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Slow night tonight.....

posted 7/30/2010 10:33:57 PM |
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It's rather quiet here tonight! Where's Bruce? Where's comet? Hell, where's whappo?? oh wait, never mind ....... And where in the sam hell is Ewe??? Didn't she say she would just be gone a week or so? She needs to get her happy ass back on here!
Where's B9? he's a hot little number!!!

Anyway... has anyone here ever had a Papa Murphy pizza? We got one the other night... it's a take home and bake pizza. ....SON OF A BITCH!!!! That was a good pizza!!!!!!!!! The only thing that sucked is I was starved to death when we got the pizza and then had to cook it!?!?!?!? I'm a bitch when I'm hungry! But thankfully it only took 12 minutes to cook! I can get down on some pizza! But I know it's not good for me.... We had their mediteranian herb chicken pizza! Can you say YUM EEEEEEEEEEEEEE?!?!?!?

Is anyone watching America's Got Talent?? I think Fighting Gravity could win this!! Those guys are good!!!!!!!!! Freaks me out when I watch them! There's a new show coming to TV this fall on's called Outsourced. Now mind you, the commercials look like it will be pretty funny but I also feel lke it's a slap in the face to alot of people who have lost customer service jobs because they were sent to India... or elsewhere. If you call your health insurance company, I can almost guarantee you're calling someone in India.....I used to work for a medical billing company that hired a company in India to do charge/payment posting and coding because they don't pay them much at all!!!! to work! Can't blame a company for saving a shit ton of money but I feel like they are turning their backs on the people in America who have worked so hard for so many years and then their job ups and moves to another country......with no option of relocating!
Sorry... just rambling tonight...

Still no signs of Rev!!! Should we all chip in to get that man a new computer?!?!? LOL

I have a gossip bench that was my Granny's that I have had for years now... Well, I've finally decided to do something with it so I started sanding on it.. almost done with that... gonna paint it and cover the seat pad with a new fabric.... I'm so excited! I have a 4 drawer chest and a tv stand that I'm going to paint too...

I'm taking some time off from work for a little while and will be taking care of my Mom. Her cancer has come back and she starts chemo on Wednesday and it is very rough on her (and anyone else who has to go through it). She just gets soooo sick from it! I hate this for her but she has such a good outlook on living!! I have learned alot from this woman and the thought of her passing away just terrifies me! I want her to live forever!! lol I love my Mom!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! It's gonna be a hot one! I got sunburnt today at the pool.... I'm going to sand some more on the gossip bench and possibly paint it on Sunday..But I'm gungho about getting the tv cabinet and chest painted soon too...I'll post pics!!!

Be safe everyone!

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Jul 30 @ 10:41PM  
I'm sorry to hear about your Mom sugar. I hope eveything goes well for her and she gets better. Asd for the pizza... no I haven't had one but if you would like to suck while your waiting for it to cook well maybe we should talk.

Jul 30 @ 10:56PM  
Aw hell PT, I'm so sorry to hear 'bout your mom! She and you are in my prayers!

I've had Papa Murphys, they're good! But also for a pretty good take and bake, have you ever tried the ones from Super Walmart Deli? I get the meat lovers and throw on some olives, jalepenos and freshly grated parmesean............MMMMMMMMMMMMMM Not that healthy but omg sooo good! Plus they're alot closer to me than Papa Murphys! lol

Jul 30 @ 11:43PM  
Papa Murphy's?

Anyway, sorry about your mama. Keeping my fingers crossed for good health.

I miss B9/Greg too; given his situation its probably up and down.

Bruce is prolly chillin somewhere, so's Comet.

Yeah, where is Ewe?

And all of the people who's pc had to blow up, it had to be Rev- should've been Whappette's pc instead, lol

Jul 31 @ 12:11AM  
shoot PT, i'm only here most of the time to clean out the spam. but i did take time to read thru your blog tonight, one of the few that caught my eye. as for pappa murphys, yup, and the combo with a little of all most everything is great. they do leave off the kitchen sink thankfully.

i wish you and your mom the best, i've not been thru it and barely imagine what it is like, but i have my crusty older brother, who refuses to go to a doctor for anything, and have to put up with him, which is trying at best most of the time. but he is all the immediate family i have left, so i do what i can, whether he likes it or not. and much of the time he don't like anything. oh well, i try.

and good luck with your other projects too. i hope they turn out beautifully for you.

Jul 31 @ 12:40AM  
wish you and your mom the very best, and good luck with your projects..............

