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posted 1/7/2007 6:40:56 PM |
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tagged: cannibalism, straddle

Let's say there is a plane crash on top of a cold and snowy mountain top (there was a movie done about this real life tragedy), and there was maybe like 30 people on this plane along with you. There are some survivors along with yourself, and you had some matches to make a fire. With the people who didn't survive and their bodies are frozen in the snow around the plane, would you eat them to stay alive until help arrived after days? Just curious to also know if you were to eat someone to stay alive, what body part would you go for first? Also, if you're a man or woman, what sex are you more incline to want to eat first? I know this is a little freaky, but think about what it would really be like IF YOU WERE in that plane crash. I don't think most people can ever prepare for something like that, and I hope no one has to ever experience this tragedy. But I feel like this is something that is a legit question to ponder with others.

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Jan 7 @ 6:47PM  
Ok, this is too freaky to even contemplate... too freaky for even you, Straddle!!

Jan 7 @ 6:49PM  
For the record, I really don't know if I would be able to do that. One really never knows what their capable of doing when you're dying of hunger. If I did end up doing this it would be very hard for me, and yes, I would want a woman, and probably start off with a finger, or something light to work myself up to it more for later.

Jan 7 @ 6:51PM  
PrincessKissy, are you saying it's too freaky to happen? Oh, it can happen. I just thought that this would be an interesting topic to discuss.

Jan 7 @ 6:55PM  
man you come up with some wild stuff!! I just hope I'm never in that situation. There is plenty of history on the subject though such as Donners Pass and also maritime laws that exist to protect those that may be shipwrecked and have to resort to such means to survive.

Jan 7 @ 6:56PM  
Yes, I would. And, I'd hafta pick a woman and start with a thigh.
But, then again, I'm a hunter. I've been killing and eating animals since I was 12. And, people are just animals overall. Only differance is speech, the fact that we are so wasteful of our resources and that , some of us, just kill for sport instead of necessity.
I bet a vegetarian chic about 20 or 25 would taste pretty good. Tastes just like chicken!

Jan 7 @ 6:57PM  
By the by. You're a twisted fucker, straddle!

Jan 7 @ 6:59PM  
See, I'm not a hunter. I cannot kill an animal. I don't have that in me.

Jan 7 @ 7:28PM  
But, yet you eat meat.....I assume. And, there's nothing wrong with that. Eating what you kill wasn't my best learning experience. My first deer took a lil getting over.
But, that was your point.........survival. The Indians didn't get their meat in cellophane. And, at some point, we may be forced to fend for ourselves if things continue as they are. That's why all animals kill. Kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten. Survival of the fittest.....etc..
If you were stuck in the situation you described, you would survive. Your conscience may play hell with you for a minute. But, the pangs of hunger and the will to survive would win out. After all, they're already dead. So, why lose your life over a matter of moral values?
I can't say that I'd enjoy it at all. But, I would NOT starve to death with food so near. If that only food is dead people.........then, I would certainly put aside my qualms to survive.
We're all going to be food for something in the end. Plant or animal. Vaults and embalming only prolongs the inevitable.

Jan 7 @ 7:33PM  
This did happen in 1972 and is known as the Andes flight disaster. The survivors spent some 72 days on a mountain top and made a collective decision to eat the flesh of dead passengers to survive. Furthermore, the passengers all knew one another as friends; they were part of a rugby team that was travelling to a game when the crash occurred. And all of them were Catholics, thus compounding the ethical questions they had to ask while making that decision. Here's a link:

My take: a dead person is just organic matter destined to return to the ground. Prioritize the living over the dead and do what you need to survive. As for what part to start on, I'd say start on the parts that won't be visible in case the bodies manage to make it out for open casket funerals. Also go for parts that won't make you sick and are relatively easy to extract. I doubt gender really matters here.

