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No Biggie...but???

posted 8/1/2010 3:02:46 PM |
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I waited on a table Friday night and it turned out to be a blind date. The couple's age was about 55ish. The lady was very beautiful and the man was tall, maybe ruggedly handsome...if you squinted. He was kinda sketchy in the way he looked at me when I asked them questions, but she was soft spoken and very unassuming when I spoke. I knew something was going on with him, but I didn't know what.
Well, it turns out he had a second blind date last night and brought her to the restaurant and parked his same little antique red 450sl convertible out front, just like he did the night before. Apparently it is his prized possession.
I didn't wait on the couple last night and didn't let him see me look at him and mostly I just pretended he wasn't there. I did talk to the lady the night before while the man was in the restroom. She told me it was a blind date and that he wanted to take her for a ride in his convertible. She looked disturbed and said her last boyfriend always wanted to ride in his convertible and she hated it. You know, some woman don't like their hair messed up by the wind...or anything else.
An old boyfriends Mother had the same car and I have always been fond of the look of that particular car. Years ago I thought I might get one someday. I had forgotten about that dream and yes, the car was very cute. I always found that rich men's wives drove those cars. In Memphis you would see them all the time and it was always a woman behind the wheel. Now, I see this man has one. Kinda feminine if you ask me...not that it really matters...he has one...I don't, but still it isn't the car I would expect a man to drive or desire purchasing when wanting an antique.
Now that I have seen this man have 2 dates at the same restaurant during the same weekend I wonder...who does that??? I guess he does!!!! ...shall we go for three???????
Have you kids ever done this, or known someone who has?

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Aug 1 @ 3:47PM  
Now that I have seen this man have 2 dates at the same restaurant during the same weekend I wonder...who does that??? I guess he does!!!! ...shall we go for three???????
Have you kids ever done this, or known someone who has?

I have never taken two dates to the same restaurant on consecutive days. But there have been times I showed up at a favorite restaurant over the course of two or three weeks with several different people. Sometimes this was in the evaluation period of dating (multiple women) and they had never dined there before, then add in the housekeeper/roommate, my daughter, friends of either gender.

But so what? It is not like bringing women into the same hotel room. For example, I had a friend who worked in HR in a field that was female dominated. Whenever he had finalist candidates for high level marketing jobs come in, he took them to the same restaurant, that could be a few a week. The point is that you can't always read hanky pankey into it.

No big deal in the big city. Now in the country, I certainly could see how doing that could get the gossip mills churning.

Aug 1 @ 4:05PM  
seriously...I know this blog isn't interesting, but I am trying to stay busy here so I don't have to clean my house.... ...I have 2 days off with no plans. I am sure I could come up with something, but I really need to lay low. With my promotion and hours and tips my check is really starting to add up, but it doesn't mean I should go spend it. The things that have been breaking around here have been taking a big bite out of my financial life, but before that I didn't have the money to fix anything that I need to sit tight and be thankful.
My ex...who was really an old friend and we only started dating for a bit last summer/fall before he went and did the dark side of life on me showed up Friday night at the bar/restaurant where I work. He was in town to rig "The Jason Bieber" show at The Fed Ex Forum that was scheduled for Saturday night.He told me I looked great and was glad to see me. Told me he saw me on TV when Andy Wise (newscaster) did a special on The Madison Hotel and how professional I looked. He knew I was experienced with being around film crews because we meet in the late 80's when I was working on a movie with him.
He is working on a movie produced by Dream Works called "Help" that they are filming in Grenada, Miss and he was just in town to rig the show I mentioned.He told me where he was staying and told me to call him when I got off work...well I am not going down that road again.
Yes, I absolutely adore him, but he has a dark side and disappears and I know it will just happen again. I can be his friend, but that is far as I am going to go with that.Done it...not doing it again...even if he is adorable, a bit older than I am and is hung like a horse...I love his eyes, smile and voice...but...I already said it...nope...not going there.
So...other than that. I just got off the phone with my Mom and even though we finally can talk about things other then her health...cause she is dong great...and my dilemmas...cause I am doing great...she got kinda bored with me and said she needed to get back on her breathing machine so she could get on with her day! I guess that spells out boring! although she did laugh at a couple ot stories I told her about work and the guy and his back to back dates...and no...I won't tell either chick about the other if one or the other happens to show up with him again... ...maybe..., I won't... really...I won't
The only thing that is irritating me at work and it has been going on there since I started last August is the bitch/cunt that is psycho and makes everyone else miserable...I guess she is miserable too. What to do...what to do...I can't shoot her... So, I go to work, but pray first and just glad I only have to be around her a few days a week.
Thanks for listening and yes...I do have a life, I just dont feel like doing anything today....could change though...

