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As the Werm Skwerms

posted 7/19/2010 4:27:10 PM |
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A palor of fine gray dust covered the land. As Skwirl and Ynot sped through with the BustyMobile it kicked up a cloud that obscured everything behind them. It was like driving away from the edge of the Earth. (We all know that the Earth is flat.. don't forget that fact. Earth=flat Sea=monsters)

They were on an journey to find the Rain Maker™. Pervia was beginning to stink, it had lain dry, dusty and dormant for so long. No cleansing rain or freshening breezes.. just stale dusty vile Trollium Jelly coated yuck! If they failed to find the Rain Maker ™, the land would surely become home only to Trolls and Wastrels. While Trolls have their uses, Wastrels were simply a waste.

The further they drove from Pervia, the fresher the air became. After several hundred Permiles they even saw birds flying and clouds in the sky. It was cooler and much, much greener on this side of the fence! Surely, the Rain Maker ™ was nearby!

Meanwhile, back in Pervia...

One egregious Troll/Wastrel hybrid had begun spewing filth. Unfortunately, it wasn't good filth, it was the same old filth as all the other Trolls had spewed before it. Ugh.. me mighty.. me bad mamajama .. me take Pervia, make it home.. listen me.. blah blah blah.. Same OLD Filth. Pervians were divided about how to deal with it. Certain Knights and Knightesses wanted to battle it openly. Others chose to fight it behind the scenes by reporting it to the Blog Gawds. Sadly, many just played along and let it build up strength for the final showdown.

Mayor WoW was trying mightily to keep his role as fresh/stale jokester going, but Pervia was too preoccupied with dust and Troll goo to care. Night of Old created a new and exciting bit of poemtree for the Pervs to peruse.. Comet even offered to get naked and hug everyone! Anything to stop the ennui that spread throughout the land. To no avail.

Will the BustyMobile with it's two venturers find the Rain Maker™ in time? Will the Troll/Wastrel manage to engulf the city in goo? Will Night of Old faint when Comet gives him a naked hug? Will Lady Bootscooter get her spurs back on?

Stay tuned kiddies.. for the next installment...

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Jul 19 @ 5:05PM  
Problem solved.just wear underwear

Jul 19 @ 5:06PM  
Ahhh a most intelligent reply!

Jul 19 @ 5:08PM  
So I am both mayor and governor? Hmm...not bad for someone nobody voted for. I did take on the role unilaterally as Minister of Propaganda. That has kept me busy with all of the disinformation citing people who never said things, presenting facts that were never true, etc.

Maybe preemptive strikes on private email boxes will put an end to the inane propagation of distortion and fallacies. Ya think? Na, me neither. Too many people like to believe what they want to hear at the expense of it being true and spending 30 seconds to find out it isn't.

Jul 19 @ 5:17PM  
Yup, Governer/Mayor WoW..that's you. You didn't have to be elected, this is my world, I choose who is what to whom.

So, you're saying, Bill Clinton did not sign the Declaration of Independence? I hear it was so.. in an email. I also heard that Barack Obama was saying that he invented the interwebz. I have heard so much fallacy that I'm no longer certain what reality is.

I did love the one where the Prez wasn't doing anything to show his concern or support for the fallen on Memorial day.. just cuz he wasn't going to be at the graveyard they thought he should be. Er.. yeah.. no. If someone presents you with 'facts', check them. Check them twice.

Ok I'm going back to nibbling nuts.

Jul 19 @ 5:19PM  
'lady' ram rod. my blog, my rules. You may spout filth in your own blog if you choose.. but being nasty in mine.. you're done. I will remove the comment. Feel free to post more if you choose, but be aware, this little blog is my world.. I run it.

Jul 19 @ 5:29PM  
OOOOOOOOOh godess of pervia, you stepped on the wrong toes, try minding your own business and you'll have no problems with me

Jul 19 @ 5:33PM  
Goddess of Pervia? Cool.. new nickname. Ok folks, you heard it here first.. I'm now upgraded to Goddess.. worship the skwirl.. worship it!

One more Ramrod and you're done commenting on my blog period.

Jul 19 @ 5:38PM  
I better save the last one for another time, right?

Jul 19 @ 5:40PM  
Yup that would be wise. Save it for a day when you really think you need to tug my tail.

Jul 19 @ 5:47PM  
I tugs yur tail in a good way, eh?

Jul 19 @ 5:49PM  
Indeed you does m'lubs!

Jul 19 @ 6:05PM  

I lubs furry little Skwirl Goddesses. MMMMMM

I'll worship You.

Jul 19 @ 6:20PM  
Yay! My first acolyte! Kewl!

Jul 19 @ 6:43PM  
Goddess of Pervia? Cool.. new nickname. Ok folks, you heard it here first.. I'm now upgraded to Goddess.. worship the skwirl.. worship it!

Wow!! King, then Kudo Whore, and now Goddess of Pervia! Quite the resume you're racking up there!

Now you do have Ynot taking good care of the BustyMobile right? Keeping it all clean and shiny.

Jul 19 @ 6:45PM  
Looks like it would be tight, but do you think my muscle car would slide nicely up to your Busty Mobile?

Jul 19 @ 6:49PM  
I know, right Sugar? First King, then Kudo Whore.. then Prez.. and now Goddess.. I'm movin on up! BTW.. where the hell is my cookie?

B9 dahhhlin.. we'd make it fit.

Jul 19 @ 6:50PM  
Woohoo! guess which person just blocked me! I win!

Jul 19 @ 6:51PM  
Oh, and you know Y loves the chore of polishing the bewbies!

Jul 19 @ 6:53PM  
Goddess of Pervia?

This site does have a lot of goddesses.


Jul 19 @ 6:56PM  
BTW.. where the hell is my cookie?

OOPS!!!! I fergotted! Here ya go!

Jul 19 @ 7:14PM  
Looks like it would be tight, but do you think my muscle car would slide nicely up to your Busty Mobile?

Nice goat, is it really yours? I had a 65 that I loved.

Jul 19 @ 7:41PM  
Naw...I never owned one of those, but I did have one of these in metallic cobalt blue and one of these babies in gold. They were real fun. Inside and out.

Jul 19 @ 8:11PM  
Spurs are polished and on, finally got the last of the damn troll slime cleaned off from the last go round, but as always a pleasure to serve you Ms King, I mean Ms. Prez............*what's that? oh, she got a promotion? why didn't you say so?* Ms. Goddess!!!

Jul 19 @ 8:12PM  
Oh and I'm paying my taxes too..........*drops a shiny green thingy in the offering plate*

Jul 19 @ 8:21PM  
They were real fun. Inside and out.

I picked a girl up for our first and last date. She said, more or less, "You need to take this car to the car wash. It smells like grass, beer, and cheap sex." I can't imagine why!

Jul 19 @ 9:35PM  
"You need to take this car to the car wash. It smells like grass, beer, and cheap sex."

Hmmm... see if you can come up with a concoction that smells like that and bottle it! Must be some use as a deterrent for some women, some of us guys know!


Jul 19 @ 10:33PM  
I unno, Som, it might attract skwirls.

Jul 20 @ 6:14PM  

now ...where' we going?????

Jul 22 @ 10:57PM  
Will Lady Bootscooter get her spurs back on?

When did she take them off? I thought she slept in her spurs.

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