Jan 7 @ 8:46PM  
Straddle, you come up with some good ones. Hopefully I won't ever be in such a situation. People can survive long periods without food, yeah you will feel hunger for a few of days, then you will start to lose weight slowly. So there is a lot of time to think about that. No need to start eating the dead ones right away.

cabl_guy, I have heard that the young does, talking about deer, are more tender and taste better better than gamey tasting old bucks. Is that always true? If so, then the same may be true with people.

Jan 7 @ 9:26PM  
That is gross to just to think about having to do it, and if your loved one is one of the dead is worse. Whos going to prepare the meat? Ewwwwww, but i believe if you get hungry enough you will do anything to survive and as you said that did actually happen years ago and people did eat the dead to survive. Probably where the Texas Chainsaw movie idea come from. I dont think it would matter if it was a woman or man, i wouldnt want to know....Would i eat if i was hungry enough i bet i would.

Jan 7 @ 9:48PM  
Growing up on a Ranch and raising animals for consumption, as well as being a hunter, I know what its like to have to skin and butcher a carcass. I have a strong will to survive and understand that flesh and blood has very little correlation to the soul and the soul leaves the physical body after death, so yes I not only would eat someone, I would probably be the one who had to do the task of preparing it for the other survivors. Yes technically it is cannibalism, but the only difference is tthat in this occasion it would be purely for the preservation of the ones who made it through the crash without dying. On a more extreme thought, think about running out of your source of protein. Would you start drawing straws to see who would be the next meal or would you sacrifice the weak to sustain the strong. The old for the young. Man that is a hard thing to have to deal with. Also, If I were in a situation like that I think I wouldn't so much have a preference on the cut of meat. I don't think it would matter. How did we end up on this tanget? Man you have some wild thoughts. If you ever get bored again and start having these wild thoughts, then come over to my house and have a few brews and shots and watch sports on my big screen. Thats what I do.

Jan 7 @ 9:50PM  
Let me die, I'm a vegetarian!

Jan 7 @ 10:14PM  
Let me die, I'm a vegetarian!

You raise an interesting point. But wouldn't it be more important to consider your rationale for being vegetarian and to see if that rationale is violated by eating flesh under those circumstances? For example, if you're a vegetarian because you do not believe in deliberately harming animals and other fleshly beings, in this scenario eating flesh would still be ok since the flesh providers were victims of an accident and not any willful violence. On the other hand you might be a vegetarian for health reasons, in which case I would say there are no health benefits to be derived from dying. Then again there may be other reasons I have not thought of but which should nonetheless receive the same consideration with respect to the given circumstances.

Jan 7 @ 10:25PM  
Oh my Oh my Straddle, I am so greatfull that I took those gourmet cooking classes. I would take the fatest, because the body can not survive on just protein

Jan 7 @ 10:33PM  
If we were all on that plane with 20 others I would hope that you and smitty were still alive with me and you guys could prepare the "food". Haha I don't think I could do that early on in the hunger days. Hell, still not even sure I could still eat anyone. But then if I wanted to survive I guess I have no other choice. I think I would still start off with a finger.

Jan 7 @ 10:39PM  
Yeah it really happened. I would hold out as long as I could....I wouldn't call it cannibalism I would call it survival. I would do whatever it took to survive to get back to my kids and family. It is hard to put oneself in that position I am trying real hard to fathom it,maybe I couldn't...hell I don't know.

Jan 7 @ 10:49PM  
I would do it to survive.... if they are dead, they aren't going to know that they are being cut apart anyways! It is no different than harvesting bodies to donate certain parts as far as I am concerned.....I guess that I wouldn't care at that point if it was a guy or a woman... hell.... right now I am not picky, why should I be if I was facing going hungry????? eat away!!!!!!!

