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San Francisco to ban pet sales?

posted 8/2/2010 8:53:36 AM |
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Seems the city is thinking of a law to ban the sale of pets as a way to cut down on the amount of animals euthanized. How? If residents can't buy in the city, they will just buy elsewhere. I don't see where this would help anything but cost people who work in pet stores to lose their jobs. Yep, that will help the economy. Right? I don't think so.

Yes, I do realize there are instances of "impulse buying", and just because one city bans the sales doesn't necessarily mean that will stop. Again, all a person has to do is drive outside of city limits and stores galore. This would be a bad idea and hopefully those considering the ban will realize this. Sorry, but kind of hard to stop people from going, "how cute, I'm going to buy it". Can't legislate emotions. Then again...seems we have a society today who thinks it's just fine and dandy to walk into our lives and tell us how to eat, sleep, work, and fuck.

Oh...a link to the story:

Pet Sales Ban

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Aug 2 @ 9:27AM  
Well... no one has ever 'accused' elected officials of having any common sense - I know I haven't!


Aug 2 @ 9:35AM  
This is one of weirdest strangest things that I have seen in years. I read the link that you kindly included, but the article is dated July 8, so we are left hanging as to what happened.

All I was able to come up with was a mention in an obscure Web site indicating that the proposal was tabled but nothing else specific.

I ran a search in both of the major San Francisco newspapers and came up with nothing more recent of substance about it other than what your link mentions. One search did produce some interesting results. There appears to have been a lot of action in June concerning pet sales in the city by the bay. Among other things, it seems that the ball got rolling on banning the sale of exotics (the ordinance passed) after a two year old girl was squeezed to death by a Burmese python last year.

Aug 2 @ 9:53AM  
I just saw the story on the news this morning and thought it kind of "stupid" to ban pet sales. Yes, I get that they want to bring down the numbers as far as euthanazia, but, banning the sales isn't going to do it.

As for the Burmese python....while I'll admit they are an awesome creature, I wouldn't recommend owning one if there are kids in the home for the reason you mention.

As for exotic pets, they are very difficult to care for if one has no clue on their needs. My sister LOVES turtles...and she's had turtles as pets for over 20 years. Of course some have died due to illness. One interesting fact she found out in a herpetology class was that turtles do not have what is called a "death gene"....those suckers could live forever if they never got sick or mortally injured.

Aug 2 @ 10:06AM  
the Burmese python

My daughter had one once, its name was Cuddles and grew to be 11 feet long requiring three rabbits a week. He was very domesticated and at parties had run of the house. But some people didn't know he was around. Talk about women screaming when they found out by seeing it or it slithering up to them. One woman ran out the front door and we never saw her again.

Aug 2 @ 10:38AM  
I think they are awesome creatures. Must have been a site seeing that woman running off screaming.

I think the Boa, Burmese, even a King Cobra, are awesome creatures. I could never own one. Why? Because I would never be able to feed it. Too much of a softy for that. I know a Boa, Python, etc require things like rats, rabbits, etc for feeding, and, I'm a wimp...I couldn't do it. So, I stick with the "norm" with pets..dogs and cats, and birds.

My sister has turtles, as I mentioned before, and she has to feed them their "natural" foods...which involves things like crayfish/crawdads, frogs, and insects in some cases. That isn't for me. Those who can do so..more power to them.

Aug 2 @ 11:58AM  
Up here in MI, we have what are known as: Detroitonian Constrictors- you can spot them quickly by their camouflage of tire treads down the length of their bodies!! Yup... they became over populated to the extent that a few years ago, the talk was about half the city of Detroit leaving over the years due to dire economic conditions there- while that is true on its own- I think that was just a cover-up of what really happened to those people because now there are 1000s of fat and happy constrictors slithering around in Detroit!!

I wish there was a 'tongue-in-cheek' emoticon!!

Anyway, Florida has a serious real problem with pythons:

Article I

10,000 wild pythons in Florida (actually, a documentary I watched a few weeks ago has the number up to 100,000 all along Florida and its chain of Islands:

Article II

Also, pigs on the wild are a major problem in several states and growing fast- they're big, mean, dangerous and destroy lots of farmer's crops, as well as causing other problems:

Hog problem


Aug 2 @ 12:33PM  
Speaking of snakes.....

