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who likes crossdressing guys?

posted 7/25/2010 8:01:06 PM |
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do guys or girls find crossdressing guys attractive at all? or complete turn off?

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who likes crossdressing guys?


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Jul 25 @ 8:17PM  

Jul 25 @ 8:21PM  
no as in you dont like? lol

Jul 25 @ 8:34PM  
To an extent; can't have a guy looking better than I do.

Jul 25 @ 8:40PM  
I don't care one way or another, unless it involves looking at someone in public that would be a candidate for the people of Wal-Mart.

Jul 25 @ 8:43PM  

Jul 25 @ 9:08PM  
NOPE......Not in the LEAST

Jul 25 @ 9:14PM  
Yes I mean NO... as in no, not at all... not a bit whatsoever!! And your picture does nothing for me except make me laugh... you need one of those tramp stamps! LOL There is a guy on this site that has one of those.... *homo*

Dang... what are you thinking wearing those panties? and yes.. they are panties... just cause they're boy shorts don't make them for guys.... they are just PANTIES that guys like to see chicks in... not guys!!

You do have a cute little ass though but if I were to be with a guy and he took off his pants and was wearing those things, I would laugh my ass off and definitely NOT be in the mood to have sex with him! That's just me though!


Jul 25 @ 9:29PM  
Ya know, I've got a friend that met this wonderful guy, fell quick, they got married and three months later she came home early from work to find him wearing her clothes! Turned out that was the only reason he married her, she was tall, thin (about his size) and had a wonderful wardrobe! The honeymoon was immediately over, along with the marriage.
In a nutshell, no, I don't care to see my man in my clothes or any other womans for that matter.

Jul 25 @ 9:35PM  
I'd find it to be a little awkward. I'll pass. But, to each his own. I'm not gonna hate on you for it. Definetly be able to tolerate it more as a friend than a lover if it were the case.

Jul 25 @ 9:57PM  
The honeymoon was immediately over, along with the marriage

hmmm... imagine that... especially if it was a surprise!!

So dannyboy... what is the appeal of wearing women's clothing or underwear? It is soft isn't it? And it is sexy isn't it? but but but..... I don't get it

Are you gay? sorry, I haven't looked at your profile.... yet! Got anymore panty pics!??!?!

Auto approve dude! Auto approve! I'm tired of waiting for my comments to be approved!

Jul 25 @ 10:01PM  
lol are you curious to see more pinktoenails? lol idk how to make it auto approve lol. but i approve them as fast as i can.

they are soft. i like the feel sometimes. dont like to wear them all the time though

im bi lol. not gay. and i can take more lol why do you ask

Jul 25 @ 10:05PM  
and i can take more lol why do you ask

Pics?? No... Nooo...NOOOOOOO don't take anymore!! Well don't post them anyway! You are fun and a good sport about all this.... but still... I can't get past the panties! Your ass would look better without them... rub some cottonballs on your skin or something! Get some silk boxers! There ya go! Silk boxers! MUCH MUCH MUCHHHHHHHHHHH manlier (word?) than panties!!!

I'm gonna check your profile out now... BRB *shuddering to think what else I will see*

Jul 25 @ 10:09PM  
Welllllllllll... fuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeee runningggggg!! I just looked at your pics... I went straight to them ya know.... 4!!! count them!! FOUR!!! faceless cocks! That's shocking in itself!!!!

Oh yeah.. this IS a sex site right?!?!?

I'm gonna give you a kudo... just cuz!

Jul 25 @ 10:13PM  
haha thank you pinktoenails! hah i like silk boxers too!

i also would post my face just scared some how someone would recognize me lol

Jul 25 @ 10:14PM  
Oh Danny!! Boy!!! This is from your profile... a shoutout!!!!


Jan 10 @ 3:38PM
danny is a great slave boi sexy as hell and obeys everything

Damn!! What did you do to this guy to deserve this shoutout!??!?! You must be real good!!!

Jul 25 @ 10:17PM  
haha i dont even know what i did for him to post that. haha ps i love your feet haah very pretty

Jul 25 @ 10:18PM  
i also would post my face just scared some how someone would recognize me lol

You know... I hear alot of guys say that.. and women... but if you post decent pics and act like a decent person, there shouldn't be a problem! But I'm not saying you're not being decent..... You're just being dannyboy!!! Probably best that you don't post a face shot then....

