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Tooth Ache....ouch

posted 8/6/2010 4:22:17 PM |
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thank goodness for the new job!

a few weeks ago at work, a new exray machine was installed at my work, and i was the test target...they did a panoramic veiw of my teeth, lol....and most were stunned at the amount of dental "changes" I've had.

But all of the "Trained professionals" pointed to the same tooth and said that tooth is going to cause you problems..

I dicussed it with the doctor...he said...yep, that one needs to come out, i expressed no wanting to loose any teeth...he talked of implants, $1913.00 per tooth, plus a crown from your general dentist latsoer...$500 - $800 more dollars, he said of course his services would be greatly discounted (which I later learned meant at cost only), but cost aint cheap..

So we ended out conversation with me saying...i will just wait, maybe it will get better on it's on.

The doc said, "no it wont"

Well yesterday, the other shoe dropped...yep, it started to ache and swell, pain in my ear, and down the side of my neck.

I told doc, and he said, get another exray, and i will look at it between this time,it was just a "peri" exray...$30.

the assistant showed it to him, and he sent back word that he would pull it after our last this time, my face is on fire, throbbing with every heart beat. I was ready to do anything to get this firery throbbing blob out!

Oh by the way...has i mentioned that I have had a root canel and crown on this tooth...I made payments on this fucker.

At the end of the day, the assistant comes for me, telling me...hes ready.

She asks if i want some nytris (gas) which i love love love...

doc comes in and im toasty...i laught and told him, "my tooth isnt really hurting, i just wanted some gas..

by this time, the room is in the chair, doc with his tools, two assistants, and everyone else just hanging out and watching...

this man is an oral surgeon, his reputation is that he is painless...yeah right, it seems toothy had formed an absess, and when he hit just the right spot...i almost popped out of the chair...another quick shot, and i think he lanced the absess, coz he was telling the assistant to suction all of that quickly before i got any taste of it, as it would taste foul...i think he was a somewhat embaressed to have hurt me so badly in front of the entire staff,

he also chasted me that i should have told him how painful it was, and we could have worked me in between patients...

so today, i explained to him that i was a little rattled yesterday, after the pulling, and i had failed to ask about the fee....his answer...

Oh there is no charge...

so now im on an antibotic, (which means a yeast infection) oh...and did i mention the loritabs????

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Aug 6 @ 4:54PM  
hey eat some yogurt its suppose to help prevent the yeast infection. Soprry about the tooth I am getting ready for the same thing but I want to keep my toothie so yep I'm gonna get a root canal.

Aug 6 @ 6:35PM  
Last toothache I had..I went to the dentist and told him to take the damn thing out! This tooth had had fillings replaced in it twice, and the dentist suggested a root canal...and at the time, I was in so much pain I told him if he didn't take that damned tooth out I was going to prove how much nicer Godzilla was.

I won. The tooth got pulled. Been pain free for the last 3 years now.

Aug 6 @ 6:55PM  
Hope you get to feeling better now that the bad tooth is out! I HATE going to the dentist....even just for a cleaning! I don't know if my mouth is oversensitive or what, but it takes next to nothing to have me practically leaping out of the chair! My dentist is one of the nicest guys in the world....very gentle and has a great bedside manner....I always feel bad for making him feel bad....

Aug 6 @ 10:57PM  
I hope you are feeling better now.
I am rather surprised that he pulled it with it being absessed, instead of giving you anti biotics to get rid of some of the infection first.

Yeap, eat yogurt, if you like them soak some cucumber slices in vinegar and eat them. Maybe if you call your reg dr and tell them what happened they might call you in a script for diflucan.

Good luck.....

Aug 7 @ 1:55AM  
I haven't had a yeast infection in forever on antibiotics...but it does happen. I have never heard of a dentist pulling a tooth when it was absessed. I have always taken antibiotics before and then had the toothe worked on. It gets into your blood stream and can kill you, but work for a dentist. best wishes..i try to keep my teeth. Haven't ever had a tooth pulled.

Aug 7 @ 3:14AM  
It hurt me just to read that. I hate going to the dentist!

Aug 7 @ 7:41AM  
well hell i dont know, maybe it wasnt absessed, hell i dont know, i just pay the bills, i dont know shit about dentistry????? coz i think i have heard that too about not pulling an absessed tooth...who know

All i know for sure, is the tooth is gone, the pain is gone and great days are in the future.

later taters, time for a gentle swish with salt water

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Tooth Ache....ouch