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A Freaking Monument

posted 7/18/2010 12:24:43 AM |
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tagged: family, funny, story, memories, life

Softie’s latest blog got me thinking about picture frames (I swear I never have enough!)…and the picture frames reminded me of a funny story…so I thought I would share it in Pervia this evening.

When my son was 13…I decided to embark on this huge picture project. I decided that I would take all my favorite pictures of my son from birth until his current age and frame them. Some of the pictures were posed...some he was playing sports in…others were of him just having fun and being a goofy kid. What can I say…he was my absolute favorite person to "frame" so I went a bit hog wild. I think (rough it could have been more) I framed 30 pictures of him...which were scattered throughout the living room and den. Now the pictures were in different groupings...some on table tops...and others on the it was done very tastefully.

Anyway…after I had completed my project...I called my son into the living room...and after he took a few minutes just looking around and taking it all in...the very first thing out of his mouth was..."God's like a freaking monument to me!" He went onto to say..."I thought a person had to be dead to get something like this...but I guess not."

Well...after I got over the initial shock of what he said...I laughed my ass off. Why? Because if I looked at it from his point of view...I guess it did kind of look like a freaking' monument.

And when my son would later ask me...”Why so many pictures mom?” I would simply reply…”Because you’re so special…yanno…in a short bus kind of way.”

Of course…I left the pictures up. Yes...all of them which my son would simply say to his friends as they passed through the living room on their way to his bedroom. "Yeah...I's a lot of freaking pictures of me...cuz my mom thinks I’m so special…and she apparently loves me that much!"

Well...I did...and I still do today...lots and lots.

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Jul 18 @ 12:58AM  
I gotta say, coming here after the stories I've read tonight on another site. With all the dying children, friends who are losing everything because they have no work, friends who are critically ill and dying for lack of medical care/medication... sigh.. Coming in to AMD tonight has certainly been a pick me up.

Thank you for yet another beautiful story!

Jul 18 @ 12:58AM  
*raises eyebrow* Did you self-kudo? Feeeels niiiiiiice doesn't it?

Jul 18 @ 1:08AM  
That was a pretty cute story.

Jul 18 @ 5:57AM  
for me, yard sales is a great place to find picture frames....i guess everywhere is different, but here, photo frames at a yardsale are seldom more that a $1, and usually less....nice frames too.

when my kids were in school, i always got an 8x10 school photo....and judging from my grands photos have come a long way. the ones my kids had looked more like mug shots than anything, but it didnt matter.

so, each year, i put the new photo on top of last years photo, so now i still have all of their school pic, one on top of the other....i can watch them grow up, one pic after the other.

Jul 18 @ 6:10AM  
Aww, how sweet. I could give you a big kiss.

Jul 18 @ 9:35AM  
yard sales is a great place to find picture frames....i guess everywhere is different, but here, photo frames at a yardsale are seldom more that a $1, and usually less....nice frames too.

Yes, they are and the flip side is how much a nice frame costs to buy new. If the frame is larger, you can always put more than one picture in it and get artistic and creative in how you lay it out.

The volume of pictures of kids sends a message to me. If there aren't any in a woman's home, I tend to think that the relationship is not very close, perhaps the kid grew up to be a loser (every asshole, bitch, loser, etc. has a mother usually). Sometimes one kid has more pictures on the wall than the others, or one has less.

If there are too many pictures of the kid(s) that indicates a super mom or helicopter mom whose kids are the center of their universe. Children are an important part of life for sure, but they need not be the center of it especially once they get out of the house and on their own. Putting one's kid(s) first is fine, but if everything else is a distant second strikes me as leading your life through somebody else and that is out of balance and unhealthy.

My late sainted mother was that way. It was sad as once my brother and I got our own lives, she no longer had one. She was a very sweet, loving woman and a great mother, but with all due respect to her, it was all a bit pathetic as when it came time to move on in her life, she couldn't do it and missed out on a lot of potential happiness in her golden years.

Jul 18 @ 11:21AM  
Well Kat ya got a ways to go to catch up to me 'n I ain't done yet... Just a quick count brings me to almost 60 photos in far.

What Bruce said about no pictures isn't necessairly so. When I was younger I just preferred wall groupings like you see with Home Interior over family pictures...I had a few pix of my kids 'n family but not many.

As for me having so many now? It's because I've finally realized just how precious my family is and it's a real joy for me to see them in every room. They span the years and every one of them gives me warm fuzzies.

Someday I'm gonna die and my kids are probably gonna over all these photos but I don't care...they mean a lot to me and that's all that counts...

Jul 18 @ 11:39AM  
Usually you see the family pictures in the hall, perhaps the entry way or bedroom.

Then there is always that one picture that almost everybody hates residing on top of the TV...momma's little man and/or daddy's little girl. This is usually a picture with siblings with the oldest one being about eight. Mine was with my brother and we were wearing black sports coats, white dress shirts and red bow ties with this embarrassing short hair cut about a quarter of an inch long. These things are usually taken around Easter.

It was not uncommon to try to hide it or turn it around as a teen if you were having a friend or girlfriend over, especially for the first time. Those pics always look dorky to the kid and by the time they are a teen the attire is very much out of style.

Jul 18 @ 11:43AM  
you know, come to think of it, i have always hung my family photos down the hallway....with a few smaller ones sitting around in the living room, and a few more in my bedroom

But hey....what ever floats your casa is you casa!

speaking only for me, if a visitors dared suggest there was something about my decor they didnt care for, i would see how well they liked the site of my door closing behind them.

Jul 18 @ 11:54AM  
you know Bruce, I bet for every time you looked at the photo of you and tommy with embaressment or whatever you felt....your mom looked at it 100 times with JOY...moms are weird like that

Jul 18 @ 12:01PM  
so, each year, i put the new photo on top of last years photo, so now i still have all of their school pic, one on top of the other....i can watch them grow up, one pic after the other.
That's what I do, but I usually hang 5x7's.
I have pics of my daughter and grandchildren in the living room and the dining room...which is also big enough for my desk and other furniture...but I don't hang pics in my bedroom, although to some it may seem strange, to me there are times when I don't want those innocent eyes staring at me in the privacy of my room.

Jul 18 @ 12:42PM  
I don't really have pix of my kids hanging.. they're all on my computer so I can look at them any time.. and on web safes.

Jul 18 @ 4:58PM  
That's sweet. And he was thankful, that makes it even sweeter!!!

Jul 18 @ 6:27PM  
That's sweet! And he's so great about it too..makes more special.

Jul 22 @ 11:20PM  
Thanks for reading Pervia. I enjoyed all your comments.

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