I've probably said more in blogs, profile, essays or posts than I should have but I still have decent pics... so I don't care what others think!

I bet those panties would look better on me than you though!!! Then again... I definitely wouldn't be with a guy that looked better in them than me..... ha!!!

Jul 25 @ 10:22PM  
lol im sure theyd look much better on you.

lol i just wouldnt want some one i know to see my ass and then be like is that him lol

Jul 25 @ 10:22PM  
Whoa!! Hold on!! Wait a minute!

Are those leg warmers you're wearing?? Or thigh high tights?!?!?

You look sexier than me I think!!!!

*Note to self* Find out where dannyboy shops for panties!!!


Jul 25 @ 10:24PM  
lol i just wouldnt want some one i know to see my ass and then be like is that him lol

Well how many people are you showing that cute little ass to in those panties? So many that someone WOULD recognize it?

You're such a flirt dannyboy!!

Jul 25 @ 10:28PM  
lol they are tights. and not many have seen my ass lol i always get told its cute though so thanks. haha

Jul 25 @ 10:33PM  
HA!!! I knew they were tights!!! LOL

It's been fun dannyboy!! Blog again soon!! But not about the panties!!!

Nighty night!

Jul 25 @ 10:35PM  
Some are sexy, some are repulsive, it depends on the guy.. My friend Crystal Shea is gorgeous.. he makes my lezzie juice run.. bastard.. I hate that he looks better as a girl than I do.

What you wear doesn't make you who you are.. it's who you are that determines whether I'll like you or not.

Jul 25 @ 10:37PM  
i dont think very many guys can pull it off. some come off disturbing. lol i agree. and night night pinktoenails

Jul 25 @ 10:37PM  
i dont think very many guys can pull it off. some come off disturbing. lol i agree. and night night pinktoenails

Jul 25 @ 10:39PM  
he makes my lezzie juice run

dammit!! that gave me something to go to bed thinking about!!!

*eyeballing theskwirl*

Jul 25 @ 11:34PM  
Wear what ya wanna!!!
I'm not fit enough to wear (Ladies undies....) that I want anyone to See!!!
I don't have to live with ya!!

Bi's and GAY Ladies can wear Man's pant's.... Thus you can wear theirs!
I don't Agree with You...and I damn sure don't agree with them!!! To each their own!
Lets Live our Lives.....and be Happy!!!!!!.!!! My 2 cents!

Jul 26 @ 12:45AM  
I give you kudos just for being yourself! I am not necessarily into a amn that cross dresses, but hey...if it fits...wear it! As long as you're happy...then good for you!

Jul 26 @ 1:12AM  
Sorry, cross dressing does not appeal to me.Everyone is unique and diffferent, and we each have things that sexual turn ons, like bondage, spanking, shaving etc.Kudos on your blog, and for being you, and yourself, and true to yourself!!!!!Post all the photos you like, viewing profiles and photos is voluntary, not mandatory.If people do not like them, they do not have to view or read them.Here is somethig i found, a website that sells a collectionof panties, made just for men, called ' Manties " , they are made of nylon and otherr materials, they even have a day of the week collection, and they start at 6.95 per pair, they are roomier, to hold your junk upfront.You have a very nice ass, and it looks great covered in panties. Best of luck to you.Always be yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 26 @ 1:45AM  
I just have to ask one question, why? I have always wondered what a guy would get out of wearing women's clothing.

Jul 26 @ 4:27AM  
I think most of us sit around in sweats, jammies, and the like, but hey, dude, wear whatever you want and let live!

you will find a great deal of acceptance here..

Jul 26 @ 5:37AM  
People have worn weird clothing out of the ordinary for ages & now that Gaga has busted the scene of society your ordeal wouldn't even be a phase to a woman other than she may think you are gay or bisexual which you openly admitted.

Jul 31 @ 6:09PM  
i was just looking for feedback on what other people though about the idea. thanks guys!

Aug 20 @ 6:06PM  
Seeing a man dress like a woman is no turn on for me? nor a woman dressed like a man..

And if you are a man having sex with men........YOU ARE GAY! the fact that you like women too is pointless.....

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who likes crossdressing guys?