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Is it cheap to use a coupon on a dinner date?

posted 7/20/2010 2:23:07 PM |
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Since a few on here are posting some of their favorite blogs that have done well over the years, I decided to go ahead and repost this one I did back in Sept. 2007 that did very well with people as far as generating a lot of comments....44 actually.

The original post

Okay, I was curious to know if any of you guys think it's cheap to use a coupon on a dinner date with someone when you go out to eat? Would you have a problem with that if the dinner was something like $25-30 and one could save like $5-10 on it? Or do you feel like it really doesn't matter as long as both of you have a great time and the food is good?

Bonus question:

Do you tip when you go out to eat?

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Jul 20 @ 2:47PM  
I checked out your original post. Night and some other guy that brought up Walmart and the parkin lot with the toothpast and crackers was the funniest shit I've read in a long time...going to work for tips...see ya later gator! ...and ya...I usually make 20%...oh...ha! coupons where I work...not that means anything, but if ya come to where I work ya better have some ain't cheap...hell I get sticker shock just lookin at the peeps checks!...ouch...the foods good...the servce is good...but seriously...ouch!

Jul 20 @ 2:50PM  
Thanks, Murph!

Have a great day at work. I hope you make tons and tons of tips.

Jul 20 @ 2:56PM  
First few dates getting to know a lady- no! If a relationship comes out of dating for awhile, I don't see a problem once in a while!

I have breakfast every Saturday and Sunday at my favorite restaurant! For 3 eggs over easy, nice slice of ham, golden brown American fries, Texas toast- all cooked the way I like it and coffee refills costs me $5.71- I tip $2.00, which works out to a 35% tip! I don't even have to give the waitresses my order- they know what I want!


Jul 20 @ 3:37PM  
I used to dine out a lot in NYC but none of those places accepted coupons. But in this economy I would not have second thoughts about someone using one for dinner. Yes I always leave a hefty tip when I eat out because a lot of those people are only paid $3.25 an hour without tips. It is a way for the restaurants to cheap out on paying their employees. How good the tip is depends on the service but I always leave something. I had a friend in the music business who used to order a cup of coffee and tip $20 and for a meal I have seen him tip the waitress up to $100. He said he just liked to make someone's day a little better and that was what money was for. I think he got the best service in town no matter where he chose to eat.

Jul 20 @ 3:42PM  

I would think it's cheap. It's something I would never do.

And yes I Tip.

Jul 20 @ 4:20PM  
Yes, this is a good one and I recall it, so slipping you a green buy one/get one free coupon! Thanks for reposting it

That blog got a lot of comments and I revisited it. Some were really good comments but many especially, in the beginning, were quite lame.

Some really good points were made about tipping based on the regular price, not just a 15 to 20 percent of the check. These folks work for a living!

Anyway, my feelings are unchanged except to say that the "great recession" really drove home how there may not be a way for many of us to enjoy a meal otherwise and we all have been forced to rethink the concept based upon the economic reality in the past two years.

Anyway, through the magic of copy/paste, my thoughts once again.


Once you are dating and have been out a few times, it is fine IMHO. They have this Enterainment Book for major metro areas that you can buy for $29.95 that has 50 percent off on hundreds of places, mostly restaurants (from four stars to Mickey D's) but also movie theaters, zoos, pool parlors, etc.

I have used that book and other coupons a lot and no date ever objected. Most of the time the check is split or we alternate, so it saves them money also. I have also had dates bring coupons too.

You are supposed to tip based upon what the regular price would be, usually 15 to 20 percent. It doesn't happen often, but if I get terrible service or the wait staff is rude, they get a penny. That way the message is clear and they don't write you off as a cheeser.


Following up on the comment by alybai42, I have FINALLY taken a thought and put it into action a few years ago on tipping. Specifically, tipping is based upon a percentage of the check traditionally.

Is it fair, at say 15 percent, that the server at Denny's gets three bucks for service identical to an upscale steakhouse server getting ten dollars?

I go to Chinese buffet weekly, occasionally by myself, on Friday or Saturday because I can eat all of crab legs, shrimp, and oysters I want for $8.99. I always get tremendous service and tip a minimum of ten dollars. The wait staff adores me for some unknown reason.

