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I'm Getting Old. I Can Remember...

posted 7/21/2010 9:46:02 AM |
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This is one of those game type of things that involves participation. The idea is to be clever, funny, insightful, etc. It is very simple, you just complete the statement. I'll go first.

I'm getting old. I can remember...
...when you went to a donut shop and saw a policeman instead of an Asian.

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Jul 21 @ 10:00AM  
I'm getting old. I can remember...
Before K-Mart and Wally World came to our area!!!!

Jul 21 @ 10:03AM  
What is old anyway?

Ok ok!

I'm getting old. I can remember...

When televisions had a knob you actually had to get up and walk over to the set and turn that knob in order to change the channel.

Jul 21 @ 10:43AM  
When everyone in your community spoke english

Jul 21 @ 10:51AM  
When everyone in your community spoke english


Jul 21 @ 10:59AM  
I've heard....

That the memory is the second thing to go.....

I don't remember the first.

Jul 21 @ 11:26AM  
I'm getting old. I can remember...
1. when bubble gum was 2 cents
2. when a soda machine had a side door, all bottles were glass, & the damned machine didn't talk to you.
3. when the dollar & gallon amount rolled on a gas pump . There was just a choice between regular or unleaded, & no such thing as regular unleaded. Air & water was free.
4. getting bent out of shape looking for 8 tracks not knowing they became obsolete.
5. When phones were just land lines & had a rotary dial & vaguely remember the crank telephone. Only ten cents to use a pay phone
6. When garage doors swung out & pushed on top.
7. When certain foods were cheap & affordable in a reasonable amount. For example bags of frozen vegetables used to be large & cheap, now they are small & expensive.

Jul 21 @ 11:42AM  
When everyone in your community spoke english

A few years ago there was a wreck that happened in front of me at an intersection where one guy tried to make a left turn and got T boned by another. Nobody was hurt, but both drivers, a Hispanic and Asian, jumped out of their vehicles and started screaming at each other in their native languages.

I'm Getting Old. I Can remember...
when a dollar was worth 36 cents.

Jul 21 @ 11:44AM  

I can remember when Gas was 13 cents a gallon.
You could buy a bottle of Coke out of the machine for 5 cents.
Pot was something you cooked in, and grass was something you mowed.

Yes I can tell I'm getting old, because my Toes outnumber my teeth.

Jul 21 @ 11:53AM  
There was just a choice between regular or unleaded
When phones were just land lines

Hell, I am old!! There was no such thing as unleaded gasoline until after I graduated high school!! As for phones, I can remember as a youngster how happy my mom was when we got a private line. Prior to that we had a party line and you could not get a call in or out if one of the other households on the party line was using the phone!

Jul 21 @ 12:04PM  
Old? You think YOU'RE OLD???

I remember when...

Outhouses were NOT uncommon.
When NO ONE had televisions
When you carried your water in from the well in a bucket.
When cars still had running boards.
When cows were milked by hand.
When most houses had wallpapered walls...not painted.
When homes were heated either by wood burning stoves or fuel oil stoves.
When lawnmowers had only rotary blades.
When ALL cars were standard shift.
Stereo was unheard of.
When all you had was phone operators that asked "Number please"
When girls only wore dresses or skirts.

I could go on but that's enough for now. Maybe more later.

Jul 21 @ 1:04PM  
I am so old...I remember all the stuff you kids remember.
I am so old I remember when there weren't any underwear commercials on TV...

Jul 21 @ 1:52PM  
When I used to have the wit to respond brilliantly to things such as this....
When I could get through the day w/o taking a nap....
When a pack of smokes was a buck....& you could write a fake note from your parents to buy them.....or just walk to the cool vending machine w/the pull handle @ the bowling alley to get em....
When cussing was kinda edgy.......
When homework was 2+2=4......

Jul 21 @ 2:00PM  
When music that was labeled "alternative" really was....
Members Only" jackets...say no more...
There was nothing odd about Bert & Ernie living together......
How cool I thought My "Jeep" boombox played fav was E.L.O...