Aug 1 @ 4:13PM  
Have you kids ever done this, or known someone who has?

Not on consecutive nights. BUT...I have met a few guys at the same restaurant because I considered it "my turf" and I felt comfortable there.

I used to do this back before the internet...yanno...when you placed personal ads in the newspaper and would meet a guy in different public locations until you were sure the guy was safe.

Aug 1 @ 4:14PM  
No...I seriously doubt there was any hanky panky going on. You can definitely tell by body language if anything is going to happen. They weren't staying at the hotel. He definitely didn't have the finesse to get laid immediately. As far as gossip, there is none other than me chattin about it here. People at the hotel could care less.
I do have a Dr. friend that brings ladies in and he throws them down upstairs in a room after dinner. He has the appeal woman fall for and gets laid all the time. Hell, I know his wife and daughter and apparently THEY KNOW HIM. I wouldn't say anything to anyone any way. I really could careless...that's his deal.
Life is just that...and I was just hangin out here today babblin...
I don't care if the guy brings in 10 dates night after night. Hey...what ever floats your personally...I would take them all to different places just so I could taste the food all around town, but some have a comfort level and I guess our place does it for him.

Aug 1 @ 4:18PM  
Really??? Kit??? I never even thought of that. I started placing personal adds on CL when I first got on a pc, but that was only 4 years ago. In the newspaper...huh??? Never knew??? How did you get a response???

Aug 1 @ 4:34PM  
Hmmmmm kinda makes me wonder was I the first....or the last? But seriously.....when I date men from out of town.....I have them take me to different places....being seen with too many men at the same place would certainly cause people to talk in my small city

Aug 1 @ 4:41PM  
How did you get a response???

Well I got lots and lots of responses. A guy would read your ad and if he was interested....he would call a 1-800 number and leave a message in your voice mailbox. I was able to check messages once a day for 15 minutes free of charge. I was also able to place my ad free of it was a very cheap way to meet guys...and I had a lot of luck this way. In fact...I still stay in touch with a few of the guys from time to time.

I'm trying to remember my ad...I THINK it went something like this...

SWF scouting the area for some new talent. Must like sports and the outdoors and have a great sense of humor. If you think this is you...then I'd love to hear back from you.

IDK...but it went something like that. It was fun...but I wouldn't want to do it again cause it takes a LOT of ENERGY to date a bunch of guys.

Aug 1 @ 4:49PM  
So are you wanting the car or the man? Just a thought.

Aug 1 @ 4:50PM  
Well Sara...Memphis is a small town that accidentaly got big. Reputation? Yeah, it matters whether you are in a small town or not. You have to live with yourself. In this case, my blog topic...or rather one of them; I think this guy was just taking advantage of the weekend and responses to his add from whever he placsed it. Good for him and hopefully good for the gals. I hope they all has fun. does take alot of energy to date even one guy. Your add was cute and I am sure you had fun with it. I wonder what started dating sites; even the adds in newspapers? Why can't people find each other easliy these days? Too much work, as in actually going to work and not having the energy to mingle? No chirch goers? No more open dances at small venues in town? Soooooooooo many people and sooooooooooooo little time??? I am sure there are plenty of reasons...mine is...I am out of gas.

Aug 1 @ 4:51PM  
Yo Hog!...neither...I just don't want to clean my house, so I am babblin about nothin...

Aug 1 @ 5:20PM  

In my younger days, my little Red Spider Convertible was a woman catch.
I did not pick them up or play the fields like he is. But all the w9omen were sure flirting with me.

Aug 1 @ 5:28PM  
My favorite boyfriend of all had a jeep. We both lived in Scottsdale,AZ and loved to camp and ride the roads to wherever! We had so much fun. When I had to move to TN my senior year of highschool...well I hurt, but I went back later during my freshman year at UTK and he had gotten an older Alpho Romero (sp?), was a really cute car. fun! Go Pete! I loved a dentist in Pheonix, ...cute cars and guys...yep, an attraction, but it is the heart that matters!

Aug 1 @ 5:35PM  

but it is the heart that matters!

I wouldn't know. I never had one.

Aug 1 @ 6:01PM  
Hmmmmm kinda makes me wonder was I the first....or the last?

In a major metropolitan area, I view that differently. If they know of a good place, you aren't the first. So what? Actually, nobody will be the first at anything!

But dining will be a big part of dating. One of the cool things to do is to turn the other person on to a new place and dining experience. It is something, new, cool, and fun for the other person. Everybody likes to explore new things, and somebody turning you on to a new place they have discovered is a wonderful way to expand your dining horizons.

