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Not Getting a Job Because You're too Ugly - Repost

posted 7/11/2010 8:51:40 AM |
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Originally posted 6/18/2009

I was talking to a good friend of mine last night. She told me this story involving a mutual friend's son who had just graduated from high school. Now let me explain that the young man is dumpy and just plain ugly (think a young freckled W. C. Fields with red hair). He has short hair, is well groomed and dressed, with no tats or piercings.

He has a friend who works at a well known electronics chain that caters largely to young buyers. I have been in one of their local stores and all of the staff appeared to be attractive younger people. He was told by his friend that there would be an opening shortly and to come to the store and speak with the manager. He did this and was told that there were no openings and the manager refused to speak with him further or offer an application.

Shortly thereafter at an employee meeting, the manager explained that there was to be no mentioning of future vacancies and explained that the appearance of team members was important.

Unfortunately, his friend was honest and the kid was shattered. He had all of the knowledge and qualifications of the types of products and the customer age group.

Now if you stop and think about this, it is quite a common thing. In many bars and restaurants, as well as retail outlets particularly in fashion, the staff have a certain look, and being ugly doesn't fit.

Your thoughts and experiences are welcomed.

UPDATE 7/11/2010

The kid works at a gas station convenience store.

He never dated in high school and began trying his luck on single sites (I don't know which ones). It was a no go. Now this is really sad and pathetic. He finally decided to post a picture of somebody else on his next profiles. His dad found out about it and got pissed. When asked for an explanation his response more or less was that once people got to know him, looks wouldn't matter.

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Jul 11 @ 10:03AM  
I know what you mean. Several years ago, I was looking for a job for over a year and was constantly being told "no vacancies" "over qualified" or some other BS. I am not "ugly" as such, but I am a large person, or as the airlines say, a person of size. I got so disgusted that I finally took a job in a factory.

Jul 11 @ 11:22AM  
I've been skipped over for jobs in favor of 'Barbie' often. I particularly loved the one at the insurance agency. I received my rejection notice, typed up by 'Barbie' herself.

Dear __________, (yes I shit you not)

Do to our having hired some one else, you did not get this job.


(Company name)

I figure they got what they deserved.

Jul 11 @ 12:00PM  
I'll bet she was more proficient at dick tation.

Jul 11 @ 12:28PM  
todays society is way too focused on looks, success, and all the rest of what goes into the shit can by the time you are my age, and that of many of us here. but, the corporate mentality dictates the rules for hiring. people with more flash than substance get jobs they no way qualify for, and dump their responsibility on the underlings, or anyone else they can get to do it for them. and there is no discrimination in the work place, BULLLLLLLLSHIT. age, looks, ethnicity, and disability are all very prevalent. the big problem is trying to prove it most of the time.

Jul 11 @ 2:29PM  
Most of you kids know I got hired at a hotel/restaurant last August after having to work on Beale Street in a cafe for about 6 months on the late shift, from 10pm till fucking whenever. I never saw summer last year. I forgot about the blooms of the season. It was god awful. anyway...
After I got my new job and was immediately put on breakfast and lunch with some dinners thrown in just to fuck up my already fucked up schedule...cause I had been going to bed at 7 am and now having to be at work at 6 am; I finally got night shift and they threw some bar tending schedules at me cause they fired some guy for padding checks...
anywhoo...back to the story. I was bar tending a few nights a week and so were the other servers. I told them I loved it, my bosses that is. They came to me one day and said they had found the perfect bartender. They wanted someone extremely attractive that would entice the gentleman to come in which would then entice the woman to hang out. They said it to my face!
They hired her and she started immediately and then the trouble began. Was she attractive? Not extremely. Did she smell? yep kinda like know the kind that people use so they don't smell like pot all the time? Oh was gross, but that wasn't the issue. She was just plain Miss Shitty Attitude. I said, "let them live with it, that's what they wanted, so that's what they get!"
She couldn't even hold a conversation...was I pissed cause I felt I wasn't attractive enough? Sorta...but hell I am no spring chicken, but I sure as hell know how to treat guests and entertain those they want it This went on for 3 months. She just wasn't up to snuff.
Finally she was fired and finally they realized the mistakes they mad. Now I bar tend my 2 shifts and the guy they hired full time is a great worker and isn't all that attractive and I got promoted and have been making everyone happy like I always had and things are peachy.
Moral of the story...patience is a virtue and let the pretty kids bite their own butts...

Jul 11 @ 4:08PM  
I have never run into not being hired because of looks even as I was older. However I did not get hired for a job I wanted because I was female. They did not say that but every single person that had any authority around there was a middle age male and women were all stuck in minor positions. Of course knowing that is one thing but proving it can be kind of hard at times. Around here it is still quite the good ole boys club in some places. And that glass ceiling is pretty much bullet proof glass.

Jul 11 @ 8:14PM  
I've never been rejected for a job because of looks, either. However, I chose a field that wouldn't be able to base employment on looks or size, etc. I am bilingual. Fluent in Japanese. The most any of my employers, past and present, care about is understanding what is being said! Lookiing pretty or being a barbie sure as heck isn't going to help you if you can't speak the I feel I chose my niche well LOL!

Jul 11 @ 9:39PM  
I've been places where I've taken notice that all the people are 'pretty'. It's weird.

Jul 11 @ 9:57PM  
I once applied for an Office Manager position back in the mid 90's and at the end of my interview...I was told I was completely qualified...and the best fit for the job...but that I was too pretty...and I would be a huge distraction for the mainly male workers. At first I thought the General Manager was joking...but he promptly stated he wasn't...and then asked if I had noticed all the guys gawking' at me on my way into the office with him. I honestly hadn't...and was completely embarrassed.

I swear on a stack of Bibles...that I couldn't make this story up.

Anyway...I've never lost a job because I was too ugly...but I did miss out on a job because I was too old. I mean...good gawd...I was in my freakin' 30's...but whatever.

Kudos on an interesting blog WoW. Thanks so much for reposting.

Jul 11 @ 10:09PM  
Never had that problem. Some of the problems I had run into over the years has been I'm too overqualified for the position(s) that I have applied for.

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Not Getting a Job Because You're too Ugly - Repost