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My Dad and his cars

posted 7/7/2010 8:47:58 PM |
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tagged: memories

I had mentioned on Softies "Meandering" blog that my Dad had a '57 Chevy when I was a kid. He's had a "few" cars over the years...that '57 stands out, and so does the '72 Cadillac El Dorado Convertible. There was also another car...can't remember the make or year.....but it was probably a mid '40's model. Oh yeah, he also had a couple of dune buggy's in his day...I loved rides on those! The mud bogging was the best!!!!!!!! I would always be laughing my ass off when Dad would get his Dune Buggy stuck in the mud. Mom hated it because Dad and us kids would come back after an adventure covered in mud head to toe. If anyone is wondering...yes, my Dad was a kid at heart when my sisters and I were kids. I even remember this red thing he had 6 wheels, could fit 2 people in the front (driver and passenger) then had to bench like seats that could fit 3 each...and it was "open"...and he used it for winter fun in the fields. That thing was AWESOME!!!!!!!! Again...drove Mom nuts cause us kids came in needing baths and such...usually cause Dad had a knack for finding ways to get his "toys" stuck.

I remember when my Dad got his first "new" car. It was a '72 Maverick, 4 door, green with a white vinyl top. I remember it well because I had the flu, was home from school that day. And Mom wanted to ride in the new car when Dad went to the school to pick up my younger sister. So...I laid in the back seat of Dad's brand new car.....I was doing just fine...till we got to the school and I could feel my tummy getting ready to hurl. I tried to open the door to hang my head out of the was a new car, and I didn't know where the handle was...and by the time I found it..too late. Dad didn't fuss....Mom went into the school and came out with a handful of paper towels and cleaned up the mess. Dad had that car for a few years till it got totaled in an accident. Then he got himself a '78 Jimmy Custom full sized van. That thing was like a mini apartment on wheels. It had a little fridge, a little sink, and the benches in the back were set up to be a kitchen table area, and at night, take the table down, fold out the benches, and there was a bed. The 4 chairs in the van could be turned, and the table placed on the braces for it, and there was another bed.

I look back at my childhood...and it was so fun. Dad did a lot. And sometimes my one sister will bitch and gripe about him, and then say something like he doesn't like her blah blah blah...and I tell her to grow up cause if Dad "didn't like" her...he wouldn't do half the stuff he does for us. I love both of my sisters, but the one...sometimes she needs a swift kick to remember all that Dad has done for us, and still does. Right now, this very sister is driving a '89 Dodge Dakota that she didn't's our Dad's truck. The van I'm driving....was Dad's..(I just finished paying him off a couple of months ago).

Dad...he may grumble a lot now...but....I say he's earned that right. He still today will go above and beyond for his daughters....and for that...he will always be number one in my eyes. Thanks Dad!

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Jul 7 @ 9:01PM  
Wish I had a childhood like that
Dad and Mom were into making money and i was lucky to see then twice a month
Just housekeepers and maids and as an only child there are not many family outings i can remember
you were far more lucky than many of us

Jul 7 @ 9:26PM  
You were a lucky girl, Sugar. Honest. That's a great story.

Jul 7 @ 9:39PM  
Thanks samclaunts and Skwirl.

I remember an ex boyfriend when I was in my 20's. He used to always call me a "Daddy's girl" as a way of insulting me. Used to piss him off when I'd say "yes I am".

Jul 7 @ 9:45PM  
Dad...he may grumble a lot now...but....I say he's earned that right. He still today will go above and beyond for his daughters....and for that...he will always be number one in my eyes. Thanks Dad!

This was a great story!

Jul 7 @ 9:54PM  
It was a good story! It's funny how the smallest things can bring back the greatest memories that we have! I just love that!!!

Kudo to you!!!

Jul 8 @ 10:47AM  
Yanno all it takes is one stroll down memory lane to stir memories for others. I loved my Dad and he wasn't a bad Dad...just distant 'cause I don't think he knew exactly what to do with 4 girls. I lost him when I was 24 yrs. old.

But even though he didn't interact with us girls, he was still a presence that made us feel safe and secure.

I'm sorry Sam that you don't have special memories of your folks. Sometimes that happens. Yet surely somewhere there is good memories in our childhood no matter who we shared it with. Kids have a way of having fun and adventure just because....well just because they're KIDS.

I know I often made my own fun and created my own adventures and I had friends to share it with. I loved my Mom 'n Dad but neither of them "played" with us kids once we were into school age. They worked and took care of us and we knew were loved by being taken care of because there were no hugs or kisses or "I love you" in our family...and very little unnecessary conversations either.

But my oh my....I do have a ton of GOOD childhood memories...

Jul 8 @ 12:13PM  
My dad had this habit of just deciding to buy a car and it usually had to be something fancy with all of the bells and whistles. We never owned a station wagon. We got a new 1958 Ford Skyliner. One time he put the top down and a solenoid went out and he couldn't get the top to come out of the trunk. It was raining the next day and he drive to work in the rain with the top down. Damn that was funny.

Shortly thereafter my mother learned to drive and she inherited it. He went and got a 1957 Corvette. He had that for several years then opted for 1967 Chevy El Camino. He wasn't that happy with it so he got a 1969 Corvette.

My mom, normally quite passive, started complaining about her having to drive the old Ford. Now he drove 40 miles to work one way and I doubt the drove 40 miles in a month. He went and got her a new 1969 Dodge Coronet. But it was the low budget model with no air conditioning. She got pissed. I'll never forget her sternly asking, "Why do I have to have cheapie!" He was quite taken aback and had the funniest look on his face.

Hell, the last vehicle he bought about four years ago was a fire engine red Dodge Dakota 4X4 with a hemi.

Jul 8 @ 12:49PM  
Great Dad stories! I loved my Dad! He had many cars too...but my Mom always had AC in her cars too...except before there was any....

Jul 8 @ 7:26PM  
there were no hugs or kisses or "I love you" in our famil

Same with mine. We knew our parents loved us just by the things they would do for us. Dad giving us rides on his dune buggy's, or in that big red machine of his in the winter, or Mom would just out of the blue make chocolate chip cookies cause she knew we loved them. No special occasions...she would just make them.

Even now...Dad letting my sister drive that truck of his, or letting me buy his van off him for only $1,000 when he could have sold it for more. Or, my youngest sister who has been struggling....he's been making her mortgage payments for her. There are lots of ways to show love for one another.

The last "brand new" car my Dad ever bought was his 1983 Chevy Impala. It was an awesome car! It was almost the same shade of blue as the Michigan State Police cars...and, at the time, the State Police were driving the Chevy Impalas, Caprices, along with the Ford Crown Vics. And it was funny as hell at night coming up behind other drivers with that car and you could just tell they were thinking they had a state cop behind them. Dad had that car for about 15 years before he sold it.

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My Dad and his cars