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What's The Story Behind Your Username?

posted 7/23/2010 4:26:49 AM |
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tagged: fun, people, amd, name

While browsing through past AMD blogs…I stumbled across a blog about usernames written by LadyDarkStarr back in August of 2007. She posed the following question: What does your username say about you?

Well…LadyDarkStarr’s blog got me to thinking about how choosing a username can be quite tough for some people...and very easy for others. Personally…I’m often amazed at some of the crazy usernames I see. Some of the names make me shake my head in disbelief…while others make me smile because of the author’s creativity. Then there are those names that make me think…”What the heck was that author thinking of when they chose THAT name?”

It seems that within most online communities…once you’ve chosen a username…you’re a pretty much stuck with it. I know it’s that way here in Pervia…unless you have gold member status…and then you get a “do-over”.

I know I’m not alone when it comes to hearing the reasons why a particular person chose a particular username. In fact…I think our choices sometimes reveal pieces of who we are as individuals.

Since coming to Pervia a year ago…I have seen a lot of crazy usernames…and today I would love to know the story behind your username.

So Pervia…what’s the story behind your username?

Does your username still fit you…or do you wish you could ditch it and pick another one?

Did you have a difficult time when choosing your username?

Me? I chose KitKat as my username because it was a childhood nickname given to me by a very good friend who I’m quite fond of. She gave me this nickname because it's a combination of my given name…and my love for Kit Kat candy bars. I chose to add the number 25 at the end of my username because I was born on the 25th day of January...and because KitKat without a number was already taken. Deciding on my username was a relatively easy decision for me to make…and I believe my username still fits me quite well.

Your turn…

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Jul 23 @ 4:49AM  
While surfing the web…I stumbled upon this funny username translator. I found it to be somewhat humorous…so here’s the link. Enjoy!

Username Translator

Jul 23 @ 6:22AM  
Whisperingcomet....stole it!

I was reading a Dean Koonz book, i dont remember what the title was, but a very small part of the story was about a cult like church in the community....

and the locals called it, the church of the"whisperingcomet"

I thougth it was so funny, so when it came time for a screen name....whisperingcomet was born.

Most seem to find it a very cool name.

some of my favs here are WoW, Ynot, Ewewish.


Jul 23 @ 6:32AM  
someone suggested my screenname awhile ago..before I came on this site. I just figured.. that my hair was red (at the time) and im pretty it

Jul 23 @ 7:01AM  
Good subject, it hasn't been posted for well over a year as I recall.

Well I had to think of something when I registered and that is what I settled on. I obviously didn't spend more than a few seconds thinking about it. I almost went with the nickname my manhood had when I was younger Seymour_Cooter.

Here is an older blog with some interesting answers last year to that question.
This one from 2008 is interesting and related.


Jul 23 @ 9:26AM  
mines kinda an attitude..i mean..ynot

Jul 23 @ 9:35AM  
Toilet paper....just think TOILET PAPER.....

Soft touch began with was a brand of toilet paper and I began to use it way back in the 80's for a CB handle. I liked it so well and being a hairstylist whose patrons said I was so gentle at teasing hair that when I opened my own salon, I named it Soft Touch Salon.

The I came here and the rest, as they say, is history.

Jul 23 @ 10:52AM  
no 1 else had it

Jul 23 @ 12:08PM  

Over on the vanilla side my username is kweenzrike... because I LOOOOOVE the band Queensryche!

I've used krukedhalo and thunderkissed a time or two also.

Jul 23 @ 12:25PM  
Toilet paper....just think TOILET PAPER.....

So if Softie cops a shitty attitude is because she forgot to flush the brown TP down the toilet?

Jul 23 @ 12:26PM  
Somnium is Latin for: The Dream!!


Jul 23 @ 12:45PM  
The story behind my user name.. well hell.. I've got so many user names I would have a hard time with that.. so I'll settle for the one I have now.. the Skwirl. I started out as Ponme.. which losers translated to pee on me.. Then I had a blow out and left the site. I came back as.. whatever it was I came back as.. and then I had a blow out and left the site.. Finally when I came back again.. I decided I was too Skwirly to be whoever I was that last time and the Skwirl was born. Plus... an old boyfriend's dad used to always call me Skwirl. So.. there you has it.

