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All About Tabby *(REPOST)*

posted 7/3/2010 1:28:54 AM |
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tagged: sex, lesbian

More than Tabitha's soft brunette curls bounced as she jumped up and down naked on the old green pull out couch I called a bed so many nights in my office. With each rise and fall, her perfectly round, ample, vermillion nippled breasts went with her. When she would turn in circles, her perfectly round porcelain-toned ass would jiggle a little as well.

I sat in a chair in the corner of the office with the lamp turned low, watching her jump and giggle like the college girl she was. I sipped on a by now warm beer and felt the moisture rising in my jeans, beneath the underwear I wore that sported an attatched strap-on cock.

So many girls came in and out of here every day, naked or next to naked, handing me money and time cards and blowing me kisses and grabbing my ass, that it had become all but boring to see another naked air headed girl sit on my lap and attempt to get into my pants. I was the office manager at a local strip club, and I was a workaholic to say the least, hence the bed in my office. Many girls had been on it and in it, but no girl I had ever met was like Tabby.

Tabby was smart, super smart and sexy to boot. She knew her looks and her body would fade with age, and that she couldn't be a stripper forever. Most of the blond haired, big boobed bimbos that came in my office (in more ways than one) thought they would make millions on looks alone. Tabby was smarter than that, though. So she was doing this for now to make money to put her through school. She was working on a degree in Auto-Engineering. See? Smart. And there was no denying the sexy that went with it, as I watched her finally flounce down onto the mattress and fold her legs Indian-Style. I could just see the small strip of hair she kept so neatly trimmed around her taught pussy.

I felt the moisture growing in my jeans, and my own clit pressed itself hard against the back of the strap-on cock. The equvialent of a hard on, for a female at least. If I had sported a real dick I imagine that I would have already shot my load by now.

Tabby was talking incessantly about shoes, books, school. I sipped my beer and listened quietly, throwing my leg over the chair for some relief, taking in the beauty of her and her excitement. Tabby was spending the night at the office with me because her apartment was being painted. She jabbered and I listened; closely. Her bouncing breasts and curls and the line of her long legs fading into the curly brunette hair that matched the curls on her head had me stirred.

It's not like I'd never seen her naked. I'd seen her naked a hundred times. Well, naked except for Stiletto high-heeled shoes and ten pounds of stripper paint to show up in the lights while she was on the pole. Here, she looked clean, fresh. No make-up to cover what was already a flawless face, except for the tiniest of beauty marks above her rose shaped lips, which I, personally, found sexy as hell. I knew she hated it, though. And she looked stunning. Naked. Here. In my bed.

I stood up and took my hat off, threw it in the chair, sat my beer on the table and walked over to where she was sitting on the end of the bed, and sat down next to her.

'Do you know how beautiful you are?' I asked. She got a shy look on her face and looked down at the plaid patterned sheet on the bed.

'No'. She said quietly. 'I mean I know I am what society would consider attractive. Otherwise I couldn't do what I am doing now. But what I am doing now doesn't make me feel beautiful. It makes me feel dirty'. She hung her head farther.

I had been in her same shoes, back when I was a stripper. I felt the same way. Dirty old men leering, stuffing money in your underwear, thinking the tip they gave you gives them a right to slip a finger through your slit. It did feel dirty. I reached out and picked her chin up softly with my hand.

'Girl', I said. 'Be proud of yourself. You are a strong, independent woman who is making her own way in the world, and not depending on anybody else to do it. You work at one of the most well known gentleman's clubs in town, not at a dive down on sixth street giving blow jobs for twenty bucks. You are an entertainer. Adult entertainer. And you do it well.'

She smiled at me and I leaned in to kiss her, hoping she would not push me away. I knew she had never been with a woman, because she had told me that before. Many times she had come in and saw me lying naked in bed with another air headed bimbo, one of the girls who would randomly sleep with me because I had the power to adjust her schedule or whatever, or because she was horny and bored.

