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This was a blog comment.. but..

posted 8/7/2010 7:41:55 PM |
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OMFG here we go again. I'm so bloody sick of this drivel.

Anyone who cares knows where to find me.. I'm out .. no I'm not canceling just taking a very very LONG extended who gives a flying fuck break. I'm one of the "Clique" in fact, I'm the fucking leader of the goddamned Clique. I don't give a flying damn that someone got their tender feelers hurt. I don't care who cries who whines whatever.. at this point I just don't fucking care.

Max.. you were an ass sometimes and you got it handed to you.. tough shit. Bruce is acerbic.. so the fuck what? Get over it. It's only words on a page til you take it to heart. The blogs suck? Do FUCKING better yourself.. don't just sit and whine about it. If you don't like what you are 'forced' to read? Read something else or write something worth reading. People wanna sit here and fuckin whine about shit? Backstab each other.. yeah I'm talkin about you.. you know who you are. The Clique done went BOOOM. For the ones I adore.. I'll check emails a couple times this week before thursday.. after that I'm off for five days of craziness and enjoying MY life.. in which damned little of this matters.

I only used this place for fun and frolic anyway.. now it's a fucking chore to even open the blogs up. I looked yesterday.. whining, bitching and whapper. Hooray. I look today.. Whining, bitching and whapper. I'm OVER it.

Hell yes this is a stomp stomp stomp.

Everyone else? Whatever.. same shit new decade. I'm goin where the streets are paved with lovely people and a whole fuckload less politics.

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Aug 7 @ 7:44PM  
Fucking GAWD.

Aug 7 @ 8:02PM  
for those as dumb as I????

a·cer·bic (-sûrbk) also a·cerb (-sûrb)
1. Sour or bitter tasting; acid. See Synonyms at bitter.
2. Sharp or biting, as in character or expression

Aug 7 @ 8:16PM  
I hear ya!

Aug 7 @ 8:43PM  
I knows where to find ya........and you knows where to find me.

Aug 7 @ 8:50PM  
And this why I, and a few others, WUV theSkwirl!!

Aug 7 @ 9:15PM  
You are so gentle...!! You shoulda called Names! (Mine included!...If Needed!)
Love ya Lady!!!
I was gonna Intro my "Date" to this Place...but...naaaaw... I don't think soooo!

Aug 7 @ 9:58PM  

Well, I'm at the one site, yknow- the one that got its ass handed to it by Facebook? Yeah, that one. I write better blogs because I dont have to please an audience and theres no character limit so I can be as lengthy and honest as I want. If anyone wants to find me there, just ask.

Myspace might be "dead" but AMD is deader, lol

Aug 7 @ 9:58PM  
Do what ya gotta do...hell, you always do anyway. You know you're always gonna get the big hugs when you come back.

Aug 7 @ 10:07PM  

Have a good One !

Aug 7 @ 11:35PM  
Yeeeup- don't blame ya a bit- gotta take a break from this place occasionally! First year here, I didn't get much personal stuff done- took a year break. then came back in '09! Lots has changed, so I pop in occasionally!

Enjoy your break Skwirl- see ya on the rebound!


Aug 7 @ 11:45PM  
You're one of the funniest people on this site Sam! I would hate to see you go but I know it'll just be a break and you'll be back.... I hope you enjoy your trip...

I won't reiterate my sentiments from softie's blog here, I said enough there!

Talk to you soon!!


Aug 7 @ 11:46PM  
WTF The matter with you Sammie. I can hand someone their ass as well as get mine handed to me so What The Fuck is your problem. You want to call me out for some fucking thing then do it but I don't know what the fuck you are talking about unless it has to do with Dayna. If not then tell what the fuck you have on your mind. This place has went to hell in a hand basket and if you don't believe then that's your problem but if you are going to call me out tell me what the fuck it's about. Don't just say shit like. Max.. you were an ass sometimes and you got it handed to you.. tough shit. There have been plenty of times that you werer an ass and got your ass handed to you as well wasn't there...or should I say isn't there. Come on Sammie you want to jump someones shit without telling them What The Fuck the problem is. I thought we were okay but talk about fucking back stabbing. come on tell me What your fucking problem with me is.

Aug 8 @ 12:00AM  
It's only words on a page

That says it all.


Aug 8 @ 12:26AM  
Bruce is acerbic.. so the fuck what?
I resemble that remark.
acerbic |?'s?rbik|
1 (esp. of a comment or style of speaking) sharp and forthright : his acerbic wit.

Aug 8 @ 1:10AM  
I thought I was clique
or is that clack
been awhile
as a "so ya knows"
it's flying fuck
so - hmmmm

Aug 8 @ 1:35AM  
forgot your cookie
it's still "flying fuck"
get it right
squirrel girl

Aug 8 @ 9:36AM  
Well enjoy yer time off from da looney!