My user name fit me? Y'all tell me? Am I a Skwirl or am I a Sheep? I've been called a wolf, a hyena.. i forget all the names I was called there for a while.. but what the hell.. I'm too Skwirly to care.

Evidently I did have a hard time.. took me three tries to get it right!


Jul 23 @ 1:37PM  
My screen name was the name my parents chose to name me when I was born. My Hippie

And it fits, I always bring smiles everywhere I go, I always light up a room!!

79 is the year I was born!

Jul 23 @ 1:54PM  
it fits, I always bring smiles everywhere I go, I always light up a room!!

You most certanly do

Jul 23 @ 2:09PM  
I was thinking of just plain ol Luna, then Luna Neko(moon cat) then eventually Lunanegra, because it sounded cool. For the obscure out of us: "Luna" was the talking cat guardian from the anime Sailor Moon. I've really no attachment to it nowadays, and want to change it because it sounds too "goth".

Jul 23 @ 2:16PM  
RJ53, nothing special there. My initials and the year I was born. My first name on here was shewolf. I that one pretty much explains itself.

Jul 23 @ 2:30PM  
I tried for over a hour to get different U N....and just gave up!!!
The "One" part of my name is part of the other U N that I was trying to get (OneWolf),
and I was Horny as a toad....and "onehornytoad" was I added "69" to it..... U N...

Jul 23 @ 2:38PM  
It just took a couple trys bcause bunny was taken. I put a 1 in front of it and added the numbers of the address where I was working at the time I signed up.
The bunny part of it came from a nickname I called my little pup Fiona. She looked like a bunny when I pulled her ears up together on top of her head and her little front paws looked like bunny called her bunny. That's about it...interesting or not.

Jul 23 @ 3:15PM  
Oh, I'm sure most everyone on here knows why I picked the screen name that I did.

And yes, I love having that done to me by women.

Jul 23 @ 4:21PM  
Username here was picked out of a hat,,,initials and how old I was at that time...yea I've been lurking around reading blogs for a few years....
My e-mail username has to do with a event that happened when I was in my 20's. and drinking. big1andy@ ________
Got totally hammered in a bar in Wisc... and women were doing table dances on top of the old wire spools that were used for tables, of course there were no chairs in this place,,,,(probably because of all the bar fights).
A couple of the girls got me up on one of the spool-tables to do a dance for the cloths starting coming off, they started chanting big 1, big 1, big 1.
And it's stuck with me to this day,,,all my friends from that time still call me Big Andy....... don't really know why the big 1 chant,,,,,
I was so fucking drunk,,,could'nt have gotten a hard-on if someone had beaten me with a fuck stick.
Stupid story,but true......

Jul 23 @ 4:40PM  
Well as stated on a previous blog my name is Lisa and I was 46 when Ynot dragged me over here lol Can you believe I"ve been here for 4 yrs?? OMG

Jul 23 @ 8:47PM  
Then I had a blow out and left the site. I came back as.. whatever it was I came back as

OH!! I know who she came back as!

So Pervia…what’s the story behind your username?

I chose sugarnspice because I have a sweet personality with a spicy sense of humor...and the 005 just for the helluva it.

Does your username still fit you…or do you wish you could ditch it and pick another one?

I think it does....and at this time, I have no desire to change it.

Did you have a difficult time when choosing your username?

No, not really.

Jul 24 @ 6:31AM  
I came up with the screenname "aftershox" when I moved into one of the racier sites and decided the screen name I had been using was too "nice".

After really really good sex, I sometimes experience aftershocks, that is seismic events of an orgasmic nature after the everything is theoretically over. Yeah,,,I love when that happens!

Jul 24 @ 7:25AM  
Considering that my physique makes me look like I have been nine months pregnant for nine years, I am thinking that maybe I ought to change my screen name to the The_Mad_Fatter.

Jul 24 @ 8:21AM  
So if Softie cops a shitty attitude is because she forgot to flush the brown TP down the toilet?'s just cause I can. And I do it so well so why fuck up a good thing...

Aug 10 @ 11:53AM  
I joined and just picked a stupid name-- i was (am still in "Pervia" horny, and thus hard too. 1983 is the year of my birth. I wish I could go back to change it, because there is a lot more to me than sex. Actually, always was, and my originally joining of the site. I joined a virgin. I've been with 2 women, period. I am still curious and lustful. But I do wish I could change my name. To what, I'm not sure, but I do wish it


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What's The Story Behind Your Username?