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Do you use cash or credit?

posted 7/28/2010 11:09:06 AM |
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Just filled my vehicle with gas at a c-store and went in to pay for it. There was three customers in line in front of me. The frist one had two cans of soda and a bag of chips for a total price of a little over $3.00 and paid with a credit card. The second was the same story, about $4.00 and used a credit card. The third wrote a check for $5.00 of gas. I paid for my $29.00 of gas in cash. I have noticed this before, people using credit cards or checks for very small amounts. This can really irritate me if I am in a hurry. I do use credit cards, but not for small stuff like this. Was just wondering if this irritates anyone else and also do you use checks and credit cards for just about everything or do you still believe in cash?

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Jul 28 @ 11:12AM  
I have a debit card that you use like a credit card and I use it for everyhting. I don't remember the last time I wrote a check and I don't carry cash so if anyone wants to rob me they are in for a rude awakening lol.

Jul 28 @ 11:24AM  

5 years ago I cut up all 5 of my credit cards. And I closed my bank account.
I deal strictly in cash now. And when I go into any store. I always ask; Do you
accept cash.

Jul 28 @ 11:34AM  
For my larger purchases...I pay with a credit card. And for everything else...I pay with cash. In fact...I prefer cash because I hate...hate...hate large credit card bills at the end of the month. Why? Because I pay my credit cards off each and every month since I refuse to pay interest on any of my credit card purchases.

Jul 28 @ 11:41AM  
I do use credit cards, but not for small stuff like this. Was just wondering if this irritates anyone else

No, at the vast majority of places I trade at, any purchases under $25.00 with a credit card do not require a signature, you just swipe the card through the reader or give it to the clerk, no signature required. Very quick.

Now, checks irritate me. To add to it, the people using them (usually older than I am) wait until everything is rang up before they even begin to write the check, then they fumble around for their drivers license. Both of these steps should have been taken before everything is rang up, like while they are waiting in line, IMO. I find it to be very inconsiderate of others in this day and age.

and also do you use checks and credit cards for just about everything or do you still believe in cash?

The only predictable check I write during a year is for my vehicle license plate renewal. I do all of my monthly bill paying through online banking.

I use cash quite a lot for small purchases. I will use credit cards when traveling. My usual weapon of choice for anything over ten bucks is my debit card.

Jul 28 @ 11:42AM  
I am the same way, Always pay them off so there is no interest.. Some things you have to have a credit card for, such as hotel reservations and car rental.

Jul 28 @ 11:46AM  
For my larger purchases...I pay with a credit card.

There are advantages to that like increasing leverage if there is an issue with the purchase like defective merchandise or a contractor not doing work correctly, you can dispute it and force corrective action. I use a credit card for all big expenses or repair work for that very reason.

Jul 28 @ 11:46AM  
I'm starting to use credit cards more instead of cold hard cash

Jul 28 @ 11:55AM  
Do you
accept cash.
That there was funny. For those of you that have credit cards are you well off or are you just able to manage it. I was doing great & able to do well until I got laid off in bad economic times with not much reserve in the bank at the time so I was fucked.

Jul 28 @ 1:00PM  
cash, e-money is too easily stolen. 'lifted' out of the account. hacked into
and 'its gone'. people can get you at gunpoint and tell you to give them your
pin number or take out your cash, or they will kill you. the whole electronic
society is absolutely stupidity. it was invented by evil crime lords who wanna
steal everything you 'falsely' believed was yours. as an accountant inside
all this stuff for years, i watched it all go down. the b.s. the lies, the cheating
the insider trading the false numbers on tax returns. the b.s. of accounting.
hey boss, what numbers should i put down for the bank to get a loan? tell
them we've made billions this year. what numbers for the stockholders? tell
them we lost everything, can never ever pay dividends. what number for the family?
we haven't a dime. tax returns? lost everything. way in the red.

Jul 28 @ 1:02PM  
I have a debit/atm card re-loadable-- cant be arsed with true plastic because if I did the credit companies would slap me as an affront to even asking.

Only time I use cash is when I have no choice, like at the farmer's market, unless I missed something and some use card machines now...

Jul 28 @ 1:16PM  
I don't have a credit into way too much trouble with one of those things. Instead, I use a debit card. Works like a credit card, only, I know the money being paid is my own.

Jul 28 @ 9:30PM  
I usually use my debit card. I think I've used one check in the past year (like Bruce, car tags) I rarely carry much cash on me, prefer my debit. I've got credit but don't like to use it unless I absolutely have to.

I will add this little safety tip tho, for online shopping and accounts, my bank advised getting prepaid debit card and loading it with just the amount you plan to spend. This way IF you do get hacked, the hacker doesn't have access to your bank records from your atm or your credit card where they can run it up in a matter of minutes before your alert system can alert you, if you even have that option! They advised us of this after my son got hit and his bank account was wiped out in two days time! He had purchased an online video gaming program. The original price was 29.99, it wound up costing him hundreds! It was all out of country numbers, no way to track them, no way to get it back! Since then he and I both use the prepaid for any online shopping!

Jul 28 @ 10:14PM  

gas station in town won't accept credit cards for purchases less than $15.

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Do you use cash or credit?