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Eat In?

posted 8/4/2010 2:47:24 AM |
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He took her left hand in his right using his left hand to remove her glasses while bringing her left hand up to his lips and gently kissing each finger’s middle joint. Beginning with her little finger he sucked the tip of each; as he released the index finger from his mouth he ran his tongue from the its tip back towards the hand’s base and back down the thumb to its tip. He turned her hand over gently and ran his tongue in a circular motion on her wrist and before gently blowing on it.

He turned, still holding her hand, and led her to the sofa. Laying her glasses on the end table he turned facing her and used his hands with fingers spread like a comb to brush her long hair back until his hands were over her ears. Pulling her head gently forward he kissed her forehead, then each eyelid as she closed her eyes. Still holding her head he kissed her cheekbones at the edge of her eye. He continued to kiss her cheeks, first one then the over, kissing downward until he reached the edge of her jawbone. Then he traced her jawbone with his tongue, first the left side then right, from her neck to its center beneath her lips. His lips then gently brushed hers, so very gently.

Kissing the tip of her nose, then forehead as he brushed her hair further backwards to expose her neck; softly kissing each side; starting with her earlobe, then behind the ear slowly outlining first one ear and then the other with the tip of his tongue before kissing behind each ear and down her neckline towards her shoulders until he was stopped by her sweater’s collar. He removed his hands from her hair and ran the tips of his fingers down the back of her arms while kissing her cheeks and occasionally brushing her lips with his. His hands went under the bottom of her sweater, he gently stroked her waist with the tips of his fingers from the middle of her back to the middle of her ribcage. Stroking back and forth as his hands ever so slowly moved upwards, raising the edge of her sweater. She started to unbutton his shirt and when his hands reached just below her shoulders she raised her arms over her head so he could remove her sweater.

The sweater dropped to the floor as she opened his shirt, he pulled her to him, their bare stomachs touching, her breasts pressed against his chest. He kissed and nibbled her neck as his fingertips moved up and down her spine, the finger tips gently pressing each side of her spine up and down as if he was playing a piano. Eventually he moved his thumbs under her bra released its clasp. As he moved slightly back, pulling the bra off her shoulders she was removing his shirt from his, both shirt and bra falling to the floor simultaneously.

Placing his hands on her shoulders he held her at arms length as he gazed at her breasts. As he drew her near their arms reached around each other in tight embrace. He could feel the nipples of her breasts flattened against his chests.

He slid his body down hers; kneeling before her on the floor, hands cupping her buttocks, face resting against her stomach. He turned his face and started to kiss her stomach going left to right and then back across several times before stopping at her navel. He ran his tongue around her navel, then licked it from bottom to top letting his tongue slid into and linger momentarily in the button hole. He blew gently on the surface dampened by his tongue as he slid his hands around her hips to her belt. He opened the buckle, then the snap on her pants before slowly opening the zipper. He pulled the flaps to the side and kissed and gently sucked her stomach at the top of her panties; running his tongue in circles around the spot before rising to his feet.

He lifted her chin with his right hand as his left brushed across her, around her side to the small of her back. He lowered his face till their lips met, kissing her gently as he pulled her body against his. As they broke the kiss they gazed into each others eyes, reading the passion, the desire and hunger that lay within.

As they gazed within each others soul they knew the heart, soul and mind of the other. Then both said in unison, “Do you want to go out to eat tonight”?

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Aug 4 @ 3:03AM  
Eat in? Mmmm...Yes please.

Aug 4 @ 3:17AM  
Good to see you back.

Aug 4 @ 12:17PM  
I sure have missed you. Umm I'll eat in please

Aug 4 @ 3:24PM  
........"may I have more please?"...................

Aug 5 @ 7:12PM  
Hey! Look who's back!

Aug 5 @ 7:13PM  
OOPS!! Like the blog btw.

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Eat In?