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Rambling Thoughts from a Deranged Skwirl

posted 7/3/2010 9:17:20 PM |
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I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Remember when we were in school, every morning we would stand at our desks, face the flag and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Did it do any of us any harm? Did saying God make anyone uncomfortable? Were you ashamed to be patriotic? Did you stand at attention with your hand over your heart and your hat in your hand when the Star Spangled Banner was played? If you were in Scouts did you salute?

What has happened to USA? Seriously? We don't allow God or patriotism in our schools anymore. But it's perfectly all right to curse and act out. ? I ask you ? When did the children become the end all of society? Was it when Whitney sang? "I believe that children are our future, treat them well and let them lead the way." Ok, I agree with that. But let them run roughshod over everyone was not included in the thought process.

Anyway, that's part one of rambling thoughts... it's been a day and oooboy .. I've got a lot of rambles.

I was having a conversation with an old school chum this morning. It was hilarious. I'ma share, you're gonna put up with it. Get snotty and I'll smack ya with an empty threat. Ya hear?

She said: So, I get up at 4:30 this morning, work my ass off all day, head to the lake at 6:30 to perform a wedding then finally get to head home around 8:30. My mother gets upset that I'm not answering my phone (uh sorry, up to my ass in crocodiles) and calls Ken's phone. He tells her that I'm doing a wedding and will call her when I'm done. So, on my way home I call her and the conversation goes something like this:
"Ken said you were doing a wedding. Was it Pat Temple's niece's wedding?"
"Pat Temple's niece."
"Who's Pat Temple's niece?"
"You know."
"Ummm, no I don't."
"Yes you do, she used to live in John Day."
"I have no idea Mommy."
"Yes you do, you're doing her wedding. I think her name is Michelle something."
"I have no idea who you're talking about."
"Yes you do. You know, she's a short little blond girl. Her last name is Bothein."
"OHHHH. Shelia! No, it wasn't that wedding, it's next month. And it's her daughter getting married."
"Oh, Michelle?"
"Uh, no, Ivory Rose."
"Oh right, that's what I said...."
I swear, she's trying to make me lose my mind! And the part that really pissed me off? I had to call her back an hour later just to find out how the hell Pat was your aunt! So, my mother is crazy and I've figured out your linage! Just thought I should share.

I said:
I'm ROFLMSAO. I'm sorry, no wait, I'm not sorry.. that's so funny. I have that exact convo with my Mom regularly.. well almost.. the you know this person.. no, no I don't.

Yup.. Aunt Pat is my Aunt. She was married to my Uncle Howard for 25 years so, despite the fact that they've been divorced for 14 or so years, she's still my Aunt Pat.

Really, it's an easy mistake, Sheila/Michelle.. since I'm a Walker now, til I get that sucker changed.. and Michelle is a Walker now.. used to be a Millard.. anyway.. yeah. Gawd, I can't help it.. it's funny.

Don't hate me cuz I'm laughin k?

She said: LOL. No, it really was funny. I knew you would appreciate it. I need to write a book called "Conversations with my mother". I'll have to tell you the one that I had with her where she told me that she wasn't feeling well and thought she had that thing that she got in Mexico again. "Starts with a 'G'" she said. Again we went through the whole "I don't know, yes you do" thing. Then she proceeded to try to come up with the word until she blurted out "Gonorrhea". Ummm, pretty sure not. But if it is, it's one thing to pick it up on vacation in Mexico, but to get it again in John Day? What the hell?! Such a good story and a conversation with your mother that shouldn't be had while you're driving... (the word she was looking for was Giardia a waterborn parasite)

Hmmm that's all for now, but I may be back. Happy Independence Day Y'all. What does Independence mean to you? Was it worth it?

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Jul 3 @ 10:47PM  
I pledg!!! Shud be required in school!!

Jul 3 @ 11:00PM  
Yeppers...I remember the Pledge in school. And I'm still alive. I'm not offended by the word "God" either. Seeing a cross in someones yard doesn't offend me. Hell, I'm not offended by the fact that in court when called to the witness stand, they ask you to place your right hand on the Bible. This politically correct bullshit is way out of control. It's ridiculous.

btw...loved the conversation. I've had similar conversations with my Mom too.

Jul 3 @ 11:27PM  
it's been a day and oooboy .. I've got a lot of rambles.
I noticed.

Jul 3 @ 11:33PM  
Our country has its faults, like any other country does- what sets us apart from others, is that we're FREE to make changes, to make our country better than any country on this planet going!

Also, the word FREE means (among many other things) that anyone who doesn't like our country or our way of life or the word GOD or capitalism or anything else they dislike are... fucking FREE to leave anytime they want... which is more than I can say of some other countries I can think of!!! Please do- the rest of us promise not to miss your ass, at all!

The fact that people like that, have so much hatred in their souls, makes me smile because I know their lives are miserable- THAT, makes me happy and appreciate what we have here!

Have a safe, fun 4th folks!!!


Jul 4 @ 3:17AM  
I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
And so many of the ones who don't want this allowed are the ones who scream the loudest for their liberties and the justice they feel they are not getting.

If you want to say the Pledge of Allegiance, then do so... if you don't then don't BUT Do Not try to take away my right to do so.

Jul 4 @ 7:05AM  
I had 18 years of it..15 in the third grade..
Caught up with my Pappy and we both got kicked
out cause we wouldn't shave
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Rambling Thoughts from a Deranged Skwirl