Jul 31 @ 1:36AM  
Hello Pinktoenails,

i am so very sorry about your mothers illness.I wish here a very speedy recovery and a clean bill of health.Chemotherapy, is very tough, i know several people who have gone through it, it is very difficult to eat, and very draining.You and your mother are very lucky and blessed to have each other.When parent or parents, love , nurture , care for, provide for us when we need them we should do the same for themYour Mother did a wonderful job of raising you.It is wonderful that you are there for her.It is wonderful, that she has such a good outlook on living, a positive attitude truly does help.Prayer also does help, according to an article that i read a study was done patients who were a hospital who were prayed for did better than those who were not prayed for, they recovered quicker.Please do not forget to take to rest , relax and recharge, yourself.One analogy, that i heard stated that we are like a well, and that if we give to others without replenshing ourselves,eventually the well is dry, and there is nothing left for anyone, including ourselves and we can no longer help anyone.I hope that you both have the love and support of family and friends to see you both through this.It is wonderful, that you opened up about this it does truly help talking to others, family friends loved ones.Hope, wishes, and prayers for you both.Best of luck on your projects, and thanks i hope that you and yours have safe, healthy, and wonderful weekend , and coming years.Be careful, and take care too.Peace and blessings.

Jul 31 @ 2:49AM here

Sorry to hear about your mother....hope things will look up for her soon!!!!

Nope, no word lately from Rev....I'll try and give him a call this weekend and see how his progress on getting another computer is coming...will give u an update if I hear something!!!!

Jul 31 @ 3:30AM  
I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. I understand. I live for my Mom. I don't want her to go. Hugs and more hugs...M

Jul 31 @ 7:51AM  

and kisses to your mom

Jul 31 @ 9:03AM  
I'm sorry to hear about your mom and know how close you two are from other comments you have made! I hope for the best for her and you hang in there- there's always hope!


Jul 31 @ 9:10AM  
My date and I went to see "Cats and Dogs"..and "Inception" last a Drive In theater.... the weather was Perfect for it!!!!!!!

I'm very sorry to hear about your Mom!! Hugs and Prayer are sent !!!

We don't have "Papa Murphy's" here....but I'm like LBS...Wally Worlds Pizza's are Yummy...add a few more toppings...and they are Kicking Butt! I Like the Meat lovers and I add...banana and hot peppers...and of course more Cheese!!!
Good to See ya!!!

Jul 31 @ 2:58PM  
I love my Mom!!

Jul 31 @ 3:51PM  
Re: whappo.................. SHHHHhhhhhhhhhh........... . don't wake it up.
I couldn't believe it when I logged in and saw not one of those maniacal ramblings on the front page.

Jul 31 @ 6:18PM  
Did you save any of that pizza? It sounds delicious!

I miss Rev!!! I hear ya about taking up a collection for him! Can you imagine? When he finally gets back, OMG!! He's gonna LOTS of catching up to do!

Best wishes to your Mom....thoughts and prayers with her and you.

Jul 31 @ 6:47PM  
Hell, where's whappo??

have i been gone THAT LONG?? OMG

Jul 31 @ 7:13PM  
just because bruce isnt here, and im not here....does not prove that we are in a hotel in AR having hot monkey sex! ...but we might be....]

Jul 31 @ 8:32PM  
has anyone here ever had a Papa Murphy pizza?

Yep...and I loved their pizza too. But they're not here in Canada.

Is anyone watching America's Got Talent??

I am...but it's too early for me to tell anything just yet...but I do like Fighting Gravity. What about that dude on the bike...or the dancing mountain climbers? Those two acts are both very original. Also, some of the guy singers are really good this year. It should be very fun to watch.

If you call your health insurance company, I can almost guarantee you're calling someone in India.

True...but if I can't understand them because of their accent...I ask to speak with someone else. If they're going to take over these types of jobs...then they need to handle them professionally...and part of that is making sure the person on the other end can understand what they are saying. JMO.

Still no signs of Rev!!! Should we all chip in to get that man a new computer?!?!?

I'm thinking we may have to consider this if we don't see him soon. I miss my RevDoc jokes.

Thanks for the update Pink. It's nice to know what's going on in your life. I was very sorry to hear about your mom. I've lost 3 grandparents and several aunts and uncles to I know you're on a difficult road right now. Your mom is very lucky to have you...and I wish you both the very best.

Aug 1 @ 5:42AM  
no-one ever misses that ruggedly handsome ,hard working Aussie do they ...or me either
and being one of docs main joke suppliers, i'm goin on strike cos too many ppl get pissy if you try to share one they might have heard before or it hurt their sensative feelings cos they're funny bone fell out and need to lighten up.

I suggested in the forums we should all chip in an buy that ole basket a new wallyworld laptop or something, but no-body even bothers with those anymore.
this place is dying big time.
I'm going to watch some paint dry down at miss kittys place , I hear its nice there this time o year

Aug 2 @ 3:51PM  
Pinky.. baybeee... I'm home.. did you miss me? Didja huh?

Really sorry to hear that your momma's cancer is back. that stuff sux. I hope it all works out for her.

Anyway.. I'm back.. what'd I miss?

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Slow night tonight.....