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What was the most unusual thing that got you in trouble as a kid? - Repost

posted 7/22/2010 12:53:41 PM |
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posted 2/1/2009 3:46:59 PM
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For me it was letting a silent but deadly stinky fart in the car and not rolling down the window. My aunt, uncle and grandmother was with us in a nine passenger station wagon heading off to the Colorado River with a boat in tow. As every window rolled down but mine, the old man pulled over. Once stopped, I got worked over by the side of the road.

It was my aunt and uncle's new car. It was the first car that I had ever been in that had electric windows and I didn't know how to get the window to roll down.

I was a victim of circumstances. It was so bad I could hardly stand it. Hell, I didn't want to smell it. It wasn't my idea to barbecue spare ribs before we left. The barbecue gave everybody gas, windows were rolling down every ten minutes. I just happened to be the first one to fart, the only one to get in trouble, and the only one who didn't know how to roll down the damned window.


About 15 years ago I was visiting some friends. Their 12 YO son had just gotten a BB gun for his birthday. His dad always got the Sunday paper. Well, the kid had up a target on a piece of plywood and leaned it against the fence and he was shooting at it. I got an idea.

I went out to my car and there were a few McDonalds bags in the back seat on the floor. I always got fries but I don't put ketchup on them and they always gave me packets of ketchup. I rounded up about five of them. I went and got an old newspaper. I found a suitable picture. It was a woman in an ad for a bra sale at a department store. I tore the page out and duct taped the ketchup packet behind her head. I then called the kid over and explained the concept.

He loved it and was soon raiding fast food joints for taco sauce, Arby's sauce and ketchup. Well about three days later, I came home from work and found an obscenity laced voice mail. It was his mother. Apparently the young man had snuck into her bedroom and made off with the eight by ten on his little brother and, well, let's just say that was the end of the BB gun.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's your turn.

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Jul 22 @ 1:02PM  
I was about 4 years old. I was playing where I shouldn't have my parents bedroom. I'm not sure where my Mom was, I mean she was in the house somewhere, but nowhere near me. I was sitting on her bed and playing with the oscillating fan. I was pushing the buttons from on and off to on and off over and over, making noises into the fan like Darth Vader. I was having loads of fun until my hair, which went past my ass crack got sucked into the fan. I quickly hit the off button, grabbed my hair at the scalp and screamed for help. My mother came running. Found me with my head stuck to the fan. She was so pissed off at me. As soon as she got my hair untangled, I got an ass beating of a lifetime for playing with the fan.......Guess I won't be playing Darth Vader

Jul 22 @ 1:10PM  
When I was a kid, the dogs my parents had were outside chained by their dog houses. My Dad had a bird hunting dog, a spaniel mix. This dog, when my sisters and I were out playing wanted to join in on the fun and he would run full steam, hit the end of his chain, and get yanked back. Well, he did this enough times that his chain eventually broke, and he joined my sisters and I playing in the yard. Dad saw it, thought we had let the dog off the chain and told us to get our asses in the house. He was yelling at us, and in the midst of that, Mom came in and told him the dog had broken the chain. Me....being me, popped off with, "I told you so!!!", to which I got my ass whipped for being a smart ass.

Jul 22 @ 1:11PM  
Speaking of Dad...he's supposed to be here any!

Jul 22 @ 1:12PM  
There is a long list. But I think the one that got me into the most trouble was at about 6 years old I decided to paint a mural in the hallway of our house because I thought the walls were too plain. I was careful to put down newspaper so nothing would get on the floor and started painting. I was in my happy place just painting away when I heard a scream behind me. My mother was standing there with her face beet red. My dad just came into the hall, stood back and looked at it and said "I like it but I think you need a little blue in it and came back with a small can of blue paint. Needless to say both of us got the silent treatment for the rest of the day and he never heard the end of it until he painted over it. And the next day when he was at work I got my ass whipped and kept my painting experiments in the basement from that point on.

Jul 22 @ 4:02PM  
Umm I once got muffin batter all over the house.. I dunno I was usually in trouble for doing something seriously wrong.. the other stuff wasn't such a big deal. Luckily my mom had a sense of the ridiculous.

Jul 22 @ 9:05PM  
Two stories come to mind...

I was once dared by a neighborhood kid to run into a sewage drain. Well...of course I accepted his dare...and ruined a new pair of sneakers. My mom was furious at me and made me chip into my piggy bank to help pay for a new pair.

I went to TG&Y with a friend to buy a new record. When we were leaving the store...we were stopped by the manager...who searched my bag...and then my friend's bag. I was completely unaware that my friend had shoplifted anything because we had split up in the store. Well...I was interviewed and photographed...which was very scary for a 10-year-old...and then the manager called my mom. I actually wanted to stay at the store when I saw my mom's face because she was so pissed at me. I got grounded for not choosing my friends wisely...and was told I could no longer associate with this girl. Trust me...I had no desire to hang with this girl after all this drama.

Jul 22 @ 9:57PM  
Id tell ya,but those records are sealed for a reason...

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What was the most unusual thing that got you in trouble as a kid? - Repost