Lastly on the coupons, and the Entertainment Book, if it wasn't for that, we eould not get to go to many places as we could not afford it and get to go out twice as often. Disposable income is finite, the budget is certainly not unlimited. Everyone I have ever dated fully understands this as they pay bills and observe a budget also.

Jul 20 @ 5:39PM  
I wish I'd had a coupon for my last dine-out. My friends mom is a teppanyaki freak and invited us to a place she knows.

I had some sushi, sashimi, one sake and an Asahi. The Sprite had teppanyaki shrimp and a zombie.

Except for the zombie, the food was pedestrian. It was a chain restaurant, and they apparently know as much about Japanese food as Chi Chis knows about Mexican food.

Besides that, everything was overpriced. $12 for a six-ounce glass of sake was outrageous. This was middle-grade, and for two glasses worth I could have brought my own bottle. Geez, if you're going to put a 200% markup on your food and drink, then at least make sure your customers are getting something that's worth it.

Jul 20 @ 7:20PM  
No, I don't think it's cheap to use a coupon on a dinner date. Makes no difference to me.

I always tip when I go out to eat. My sister is a waitress trying to get by on $2.75 an hour plus tips. So yes, I will leave a tip.

Jul 20 @ 7:32PM  
I wish I'd had a coupon for my last dine-out.

Bummer, Greg. You should have been with me. We went Sunday to an upscale all you can eat Japanese buffet for lunch that had custom stir fry. I love seafood and it is cheaper to do it at a restaurant than at home. Seafood at the market beyond fish like talapia and catfish is $$$$.

I had three plates of exquisite stir fry scallops, shrimp, and red snapper with onions, mushrooms and bell peppers. All you wanted sake came with the meal. There was also prepared green muscles (to replace the oysters on the half shell thanks to BP ) that were good, and a myriad of other delights. There was a ton of other things too.

I won't get into it beyond saying I had six plates and no need for dinner. If you go there for dinner, it is the same but thirty bucks a person.

As Philly is a major city, like mine, the key is to choose wisely. In big metro areas, dining can be exquisite, but you run the risk of over priced, under achieving meals. Fortunately for me, my friends and myself are all single and have been around, so all of us know the places to dine and avoid.

Actually, that is one of the marvelous things about my social circle. We are long term single, go back over 30 years, and all run different routes individually. We discover new places to dine, new places to listen to listen to good music, etc. and then share them together. Consequently, it becomes very synergistic as when we get together, someone always has some place cool to share with the others! To me, it is one of the optimal benefits of being successfully single with a core group of brothers and sisters going back well over a quarter of a century!


Jul 20 @ 8:28PM  
As Philly is a major city, like mine, the key is to choose wisely.

Agreed completely. I could name half a dozen places to go where the food was much better and much less expensive. Trouble was that for the hostess of our party, it seemed to be more about the show of the swinging spatulas than the quality of the meal. Still, as she was the one that invited us we were polite.

Jul 20 @ 8:36PM  
I wouldn't do it. lol
But, I do love coupons!!! Just not on a date. A few dates later, maybe mention you love chinese and happen to have a 20% off at this chinese restaurant, from there....things should be cool.

The one who didn't pay dinner, should tip. If it's dutch, half/half all the way.

Jul 21 @ 3:40AM  
la la la la la la...I made abunch o money tonight..and got an extra 100dollars for employee of the it's funny sometimes...and I always go back for more.

Jul 22 @ 10:17PM  
I wouldn't do it. lol
But, I do love coupons!!! Just not on a date. A few dates later, maybe mention you love chinese and happen to have a 20% off at this chinese restaurant, from there....things should be cool.
The one who didn't pay dinner, should tip. If it's dutch, half/half all the way.

I completely agree with Sunshine's comment. I don't really think coupons should come out on the first few dates.

I once worked as a waitress many moons ago and it's a very demanding job. Since then...I have ALWAYS tipped at least 20%. If the waitress or waiter is exceptionally...I tip more.

Jul 25 @ 3:14PM  
Take the family out for a dinner date...go for it, taking a lady out on a class what so ever!!

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Is it cheap to use a coupon on a dinner date?