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Tea Party vs NAACP

posted 7/13/2010 2:51:44 PM |
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A Tea Party group in Missouri, reacting to the NAACP's plan to take up a resolution branding the conservative movement as "racist," has drafted a resolution of its own condemning the civil rights group for reducing itself to a "bigoted" and "partisan attack dog organization."

The St. Louis Tea Party had an all-hands-on-deck response to the NAACP's plan to denounce the nationwide network of activists at its annual convention across the state in Kansas City. The NAACP as early as Tuesday could take up language to "repudiate the racism of the Tea Parties" and stand against the movement's attempt to "push our country back to the pre-civil rights era."

In a matter of hours, the St. Louis group drafted and fired off to the NAACP a resolution demanding the organization withdraw its "bigoted, false and inflammatory" statement. The missive accused the NAACP of resorting to political tactics and urged the IRS to reconsider whether it can continue to qualify for tax-exempt status.

Tea Party organizers routinely defend themselves against charges of racism, disavowing racially charged signs that appear in their protest crowds and provide fodder for Tea Party critics. The NAACP resolution, first reported by the Kansas City Star, was expected to make reference to an incident in March when Tea Party protesters allegedly hurled racial epithets at black lawmakers on Capitol Hill ahead of a health care vote. Tea Party members afterward challenged that account and no evidence was produced to show any racist attacks.

St. Louis Tea Party organizer Bill Hennessy wrote on the group's website Tuesday that the Tea Party stands for smaller government and fiscal responsibility, and accused the NAACP of abandoning black America.

"When you look at the crime and poverty and family breakdown of the African-American community ... you see a half-century of failure by the NAACP," he wrote. "None of those persistent problems was caused by the Tea Party movement, yet the principles of the Tea Party are exactly what's needed to wind down the multi-generational destruction in the African-American community.

"The NAACP was once a vital weapon in the war against segregation and oppression. All that's left is a bigoted and malicious shell that does far more harm than good for people who need a break," he wrote.

Fellow St. Louis Tea Party organizer Dana Loesch accused the NAACP of morphing into a political organization.

"They no longer prioritize civil rights," she told Fox News.

Tea Party vs NAACP


I personally feel that the NAACP is a bigoted and racist group, and their charge against the Tea Party movement has no merit whatsoever! This group's (NAACP) name itself says it all (The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). The group seems to always attack white groups and white people as often as possible, especially in todays society because of differenting views on politics. Another group that's out there are the new Black Panthers. Some in this group are urging other blacks to kill "crackers" (whites) and their kids. They promote violence, but yet all we really hear in the media today is how Mel Gibson is a racist. Yes, it does seem like Mel Gibson is a racist from what I have heard on audio tapes over the past few years, especially with his latest events.

But I, as well as others were raised to not see race and skin color in people. I was raised to see all people as equals. But over the years, I have been accused of being a racist for such things as not being an Obama supporter, to not catering and supporting blacks over whites just because of skin color for the way blacks were unfairly mistreated over centuries. Will this view ever actually end, and if so, when? When will people really see a colorblind society?

The hatred out there with some groups is very sickening to me. And for the way a lot of these people want to keep hate going keeps this great country divided.

Anyone else have an opinion on this news topic that they would like to add, feel free to.

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Jul 13 @ 3:14PM  
Looks dead on here this afternoon lol

Jul 13 @ 3:32PM  
NAACP I thought they sold out to the KKK and big money
Anyway just another money grabbing nothing group now

Jul 13 @ 3:34PM  
NAACP I thought they sold out to the KKK and big money
Were you aware that this group (NAACP) was founded by 3 white men back in 1908 I believe?

Jul 13 @ 5:28PM  
Nothing new- it's just hate, perpetuating more hate!

Seems to me, if groups like these: NAACP, The 'NEW' Black Panthers, the KKK, The Weather Underground etc. that think like these people do, were to channel their energy towards trying to understand each other, we just might get along better!

I would say that it's the few hardcore 'leaders' in groups like these, that really mean what they say, with the rest being followers- mainly because, they have nothing else better to do! Hate is an all consuming negative entity that gets no where!


Jul 13 @ 6:18PM  
First of all...I don't see where the Tea Party is "racist" to begin with.

Second of all...I say Somnium summed it up pretty good with this comment:

Seems to me, if groups like these: NAACP, The 'NEW' Black Panthers, the KKK, The Weather Underground etc. that think like these people do, were to channel their energy towards trying to understand each other, we just might get along better!

Hate is such a waste of energy.

Jul 13 @ 8:34PM  
Try this on for size: NAACP don't represent me. Between them and the Tea Baggers...oops, I mean Tea Party you all can fight to the death Battle Royale-style and I wouldn't shed a tear.

Also, please dont downplay what Mel Gibson does. Aside from being racist and a Catholic fundie, he also cheated on his wife and beat up the mother of his new child aside from verbally abusing her. Dont know about anyone else, but I cant stand him now.

Jul 13 @ 8:39PM  
please dont downplay what Mel Gibson does.
I wasn't. He gets everything he deserves for what he's done.

Jul 13 @ 9:51PM  
IMO...if all of these groups (Tea Party, NAACP, etc.) stopped pointing fingers at each other...the "hate game" would cease to exist. I know...not likely...but a gal can dream right?


Jul 14 @ 7:23AM  
I've not seen the film of any of the Tea Party people pointing fingers at the NAACP
on 'hate'. I have seen footage of a NAACP leader calling a Black Conservative "Uncle Tom",
perhaps a term of endearment? I've seen footage of SEIU people beating up a Black Conservative and calling him the 'N' word. I have seen footage of New Black Panthers
saying they "hate White people". Holder won't even prosecute them for violating the suffrage rights of others.
I have heard allegations of racism and being spit on by Congressional Members, that are not
all that honest. (professional liers?)

It's only racism when Conservative people do it. All else is OkeyDokey.

Jul 14 @ 8:49AM  
Most of the people I know have grown tired of over zealous kooks and oddballs in shrill fringe political or special interest groups. They are always around, always making noise, always getting attention, and usually of little consequence.

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Tea Party vs NAACP