Jul 21 @ 2:02PM  
Vic 20s & Commodore

Jul 21 @ 2:07PM  
When a real person answered the phone, not an automated voice that tells you to push 1 for this, push 2 for that, etc., .
A "green thing" for an interesting blog

Jul 21 @ 2:55PM  
When there was no air conditioning in the south unless you went to a large store or a movie

When we first got a telephone and my aunt's favorite hobby was listening in on the conversations on the party line

When we onle received only two stations on television and in rainy weather forget it.

When kids spent their summers working out in the fields and not playing video games

When you could go to the drug store and order a lemonade and it was made from real lemons and soda there came from a fountain

When you could just hook the screen door and open all your windows and go to bed and not worry about someone breaking into your house.

When hippies were actually hippies and not just a bunch of kids who dress that way.

When gothic was a type of architecture and not some kids wearing black lipstick.

But then there were the not so good things I remember. Seperate bathrooms for blacks and whites.Race riots in Raleigh that ended up burning down a lot of the downtown area. The Klan having rallies down the road from where we lived, People looking at you odd because your family was a little different from theirs and the haves making the have nots lives hell in a small southern town. Mayberry hid a lot of ugliness under the surface back then.

I have come to the conclusion that the good old days were not all that good and that people usually remember with rose colored glasses looking back.

But yeah I am getting old.

Jul 21 @ 3:15PM  
I'm getting old. I can remember...

When 1 computer needed a whole room for all of it's hardware.

Cashiers at the store actually had to punch in the amount of the product instead of scanning it.

Penny candy was actually a penny. Or one could get bazooka bubble gum 2 for one penny

Staying indoors in the summer meant you were grounded.

Little transistor radios that didn't get very good reception. ( I admit...I had the KISS transistor radio)

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of the school day

When air conditioning wasn't a standard in cars

When power windows in cars were a "luxury"

Air vents in cars actually pushed air into the car...not these little fans blowing air around.

Jul 21 @ 4:14PM  
I guess I am old. I can remember when a post card only cost a penny and a regular stamp was a whopping 3 cents. Mail was put up 2 or 3 times a day (before we had home delivery). The Bible was read every morning at school in assembly!!!!!!! Very few people actually locked their homes up (that way the grocery store or the dairy could deliver)

Jul 21 @ 4:16PM  
I'm getting old. I can remember...

When "twitter" was just something a bird did.

Jul 21 @ 4:48PM  
I had a list going but now... I can't remember where I put it or what was on it- sowwy!


Jul 21 @ 5:03PM  
Ohhh... I remember some:

When gas was about 25¢ a gallon

When the ladies used to put on so much makeup back then, you'd skid off their face trying to kiss them on a date!

When ladies wore mini skirts sitting next to me in class, interrupting my concentration!

When paying 27¢ for a pack of cigarettes, the machines wouldn't accept pennies so you put in 30¢ and the pack came out with three pennies scotch taped to the pack!


Jul 21 @ 7:17PM  
I remember buying ice for the ice box, running the long mile to the outhouse on a cold winter night..Cars with 3 on the tree.. ummm.. many many other things that no longer exist like vinyl records, black and white television and radio serial stories.

Jul 21 @ 7:39PM  
I'm getting old. I can remember... 8-Track Tapes

Please delete my previous comment

Jul 21 @ 7:42PM  
When "twitter" was just something a bird did.

Also, I remember when "myspace" was just something I wanted from my family and "GaGa" was Queen and the "queen" wasn't Gaga.

Jul 21 @ 8:38PM  
put on so much makeup back then

This is sort of before my time but I did encounter with some out of style girls in the mid sixties (sadly popular in the early sixties). How about the women that not only overdid the make up but "ratted" their hair and added wigs to it with a ton of hairspray to create "big hair". It was unnatural, stiff and weird, and looked like they had a tumbleweed on their head! It was embarrassing to take them out in public!

