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Arright you Pervs...

posted 7/27/2010 3:17:50 PM |
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this is it.. you have exactly 48 more hours to message me about whatever you wanna message me about and then I'm outta here. Yup, you heard it right.. I'm outta here.

I'm jumping a sinking ship, I'm following the rats.. I'm running away from home etc..

But I'll see ya'll next week.. I'm goin to Faerieworlds this weekend.. and well.. I'll miss ya but only cuz I throw like a girl. Be good to one another.. hold each other's hands while crossing the streets. No blog wars while I'm gone cuz I'd hate to miss a good one. Most importantly.. nobody melt! Ya hear me? that's a gorramned order! No melting.

Ok.. that is all.

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Jul 27 @ 3:18PM  
mmmm cookies.. gimme all your cookies.. I liiiiiiiiiiike cookies. Gotta keep up my perfect figure after all.. didn't you know that round is the perfect shape? it's the most prime shape in the universe!

Jul 27 @ 3:26PM  
Nothing, 'cept..have fun with the Fairie crew, wish I were there, I brought you a basket of macadamian nut kudo cookies and that I don't blame you one bit.


Jul 27 @ 3:32PM  
I ain't got no cookies... mean those scrumptious lil' green things I get every single day in Pervia???? Are those the cookies you're speaking 'bout Ms. Skwirl?

Mmm...they sure do taste yummy don't they?

Jul 27 @ 4:28PM  

Jul 27 @ 4:46PM  
Have fun, you deserve it and keep "G" away from the boy toys. Oh, you mean the other kind of fairies.

Jul 27 @ 4:50PM  
Why does everyone call them there green thingies... cookies? To me, they look like green pumpkins, that was forced to smoke several packs of cigarettes, until it turned green ... but, I digress!!

Have fun at Faerieworlds this weekend!

Here's one of those sick greenies for ya!


Jul 27 @ 5:25PM  
*pssst, up here on your shoulder,
yup its me ,yer ole mate Sully.
remember all that worldly advice you've gave me over the years ?

" go on, you know you wanna, go on poke 'em wid a stick ."

go forth my skwirly fiend and try not to multiply.
and try not do anything i wouldn't do...
so it'd better involve wild kinky wimmins

but make sure you git yer ass back here with the rest of us when your done galivanting around the countryside. I'm not goin down on this sinking ship on my own ya know. no-one even bothers playing in the forums anymore .

here I packed some kudo's in case you get hungry on the way.
you do have clean unner wear on don't ya ??
whats that yo' momma always said. what happens if you get hit by a bus ??

well i dunno 'bout you but my butt cheeks would be clenched waay too tight to be worried about skid marks .

Jul 27 @ 5:36PM  
Arright who's been withholding the cookies. I know it's not my finest blog ever.. but I'm a hungry skwirl and winter is right around the corner.... hand em ooooover!

Luna baby.. wish you could come with also! That would rawk.

KitKat.. you tease, you!

Bunny dumplins

Bruce.. I'm more concerned about the other types of fairies he might find there.. there are some stunning ones.. with very little clothing.. oh well.. long as he shares I don't care.

Som, cuz I like cookies more than punkins.

Tassie.. Clean unnerwear goes on my head right?

Jul 27 @ 5:53PM  

All I can say is,....I lubs Ya.

Jul 27 @ 5:58PM  
Damn! You scared me! I thought you were leaving for good!

You have a great time and come back with lots of stories and pictures!!!

Be safe!


Jul 27 @ 6:37PM  
Ya know...I was feeling really good about passing tassie's test...and then you go and scare me making me think you're leaving permanent like......

But, all better knowing that you're going to be having fun at Faerieworlds! Yeah, you'll be missed, and I promise to TRY REALLY REALLY HARD, to not let any blog wars start while you're gone.......can't make any promises for the others though.

Just make sure you have yourself a wonderful time, and think of us back here at least a dozen times or so..........

Oh, and here's a green cookie for your trip.

Jul 27 @ 6:45PM  
What the hell, I'll give her one also, that makes seven. (Pssst, hey people, don't tell any furry critters this, but it isn't really a green cookie; just a stale, old, moldy joke)

Jul 27 @ 7:37PM  
I'm most of the time so I'll just say howdy.

Jul 27 @ 7:54PM  
Tassie.. Clean unnerwear goes on my head right?

You just crack me up! No no....I didn't say my crack was up.....I'm cracked no...not smokin' crack..... Well...U know...

Haha the old woman remember about faerieworld... Kiss a faerie or two for me and make it a good one....I've just been tooooo bored lately.

Travel safe and we'll miss ya but like Bruce deserve gettin' away for fun.

Here's a, don't smoke it, it's awful....

Jul 27 @ 10:34PM  
Watch out for those fairies, they might try to keep a piece of your gorgeous tail!


Jul 27 @ 11:18PM  
Have fun Skwirly Girl but ya better be a bringin that furry tale back real quick ya hear.

Jul 27 @ 11:23PM  
Sorry I was late showing up, but you know I was busy!!! I'll have to send you pics later, that is if I ever get her finished! Anyways, I dropped off a cookie, thought you might get hungry on your journey! Have a good time and come back to us with lots of good stories! Lubs ya!

Jul 28 @ 5:11AM  
Tassie.. Clean unnerwear goes on my head right?

best be careful which ones you take, i just dug 5 pairs out of your laundry and they all gots the stitching came undone in the crutch

whats that ?... thats how you bought 'em from the store...

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Arright you Pervs...