Aug 8 @ 10:35AM  
I was going to comment on another blog that was related to this one, but it went poof. In reading everything that people had written on this one and the other, one word resonated, "frustration" with "boring" coming in second. Nobody wants to see Pervia fade into oblivion, though I am sure that there are some who don't care one way or another. But there appears to be a death watch and a blame game.

It is always somebody else's fault: Whapper, Cocktail, WoW, moderators, bullies, spammers, shout outs, cliques, trolls, gangs, blog police, something and everything.

A few people went on to recall how much fun and vibrant it was in the bygone era, seemingly revered as a cyber camelot. I recall those days of yesteryear fondly myself. I also recall that all of the finger pointing mentioned above was going on then too. I also remember some hellacious flame wars too.

I read a lot yesterday about the old folks passing the mantle to the younger generation. But I have also noticed that quite a few of the new posters, the majority I believe, are in their forties and fifties. So I am not buying into that theory.

In that golden age of Pervia, not every post was stellar, far from it. But there was always something there for everybody that people looked forward to reading and interacting with. Now, there is very little of interest to anybody.

Your fault, my fault, everybody's fault, nobody's fault. It simply is what it has become.

Aug 8 @ 12:09PM  
I need to clear something up.. the Max to whom I was referring is NOT Father Max.. nope not at all.. Maxximus the gent? who was whining about how he'd been mistreated. That's the Max to whom I was referring. Once again.. Father Max.. I lubs you man!

Aug 8 @ 2:55PM  
I hope you have a great time on your vacate! I saw your other blog and the pics and pixies and you my doll...beautiful you are! Hugs and have a great time. M

Aug 8 @ 4:33PM  
All this talk about the good old days makes me think of something my psychology professor said about the good old days one time. "The good old days in our memory are usually better than the good old days actually were" When I had some spare time last winter I went back and read some of the older blogs and posts on the site since I was fairly new here. I saw a lot of fighting and a lot of he said, she said they said and who said. There were some good posts in there as well. But what I saw was about the same thing I have seen on sites since 1992 when it was just bbs sites. All that happened with the internet was that things just got a little bigger or to put it simply the more things change the more they remain the same. This site reminds me more of the bbs sites in the 1990s. People talk to each other and it is more personal than the larger sites. But it will probably go the way of the bbs as well one of these days because it is so small. There were people wailing and bitching when the bbs gave way to the internet and did not want to let go.Sound familiar? It's all growing pains. When this site is gone I am sure most will just move on to other sites and meet new people and make new friends. It is the way the internet works. Those who want to stay in touch will and those who do not won't. Instead of bitching and moaning wouldn't it really be better to make what is left of this site a place where people are free to more or less post what they want when they want and if you don't like it, just move on.

Aug 8 @ 5:00PM  
Instead of bitching and moaning wouldn't it really be better to make what is left of this site a place where people are free to more or less post what they want when they want and if you don't like it, just move on.

I think that you make some very astute comments and you will get no disagreement from me to any points. I do feel that saving grace for this site is its size. It remains like a corner bar or coffee shop. Like everyone else to a large extent, I have been checking out alternatives. I have not bothered with the singles sites, but rather sites based upon shared interests, in my case professional sports.

What I have found, over all, is that the other sites are too crowded. Everyone gets lost in the shuffle and the result of participation is one or two lines like the forums on this site, UGH...shallow, superficial, pointless, unfulfilling.

One of the things I find endearing about AMD is the small town atmosphere. We normally disagree but genuinely like one another despite our differences. That is not quite so true now based upon what I have been reading.

But the fact remains, you can search high an low anywhere you want, but you will find no finer group of people.

Aug 10 @ 4:42AM  
Sheeesh! I go away for a few days and I miss all the hoop didity doo.

I'm sorry you had such a rotten day. I hope the rest of your week will be more Skwirl-friendly.

Aug 10 @ 12:11PM  
funny! how I never used your name in my blog! Thanks for steping up! and as far as bitching! give me a break! I am an ass sometimes! I write blogs just like you! You once again chose to hang yourself on the cross of self pitty! WA FUCKING WA! I guess you have crowned yourself the queen of the click! LONG LIVE THE FUCKING QUEEN!

I only used this place for fun and frolic anyway.. now it's a fucking chore to even open the blogs up.


Aug 10 @ 7:32PM  
I rest my case.

Queen of what? Nimrod. I am the fucking clique.. me, myself and i. no one else is. Everyone else thinks and acts for their own selves. How about that noise? My suggestion is that if more than five people find you offensive annoying and repulsive.. maybe the common denominator is YOU! Not some imaginary group out to teach you wrong from right. No one cares that much. Sorry bout your luck.

Self-pity indeed. I'm not feeling the least bit sorry for me little man. I have stuff to do that doesn't involve being here. If you actually read the whole thing you would KNOW that.

Who runs around crying foul? Not I little man. And yes... really.

For the rest of you crazy verts.. see ya next week somewhen after a wedding, a day on the beach and court.

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This was a blog comment.. but..