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Wal-Mart and Bizarre People

posted 7/24/2010 12:18:45 PM |
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I just got back from Wally World. The majority of shoppers are regular people. But I also observed some peculiar and odd looking creatures that you just don't encounter in other stores.

The first one was some middle-aged guy that appeared to be South American. He was pushing his shopping cart down the middle of the aisle with his eyes wide open and this big weird grin on his face. He reminded me of a character in an old movie set in an insane asylum. I did an about face and boogied over to another aisle.

I picked up the items on one end of the store and then made my way to get things from the other end of the store. During that trek, two more strange life forms were happened upon.

The first was a weird looking middle aged woman with the deer in the headlights look whose mouth was opening and closing like a fish in an aquarium.

The next one one was a thirty something year old woman. She looked like Larry the Cable Guy's sister. She was wearing this blue halter top that had a string around her back and nothing more on her back. She had the most massive back titties I have ever seen in my life. The damned things jiggled when she walked. There are some people that just have a knack in their choice of attire for making summer a very ugly season!

Almost a year ago I posted this blog about the People of Wal-Mart Web site. There are some good comments in it. Below is blog entry, it is an entertaining site.

I saw this site in a CNN story. I found the pictures that folks submit to peopleofwalmart to be quite funny and it is easy to spend over an hour looking at the pictures and laughing. But some people don't see it that way.

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Jul 24 @ 12:38PM former husband made the remark that the ugliest people go to walmart!

Jul 24 @ 12:45PM  
I've cruised the "people of walmart" site...and some of those pictures were funny, some enough to give you nightmares for life...and wonder "what in the hell was that person thinking going out in public like that???"


Jul 24 @ 1:07PM  
The woman opening and closing her mouth might have had breathing problems or maybe she panics in public places. The guy with the grin might just be happy or maybe he was just high. The woman with the back tits needs to be turned into What Not To Wear. Just no excuse for that.

Jul 24 @ 1:58PM  
You would have had to have seen them RJ. The fish facing woman appeared to have no breathing problems while the Hispanic Dr. Sardonicas appeared to be totally tripped out mentally. For both of those people, my reaction in a word...creepy. What ever their problem is, it ain't my concern and it wasn't about to be!

Jul 24 @ 2:04PM  
Maybe the Subliminals being pumped through teh piped in music causes seizures?
Im not fond of Wal-mart @ all,but I have to make a trip for school stuff today..

Jul 24 @ 2:12PM  
When you offer the "lowest" with everything you do, you're sure to attract the lowest caliber of person. Simple equation.

Jul 24 @ 2:18PM  
I have seen these type of people at Walmart's in email forwards that I get from various friends. But when I do shop at Walmart's every now and then, I hardly ever see these kind of people that stick out.

Jul 24 @ 3:32PM  
Hey now! I just got home from Walmart and find you've posted this?? C'mon folks around here it's the only place I can get an oil change and air filter for my car, contact lens solutions, memory card for my new digital camera and dish detergent all in one place! Although I will admit I'm never in there for long if I can help it! Too many screaming babies and whiny pre-teens for my comfort!

Jul 24 @ 3:57PM  
I think I mentioned once before when we 1st moved to Florida you could still smoke indoors. So, on Sundays while my Mom worked, my Dad would grab a pack of smokes and head to the mall, park his butt & watch the freaks. He could do it all day. Now that Wallyworld has benches indoors every few hundred feet, I could see him there next, lol.

Jul 24 @ 4:51PM  
When you go to the Wal-Hell in my feel like you are in "Little India". I rarely go anymore...and practically run through the store throwing things into my cart before I race to the register. It really isn't a fun experience anymore.

Jul 24 @ 5:53PM  
He reminded me of a character in an old movie set
Hmmm... sounds like a Buddy Hackett SURPRISE... looking facial expression- which then reminds me of Barney Frank but... I digress!! I believe I'll have another


Jul 24 @ 6:28PM  
OMG...did you ever see Buddy Hackett comedy video...the funnest thing ever!

Jul 24 @ 7:23PM  
Sigh, I'm one of the Ministry of Funny Walks people of Walmart. That's just how I roll!

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Wal-Mart and Bizarre People