Jan 7 @ 10:51PM  
Very interesting subject Straddle....I tend to agree with most of the blogs on here. Some say it's sick and unthinkable..But I think it just comes down to survival...anyone would do what is necessary to stay alive....and the body of the human decomposes and becomes the nutrients that enrich the soil....a definite biological fact....probably the best way to look at it.....the tragedy in the Andes was unfortunate...but I tend to have great respect for the people that survived it...very brave and strong people....I would have probably have done the same if I was stranded in the mountains for 72 rescue.....what part would I go for?...well..I guess that is a "you have to be there" kind of moment to really say...

Jan 7 @ 11:03PM  
Oh...Big Flirt...the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Silence of the Lambs was inspired by a man named Ed Gein...he was a cannibal in Wisconsin...back in the 1950's....the police found his house littered with human really happened...Hollywood just fabricates it..funny...Jeffrey Dahmer live in there too..

Jan 7 @ 11:13PM  
Hmmm...I think I would go for a woman's arm.....

Jan 8 @ 3:26AM  
Build a fire...melt a little snow...throw in a few twigs and shit...B4 U know it it's soup!


Jan 8 @ 6:21AM  
i'm slowv and fat, i'd be the first to be eaten.
I couldn't do it, i couldn't kill another person, even if it meant my survival.
and on the cannabalism note, a question that has gotten wierd looks from many other people

Is Swallowing considered canniballism?

Jan 8 @ 7:03AM  
Survival instinct is really high... of course I would.. and you'd be the first to go Straddle ... I betcha taste like chicken.

Oh gawd.. of course I am teasing .. sheeesh. How would I really know until I was in that situation.
Does anyone remember that most polynesian islanders are only 6 or 7 generations from cannibalism?
I won't say that I could never kill, because given the right circumstances I could. Anyone could given the proper urging. But be real, if you are about to starve to death... say you haven't eaten in five or six days.. and you have a pile of already frozen protien available.. hell yes you would eat it. I don't think that there would be much discrimination as to which sex you ate either.. whoever was on top of the pile goes first.

(Disclaimer) Now if it were one of my children dead.. I don't think I could do it. Emotional ties etc. A stranger.. yeah .. a family member.. I just don't know.

Jan 8 @ 9:47AM  
... i'd be the first to be eaten.

Hell yeah I'm drooling for some Raven! Let's not wait for a disaster to happen.

Jan 8 @ 9:51AM  
Ponme, I would be the first to go? Mmmm, I don't think I would mind you eating me.

Jan 8 @ 10:01AM  
I, too, am a hunter, though I hunt out of necessity, not sport. I think it is disrespectful to the animal to mount it's severed head on a wall. In a situation like you describe, yes, I would cannibalize to survive, but only after exhausting all other resources and possibly making an attempt to descend down the mountain.

Jan 8 @ 2:34PM  
Human flesh tastes like pork apparently. I find it amusing that most things people don't eat taste either like chicken or pork. By the way ponme I taste like peaches and cream. Having said that I would only eat another person to survive if:
1) I didn't know them
2) I didn't see the meal being prepared
3) There were no other options.

Jan 8 @ 2:41PM  
Okay, I have been told that I'm very sweet and tasty. Who wants to sample me? lol j/k

Jan 8 @ 10:57PM  
You said there would be fire...
So, hell yeah, I'd grab me a few thighs and arms ( no preferance) and have a rotisserrie goin'....
I'd charge people too....for like a leg...and when we were rescued, I'd go home rich!!! And be able to say I was the cook and saved lives...LOL
Anybody got any hot sauce???

Jan 9 @ 4:02PM  
Well, think about the reality in that. The choice is whether to live or to starve to death. Alive is a very true story, and though horrific at the time, it was their only means of survival. It's very grim, and though you'd be plagued with your actions for the rest of your life... you do what you have to do. I'd do the same. In order to secure My survival when I have no other options, well... yeah. But the decision of what or whom to eat first, muscle is more beneficial than fat. Gender is not a deciding factor, but who was the healthiest.

Jan 9 @ 4:11PM  
Wow, if I didn't survive that crash I probably would be one of those eaten first then since I have a lot of muscle. Hopefully I would survive though.

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