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posted 1/8/2007 12:46:09 PM |
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I packed a bag on thursday night...set my alarm for 6am and talked on the phone til 2:30am. I thought I would probably sleep on the plane...yea right!
Finally got out the door around plane left at 10:39 so I had plenty of time, to wait. ugh.
Got into Chicago and what was supposed to be a half hour layover turned into almost an hour and a half. I called ...but couldn't talk. I was too excited and tense. So I called Nomi...she's always good for getting my mind off things. She claimed I was sounding way too calm. Hehe...she didn't see me pacing the length of O'hare airport the whole time I was talking to her!
Finally...they call for boarding! I looked outside and see a little puddle-jumper! OMG...I have to fly in that?? I don't care, as long as it gets me there!

Landed at GSO around 4:30pm...he called once, twice...but I didn't hear my phone over the plane. Finally as I'm walking towards security the phone rings. I answer it and hear "Where are you??" I answer "I'm right here!" My heart starts beating faster...I tell him I'm heading to baggage claim and he says he'll meet me there. We're still on the phone as I'm going down the escalator...I see him walking towards me and I start shaking. A combination of excitement, adrenaline and way too much caffiene with too little food. Then we are in each other's arms and the whole world dissappears.
Have you ever met someone for the first time and knew it was right? That's not what this was like. I believe only a very few people can comprehend was two souls reuniting after a very long time apart...and becoming one again.
The entire three days was magic...and much too short.
From that first kiss in the the last one in the car before I drove away, watching him disappear in my rear view mirror and trying not to cry; from the first time he put his arms around me and kept me no further than arms length, til he finally had to let go if only for a little while longer; from the first time I got to look into his eyes and see it when he told me he loves me, til that last time as he assured me it would be ok.
For three days, we were complete. That feeling is still won't ever go away. But a part of me is still down south of that Mason-Dixon you better believe I'm not staying much longer to keep the polar bears company.
There are alot of naysayers out there who keep telling us 'it won't last', 'you don't really know each other' blahblahblah. They don't know us. They are the ones who post stupid blogs and write stupid emails and wonder why they're sitting at home alone on thier computers while the world passes them by. We have been brought together because we were meant to be together. In the few short months we've 'known' each other, we've realized we've been waiting our whole lives for each other. There is no other explanation for what we have together. Love at first sight? No. More like Love that has crossed ages and lifetimes. Some may look at that and laugh or gag or whatever. I don't don't know us. When you find'll know and then, only then will you understand.

Oh yea, I almost forgot...after all this is AMD, not the vanilla site!

The sex was great too!!!

**gotta get those bragging rights in!**

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Jan 8 @ 12:57PM  
So very glad to hear two friends making Magick together...
Best and biggest of congratulations from the dark side of the site.

Jan 8 @ 1:03PM  

DAYUM --- that's da chyt --- dat's da stuff that makes da world go in circles and keeps us all planted!
My best to you'se nice peeps!
(GAWD --- so help me I LOVE THAT STUFF!)


Jan 8 @ 1:04PM  
Congratulations to you both and in answer to your last comment, I do know what you mean as I had it too once.

Jan 8 @ 1:11PM  
Yeah, you beeped in when I was talking with Nomi on the phone yesterday. Haha I'm glad everything went well with the two of you. Throwing a kudo your way.

Jan 8 @ 1:11PM  
Hey CONGRATULATIONS SUN! We are all happy for you 2. Forget the crap people keep saying. BTW I loved these lines. "Love at first sight? No. More like Love that has crossed ages and lifetimes. Some may look at that and laugh or gag or whatever. I don't don't know us. When you find'll know and then, only then will you understand."

Jan 8 @ 1:31PM  
I've got goosebumps all over thinking about the both of you!

I'm so happy that *I* am crying for you!!!

Jan 8 @ 1:48PM  
Funny, I have all the inside gossip, nobody is hitting me up!

Hey baby! I love YOU!

Jan 8 @ 1:49PM  
I am so happy for you girl!!and you too canu!!!

Jan 8 @ 2:03PM  
TLC, we met a nice country guy for you, he like Elvis but apparently can't drive well!

Jan 8 @ 2:14PM  
Move over Houdini, this is real magic!

Jan 8 @ 2:25PM  
From that first kiss in the the last one in the car before I drove away, watching him disappear in my rear view mirror and trying not to cry

Damn you, woman! Why do you keep doing this to me! I'm so damned sappy... *sniffle, sniffle*

Jan 8 @ 2:28PM  
Frick! Where was the damned tissue alert????

Jan 8 @ 2:28PM  
You made my day, Sunny. Thank you for such great news.

Jan 8 @ 2:32PM  
Oh you guys make me smile after ending a beautiful weekend with bittersweet tears. Thank you!

Jan 8 @ 4:38PM  
Reading this was just MAGIC ... I'm soooo happy for you and Canu!

Jan 8 @ 5:09PM  
I am sooooooo happy for you guys.......fuck what everybody says....follow your hearts.....WINK.....heres your kudo.....

Jan 8 @ 5:19PM  
Sooooo happy for both of you....Don't let anyone bring you down.......Which I know you won't.....Cheers...Lena

Jan 8 @ 6:06PM  
Yes, of all people i do know what you're talking about. It's that feeling of finally finding that person that completes you, that you've been searching for all your life. It's knowing they love you no matter what. It's knowing he's the other half of you. I remember crying and not wanting to let go when Dale left here after 3 days of complete magic. I love you and Billy, and want only the best for both of you.

Jan 8 @ 8:30PM  
Sunny Darlin.. and Canu babe.. I am six years as of last month into my three day visit to N.O. Six years of complete shit we have had to deal with... so I KNOW exactly EXACTLY what you mean! It does work and it is true.. so anyone wants to nay say you.. send em to me.

Jan 8 @ 9:17PM  
Congrat's and good luck

Jan 9 @ 12:32AM  
Thanks for letting all of us who were waiting on pins and needles in on the big secret. We were all rooting for the two of you. I know I was, even though I have never talked to either of you personally. I wish both of you the best of luck and hope you are happy for the rest of your lives together. It gives the rest of us hope. Maybe next time it will be one of us.

Jan 10 @ 7:01AM  
glad it was so wonderful for you too. Sounds almost magical. Congratulations >hug<

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