laughed when I first heard the story. How many of us have felt that way? Wanting to tell a customer to fuck off? I have felt that way plenty of times at my job.

Aug 11 @ 9:06PM  
When I played in clubs that attitude was usually reserved for people who did not want to hear last drink before we close. LOL There were more than a few who made it from the barstool to the sidewalk without their feet ever touching the ground when they decided to take a swing at one of the employees.

I womder what that lady had been smoking that she had the munchies at that time of morning for the McNuggets to the point she came unglued when she did not get them?

Aug 11 @ 9:22PM  
She sure did come unglued! I have never seen such rage! Someone should have kicked her damn ass!!!!!! Of course, they would have gotten fired if they had! Bitch broke the window and everything! Unfreakingreal!

She's lucky there wasn't a cop near by, her actions might have caused her to get shot! She was in full on rage! I'm astounded actually!

Aug 11 @ 10:11PM  
"I want my Nuggets and I WANT them Now"!!!!


Aug 12 @ 12:52AM  
I guess they need to cancel the Drew Carey show in Ohio .... It's driving them mad.
"I want my Nuggets and I WANT them Now"!!!!
Damn .. Did you audition for the JG Wentworth commercial ?

Aug 12 @ 2:14AM  
You don't even want me to start...just this past weekend...not even gonna talk about it...and that was at the hotel. memphis murders...ywp they report the ugly and unfortunate and the wealthy and the good is news after all. I don't hardly watch makes me sick. racial tension...they start it...we just follow the rules.

Aug 13 @ 8:58PM  
Yeah, I know how some people can be rude. Thankfully I don't run into a lot of them.

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No McNuggets?!! Are you serious?!