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Just a fantasy...

posted 8/3/2010 12:15:07 PM |
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First and formost, this is fiction, not something that actually happened. Being more of a submissive guy, this is something of a personal fantasy, something that would put me outside of my comfort zone, but would also bring me endless pleasure... So here we go...

It all started when a girl I met online asked me to go to a party with her. She lived only a few miles from my college apartment, and the pictures she had sent me told me she was very pretty. She was a red-head, around 5'6" just a little shorter than I was, with beautifully firm, small breasts, and pale caucasian skin. She told me to call her by her user name, Naomi. I doubt that was her real name, but I didn't make any difference to me.
In anycase, one evening a few days before the fall semester started at my college, Naomi sent me an E-mail. She was very upfront with me. She told me that several of her friends were gdtting together for an end of summer party at a sorority house on campus at a second collage across town from mine. She flatly told me that it was an orgy, and she wanted me to be her partener. By the time I finished reading the e-mail, I already had a hard-on. This was taking me way out of my comfort zone. If she had asked me for a one on one night with her, i would have accepted instantly. I had never been to an orgy before, and wasnt shure if i was comfortable naked infrom of so many others. I couldn't decide right away. Later week, the night of the party, Naomi sent me an Instant message, asking me if i was comming with her. I told her that I wasn't shure if I was comfotable. She told me that that was how everyone felt, and that it added to the eroticism of the event. She was right. I was nervous, but the idea appealed to me. I liked being put out of my comfort zone, but this was much farther than i had ever gone before. I eventually agreed to have her pick me up at the street nearest to my apartment. An hour later there she was, opening the door of her car for me. She was everything i could have hoped for, sitting in the driver's seat in a red halter top and miniskirt. I could not believe that in just a few minutes, this beautifull woman would be naked on top of me. I shyly sliped into her car, feeling under dressed in my jeans and t-shirt, next to her lingerie. I asked her if it was alright, she just laughed and said i wouldnt be wearing the clothes long anyway. With a sugestive wink, she drove us off. The sorority house was just a few minutes away. Soon, she was walking with her arm around mine, towards the door. On the way up the walk, she said she had to warn me, this wasnt a regular orgy, and there might be some things I'd have to do to "fit in". I was about to ask what exactly she meant when the door flew open. I found myself looking at around twenty women wearing lingerie, club wear, or nothing at all. There wasn't a single male inside. Naomi had convieniently forgoten to mention it was a lesbian orgy. One of the nude girls, I assumed the hostess, came trotting up to the door, her huge naked breasts bouncing, unashamed. "What's HE doing here?" the nude girl demanded. Naomi replied with a sly smile said "You did say to bring your favorite sex toy, didn't you? Don't worry, he wont cause any problems." All of the women in the room started laughing. One shouted, "Yea, dont worry, We'll make him female enough to fit in." Naomi pushed me forward, into a crowd of giggling, lesbian girls. Two of them grabbed me by eather arm, pullnig me towards one of several white couches in the room. I resisted for a monent, looking back at Naomi questioningly. "Go with them, just relax and let them have fun. I'll treat you well for it later." I let myself be helplessly pulled into a crowd of twently laughing women. Next thing i knew i was on my back on one of the white couches, my clothes being stripped off. "so what do we do wih him?" one of the girls around me asked. "Well, this is a girls only event, so lets make him fit in." said another. I began to protest, but one clapped a hand over my mouth, saying "Sex toys don't speak." The crowed roared with laughter. A minute later one of the girls pulled off my shorts, my penis waving itself in her face. I felt myself blush, i couldn't help it. i had never been naked infront of this many women. The nakedness didnt last long however. A second girl slipped a pair of panties up my legs. A thong no less! She let it snap tightly on my hips, the back pulling my cheeks apart. the little thing barely covered me, my cock stretching the silk tightly. Next one of them wrapped a bra infront of me, and plipped two fake silicon breasts between it and my chest. I had never been so embarassed in my life. The finished the outfit with a skirt and halter top, then stood back to admire their work. They hadent stopped laughing the whole time. "now what?" one asked. "now we have fun." said another, leaning in to french kiss the first. The orgy desolved into pairs of girls writhing their lean bodys over one another. Soon, Naomi wandered over, appologising for my embarassing situation. She said ot relax and enjoy it. This was going to be like nothing ever done to me before, or again. She clasped her mouth over mine in a deep kiss, and all my fears and embarassment melted instantly. I felt her firm breasts pressing against my silicon fakes. The sensation was entoxicating, the presshure of her atop me, the thong beneath my skirt pullight tightly on my privates. Naomi reached one hand back and untied her halter top, the thin material falling loose from her naked breasts. She pulled her tongue loose from mine, touching me on the side, indicating for me to roll over. I complied. She ran her smooth hands over my body, cupping the fake breasts, obviously getting an erotic thrill from her male lesbian. Running her hands over my ass, she pulled up my skirt to see the tight thong streching apart my cheeks. "This is sexy." she said running a finger up the silk in my crack. She curled a finger under the thong and pulled it away from my sweating ass. My cock twiched im pleasure, the pillow in my face muffling an involuntary moan. She let the thong go with a snap, moving her hands to my hips, slowly pulling one one side of the thong, then the other. "hows it feel to be female?" she asked. "pretty good!" I mumbled honestly. The thong came off my feet at last, my cock dangling free. Naomi dragged the silken thing up my leg and over my ass before flicking it to the floor. Naomi rolled me back over, and turned around. She drapped her miniskirt over my face with a flick of her sensual hips. She wasnt wearing any underwear. For a split second, i found my self staring at her shaved, wet, pussy before she slammed it into my face, forcing my head back onto the pillows. I felt her hands cup my balls and her lips brush my cock. "lick me, bitch." i heard her voice though the skirt. I ran my tongue over her watering slit. My eyes widened as I tasted her. It was nothing like i had ever tasted befor

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Just a fantasy...