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Have You Ever Attended One of Your High School Reunions?

posted 7/4/2010 8:02:33 AM |
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tagged: fun, people, life

A fellow blogger in Pervia got me thinking about my high school days yesterday evening with his blog on high school rings…and more specifically…my high school reunion.

Back when I was in high school…I could have gone to all the dances...but I was always more interested in other things while I was attending high school. Yes…my head was usually buried in a book…or I was chasing a ball down the court…or I was rehearsing lines on stage…so dances and such just didn’t interest me…or take up much of my time.

My female relatives used to shake their heads and wag their fingers while telling me how I would live to regret my decisions. Interestingly enough…I never did.

So how bout it Pervia…have you ever attended one of your high school reunions?

If you did…was it what you expected? Details please.

Me? I’ve stuck to my avoidance and stayed away from all my high school reunions so far. However…when my 10-year reunion occurred…I did run into some good friends at a local haunt and we decided to hang out for a little while that evening. But I really wasn’t interested in the whole organized reunion.

Your turn…

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Jul 4 @ 8:26AM  
I never attended any or had any real interest in it. The fact that I am over a thousand miles away is another factor. My 40th was last year and someone contacted me about it. There was a Web site for people too. There was only one person who posted on it that I was remotely interested it. I posted a picture, a bio, and my email. I never heard from anyone so obviously our apathy is mutual.

Another factor is the girls. Most I hung with, dated, etc. were a year or two younger. Add to that, that they change their last names by marriage so tracking them down is very difficult, though I have put forth an effort to do so in the past when I was driving out to California.

As I recall from several other blogs on this subject in the past, most people are not interested in a reunion and stayed in touch with those that they wanted to.

Jul 4 @ 8:50AM  
Like an 'Army brat', I have been on the move through most of my life (yet again late Fall or Spring of next year) AHS (After High School) so, if there were invitations sent, I never received any and may or may not have been interested, depending on what was going on at the time!


Jul 4 @ 9:57AM  
yes, i have been to many high school reunions, all but the last one, which was last year, because i had already planned to take my granddaughters to see kevin skinner at the local high school.

i went to a very small school, only 42 in my graducating class.

nice blog Kat! kudo for you

Jul 4 @ 12:18PM  

A high school reunion is where old friends meet to see who's falling apart.

Never been to one.

Jul 4 @ 1:15PM  
Not yet, but my presence has been demanded at the 30th next year. We'll see.. we'll see.

Jul 4 @ 1:36PM  
I haven't ever one. My senior year of highscholl is when we moved to Tennessee and most of the kids at that highschool had known each other since kindergarten and before at church. I was just there a year, so I didn't make life long friends.
The highschool I went to in Scottsdale had kids moving in and out at various stages of their grades and my few friends that were there all eventually ended up in California, so really not an option to attend there either.

Jul 4 @ 8:37PM  
We moved when I started my senior year, so , so I wouldn't go back to a reunion...we moved every 2 years and I have no desire to re-live the past

Jul 4 @ 9:13PM  
I attended the largest high school (at the time) in the state of Missouri. I went to my 20th High School reuion and had a great time seeing people I hung out with in high school. It seemed that the people who I did not remember and did not remember me had some problems relating with each other. As one close friend said toward the end of the reunion "I am sick of saying I have a wife, two kids and I live in _____ and work for ______." I found that College Homecomings are a lot more fun.

Jul 4 @ 9:37PM  
My class really never had one by itself per say. When there have been reunions every year, it actually involved every class dating back to the 40's, so I really didn't think I would have enjoyed it.

I do think we have something coming up Aug. 1 with about 3 or 4 of the classes back in the mid 80's when I was in high school.

Jul 4 @ 10:12PM  
My high school class will have our 50 year reunion next year. We had one for the 10, 20, 30, 40, 45, and will have the one next year. I have been to all of them and plan on being at the one next year. Other classes that we went to school with have had reunions but none of them have been very big. For some reason, our class has had really good attendance at all of our, some even coming back the the States from foreign countries to attend.

Jul 5 @ 1:56AM  
I taught myself the last two years but had little in common with those I knew my freshman or sophmore year so never had an interest in going. I have run into a couple of people I went to school with and they pretty much turned out as I thought they would.

Jul 5 @ 2:31AM  
I grew up in Compton, Ca., and I have no desire to ever see that place again.

That, and the fact that when I graduated, I gave my address & number to everybody that I really wanted to keep in touch with: of those, I've only ever heard from two - and I still talk to them today...if the others didn't want to keep in touch with me then, why would I want to see them now?

'Nuff said.

Jul 5 @ 10:25AM  
I don't care to see ANY of those people again.

Jul 5 @ 6:44PM  
Nope, never gone to any of my high school reunions. No appeal to it for me.

Jul 5 @ 7:31PM  
I grew up in Compton, Ca.,

I grew up in Long Beach. So tell me, do they hold the reunions at the L.A. County Jail?

Jul 5 @ 8:02PM  
I haven't attended a reunion, yet I seem to be getting a collection of fellow students on my FB page. I wonder if they can't spell now how did they graduate?

Jul 14 @ 5:21AM  
Well...I guess I'm not alone in how I feel about high school reunions.

Thanks so much for all the comments...I really appreciate your time.

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Have You Ever Attended One of Your High School Reunions?