Aug 1 @ 11:19PM  
Well hell... I Have done that......but It was in a Three or Four week time frame!!! (Apart)
They were just Meet and Greets..from that fishy place!!! Although one of them was an all day adventure...Met for lunch and came back for Dinner and Music!..(it was a Club by a Large Lake)
There's not many Clubs around here... (Country)

Aug 2 @ 12:08AM  
What do you think would of happened if his first date came back the following night with another date and her first date was there with his second date??? ...I would have loved to see that...yeah...I am kinda bored at work.

Aug 2 @ 12:54AM  
Hey bunny....I just checked in a couple of times Sunday....stayed zonked on pain pills all day. Headin' to bed now. Good blog....just wanted to say that.

Aug 2 @ 2:33AM  
I've taken dates to the same spot as others before. For me it depends on what I/we feel like doing (just lunch, a few drinks, shoot pool, etc) and if there's anything going on like a band playing or what-not.

I can't recall ever taking 2 dates to the same spot consecutively, but I wouldn't rule it out. I try to date those with similar interests to mine

Aug 2 @ 6:46AM  
bet he was driving his wifes car

Aug 2 @ 8:40AM  
I agree with Tassie.....maybe the guy was driving his wife's car.

I hear ya on the trying to not clean the house....I've got today off and even though I know it needs to be done...I just don't want to.

Aug 2 @ 9:57AM  
LOl! This was a fun read...maybe because it took my mind off of all of the Monday tasks that are staring me in the face!

I wait tables in a metro area and I see a TON of this because we have some sort of deal with a dating place called "It's Just Lunch". Here's what I will say about that....
I think it's interesting that someoen actually decided to go into the business of playing can just tell by looking at these couples that the majority of the time, the chick is wondering how long the date is going to last. However, there are a handful of regulars that come to the bar, with different women ALL the time and even several that bring their "girlfreinds" there as if we don't know who they are married to!!!! It's crazy.....
Waiting tables makes this kind of stuff a great topic of conversation for all of us servers! Congrats on your promotion Bunny! Enjoy your downtime!

Aug 2 @ 12:33PM  
Well it showed me you got class. For those who know me well I am a loner. I eat out alone and I have a favorite restaurant. Well I had company for race weekend a few years ago. I took him there for breakfast and the waitress said " where do you get all the good looking me" I was mortified I have never taken a date there before.

Aug 2 @ 1:49PM  
Thanks Softie! I checked your profile late last night to see if you had checked in for the day...I was worried about you! Glad to see you at least peeked in!
Hey Craig ...are you new??? Good to have you! I don't meet or take dates to my favorie hang outs because I don't want them all of a sudden to be at my favorite get away when I am there...with or without someonelse...just my way of keeping my sanity.
Oh hey kids...I don't think the dude was married...he looked a bit overly divorced if you lnow what I the way he was talking with his dates you could tell he had been divorced for awhile....or maybe he got his wife's car in the divorce! that funny???
Yep...Lisa...I would never say anything to my customers that would disturb their privacy. Even regulars that bring different woman in...I pretend not to know them unless they specifically call me by my name or introduce me to their date at the time. It is just appropriate on my behalf to respect their privacy...even if they are in a public space....

Aug 2 @ 3:34PM  
Let us know if he comes in with # 3 soon.

Aug 2 @ 3:56PM  
maybe he got his wife's car in the divorce!

I was thinking the exact same thing. Yanno...wife got the house...husband got the girl car. LMAO!

I'm leaving you a greenie because this blog has been so much fun to check back in on over the last 2 days. There have been some really good comments...and great "peep participation".

Aug 2 @ 4:13PM  
I went out with three guys the same night to the same place.. course.. we all went there at once. So I reckon that doesn't count.

Interesting though.. he must think he's all that.

Aug 2 @ 4:53PM did each one know when it was their time to exit????

Aug 2 @ 4:59PM  
changing blog subject...but I don't care cause I can....Do you know word pushers, but ya keep giving them a chance cause for the life of you ya think someday they will actually do what they say they are gonna do????????????? it you doing it to yourself? ...or is at so called friend that keeps you on a string?? ...why? aren't ya sick of asking why???...don't ya just keep getting the same answer over and over and over again?????...when do ya call them out about it...when do ya just move on...when do you stop answering the phone calls...oh yeah...they stopped callin....they never did what they said they were going to do...why say it in the first place if you aren't ever gonna do it????...oh yeah...they are word pushers...never mind, I answered my own question.

Aug 2 @ 5:10PM  
they are word pushers

Perhaps, I am too damned old and obsolescent, but I have never heard that term? What are you talking about?

Aug 2 @ 7:58PM  
I explained it above Bruce.

Aug 3 @ 1:42AM  
someone just wrote me to tell me they love cack. ..hey did you know if you comment on your own blog it doesn't show up as the last blog commented on???

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