This is the snake my neice, Jennifer, caught in their backyard.

My funny niece 'n snake

Boy am I glad this is about it for snakes in my neck of the woods!

Yeah, banning pets sales isn't the answer but the problem of unwanted pets is awful. It certain would help if people would get their pets fixed and I think vets outta make the cost of that minimal because most don't get it done because they can't afford it. God knows vets make enough money off of other services so it wouldn't hurt 'em to contribute this service for the good of the animals. JMHO

Aug 2 @ 2:30PM  
I don't know...they shouldn't ban, just educate people about pet overpopulation. Here in Fla, they usually tack on the cost of spaying/neutering to the cost of the adoption fee or offer low cost clinics for low-income families. If this isn't already in effect, one should have a license/permit to own exotics...I think they do. Also crack down on illegal smuggling of exotics and puppy mills.

I do like how most shelters are very strict on what home their animals go to.

Aug 2 @ 2:52PM  
Anyway, Florida has a serious real problem with pythons:

I didn't read the read the article, I have read many so no need. But the Everglades is under siege by them and feral anacondas also. The only predator that can really take them on, depending on the size of the two species, is the gator. The state is trying to deal with it by catching and destroying nests, but funding and manpower are proving futile.

Also, pigs on the wild are a major problem in several states and growing fast- they're big, mean, dangerous and destroy lots of farmer's crops, as well as causing other problems:

Yep, it is a problem here and many places. They adapt to the wild very well. Feral hogs are actually considered game and hunted in Texas. Usually, this time of year, they can be found in creek beds.

Aug 2 @ 3:29PM  
That's San Fran for ya. Nothing but idiots it seems like

Aug 2 @ 3:40PM  
I can't believe San Francisco is thinking of banning pets such as cats and dogs.

Vancouver banned exotic animals a few years ago. It was a real problem because most animal shelters would not accept them...or were not setup to take in exotic animals. There is one place locally where exotics can be surrendered...but it has had a lot of financial difficulties over the years. At one point...they were in danger of being shut down all together because they stay a float with donations...and their donations were down substantially because of the economy.

The following is a list of animals currently banned in Vancouver.

Snakes: green anaconda, yellow anaconda, reticulated python, African rock python, Burmese python, Indian python, amethyst python
Crocodilians, including alligators and crocodiles
All venomous reptiles
Canids such as wolves, jackals, coyotes and foxes (except domestic dogs)
FELIDS: such as lions and tigers (except domestic cats)

I own chinchillas and they are considered exotic is most birds and reptiles. They were not included in the ban...but they were discussed. Even bunnies were discussed because so many people buy bunnies at Easter time and then release them in parks and fields when they are no longer wanted.

Most exotics are a huge commitment since their life span is quite long when compared to other animals. For instance:

A chinchilla can live between 10 and 20 years in captivity.
Parrots and other similar birds can live between 100 and 200 years.
Some turtles and tortoises can live between 100 and 200 years.
Even some bunnies can live up to 10 years in captivity.

As Bunny previously stated in an earlier blog...animals and especially exotic animals take a huge commitment and lots of money. My chinchillas were all rescued and can be quite expensive to care for. In addition...I can't just go into any pet store and buy their supplies...since a lot of stores don't stock items for chinchillas. I have to be very organized and order from several online stores. Their medical needs are also substantial at times because very few vets specialize in their care. They even have their own room with a/c because they have to stay cool or they could have a stroke. And since they play at night because they're nocturnal...plenty of room and a quiet place for them to sleep during the day are essential.

In other's the impulse buyer...and shitty pet owners who cause a lot of the problems with owning pets IMO.

But how you would weed out these horrible pet owners is the real problem...and one that is not easily solved.

Leaving you a greenie Ms. Sugar for blogging about a really important topic.

Aug 2 @ 10:52PM  
Banning pet sales as if that will stop anyone. All that will do is increase backyard puppy mills.

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San Francisco to ban pet sales?