Jul 21 @ 9:08PM  
In hindsight, I think I need to expand upon my last comment as people may ask, "Then why did you go out with her?" The answer is simple with an explanation. I didn't know that she would wear make up like the bride of Frankenstein with a tumbleweed on her head.

We had a dress code at school. It covered hairstyles. Additionally, girls had to be able to drop to their knees and their skirts touch the ground. Excessive makeup was also prohibited. Consequently, the girl you saw in class on Friday afternoon and the girl that you picked up for a date could be two different people. Needless to say, these dates were one offs!!! The funny thing was they thought they looked so cool, but nobody else did!!

Jul 22 @ 5:03AM  
I'm getting old. I can remember...

- when the Brady Bunch and The Wonderful World of Disney[/I ]were a couple of the popular shows that aired during the evening hours.
- when it was normal to slather baby oil all over your body before going to the pool.
- when vinyl records...and spending part of my allowance to purchase a 45 single for $1.
- when it was a special treat to have a T.V. in your bedroom...and it you were a was probably a 13 inch black and white T.V.
- when riding a bike with a banana seat was cool.
- when saying "Cool" or "Right on!" was the "in" slang.
- [I]Pac-man
and Mrs. Pac-man were all the rage.
- when you saw a movie at a theatre with only 1 screen...and you might have to wait in line for hours just to get a ticket to some brand new blockbuster movie like Star Wars.
- when elementary schools had "morning exercises",,,and all the kids would gather in the gym and sing songs for 30 minutes.
- when it was safe for kids to sell candy bars door-to-door.
- when children didn't have to ride in car seats...or wear a bike helmet.
- when Tang was a popular drink.
- when you could only watch cartoons on Saturday morning.
- when internet dating sites did not exist.
- when no one had cell phones...or email accounts.

Kudos on a fun post WoW.

Jul 22 @ 6:28AM  
I'm Getting Old. I Can Remember...

When there were no convenience stores or fast food restaurants
Almost everybody's mother was a housewife
Drive in movies
There was no such thing as a plastic bag
Cars did not have seat belts
Microwave ovens, computers and color TVs did not exist
Jet aircraft were only found in the military
Almost all electronics were American made
Kids did not have backpacks
Cars were made of metal, had chrome on them, and were not equipped with air conditioning.


Jul 22 @ 7:58AM  
I can't believe I, or somebody else, didn't mention these...

I'm Getting Old. I Can Remember...

When there were no zip codes

There were no area codes

Phone numbers were alpha/numeric, our home phone number was Harrison 16713

You had to dial "0" for the operator to place a long distance phone call and the operator dialed it for you

There was no directory assistance

Voice mail and answering machines did not exist

When you checked out at the grocery store they gave you either S&H Green Stamps or Blue Chip Stamps that you placed in books and could redeemed for merchandise

Certain brands of laundry detergent (maybe Breeze) had "free" towels or glasses in the box

No grocery items were packaged in plastic

Almost all soda bottles had a deposit on them, first two cents, later three. Quart bottles were a nickel.

Nobody had a dryer, there was this thing called a clothes line that used clothes pins to hang up the laundry.

Central heat and air in homes was unheard of

Jul 22 @ 1:37PM  
uhhhh.........when no one had been on the moon....

Jul 22 @ 2:16PM  
I'm getting old. I can remember...
When you had to wait for TVs (and radios, too, for that matter) to "WARM UP" before
watching or listening. I remember my first transistor radio coming to life instantly upon
clicking the on/off switch!

Jul 22 @ 2:17PM  
I'm getting old. I can remember...
When a Nickel Bag of Pot was $5.00, a Dime bag was $10.00...and a Ounce bag was $20.00 !!!! Don't ask me how I know...

Jul 22 @ 2:21PM guys ARE gettin old....
*skips away to play on jungle gym*

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I'm Getting Old. I Can Remember...