Tabby was so different. And she let me kiss her. I engulfed her lips with mine slowly at first, nibbling at the corner of her lips near that beautiful birth mark, and then I felt her slip her arms around me, and slip her tongue into my mouth. I pulled her up onto my lap and she spread those long beautiful legs around my waist, and she kissed and sucked hungrily on my lower left lip while she ran her fingers through my hair. I slipped my arms around her tiny waist, and began to feel her grind her ample hips into the bulge in my jeans.

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Jul 3 @ 1:29AM  
We stayed entagled that way for what seemed forever, her grinding and moaning against me, each of us suckling one another's lips and darting our tongues in and out of each others mouth slowly at first, and then with haste, with an urgency I can't describe. I picked her up and turned around, lay her back on the bed in front of me. Her long brunette curls fell soft around her face, and then back on the mattress beside her. Her big, round, brown eyes glistened with excitement, not just excitement, but desire. Desire for me. My God, but she was beautiful.

I knelt to the ground in front of the bed and pulled her legs up over my shoulders, and then, with slow, small, wet kisses, I made my way up her thighs, running my tongue across the crease of her legs, one at a time, until she was pulling my hair and thrusting her hips toward my tongue, begging for it to stroke her clit. Which it did. She tasted of rain and jasmine; sweet and fresh like a summer evening. I sucked her taste and her clit in my mouth, flicking over it with tongue, nibbling it lightly with my teeth, as I inserted a finger into her sweet, by now soaking-wet pussy as deeply as I could and began pushing gently upward on her g-spot. Before I knew it, she had my hair in both hands and was screaming "I'm FUCKING CUMMING!" over and over again. I let her pull. It felt good as I buried my face into her.

When I could finally puill away, I stood up and looked down at her, her eyes dim now with satisfaction. But I wanted more as I saw her with those legs still spread wide and those beautiful breasts glistening in the low light with beadlets of perspiration. I wanted to fuck her. No. I wanted to make love to her.

I told her to scoot up on the bed, and she did as I asked. I took my pants off and her eyes got wide as she realized what the bulge in my jeans had actually been. She smiled in favor of it as I climbed up on the bed and hovered over her. I began to kiss her gently and she moaned as she tasted herself on my lips. I ran my lips down the side of her face, to her neck, nibbling, nibbling my way back to her ear, and seh reached out and grabbed the cock with both hands, pulling it down toward her, as if to say now, I want it now, do it now.

So I obliged. I raised myself above her and wrapped both of her legs around my waist, parking them on my hips. I entered her slowly, for as wet as she was, she was tight, so tight that I had to go slowly in order for her to take all eight inches into her. When I finally had entered her to the hilt, I parked myself push up style and began to stroke in and out of her slowly in a circular motion. She put her hands in my hair and twisted and kissed me and moaned incessantly as I made love to her. I could feel my own clit about to give way to orgasm as it rubbed against the rubber of the strap on. Before long she was ramming her hips into me, grabbing my ass and begging me to go faster.

So I obliged. I fucked her with all my might. With all the strength that was in my I slammed into her over and over, and before long I felt her wetness spill out onto the cock and onto my stomach. I couldn't hold back my own orgasm any more so I let out a yelp as my wetness flowed into hers. Then I fell atop her and kissed her on her forehead; on her perfect nose; on the perfect beauty mark she so hated. Hoping for many more nights like this.....

Jul 3 @ 1:30AM  
I just gave myself a kudo.. cuz I deserve it.. don't ya think? And no one can stop me...BWAHHHAAAHHA lol


Jul 3 @ 1:51AM  
Wow...that was hot!

Oh...and here's a greenie. You definitely deserve it.

Jul 3 @ 2:25AM  
Thanks for the greenie ... :)

Jul 3 @ 2:40AM  
one question, WHAT IN THE HELL IS A KUDO? whats a greenie?

Jul 3 @ 3:28AM  
oh thanks 4 lettin me know! that clears up so much...

Jul 3 @ 11:16PM  
Good story!

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All About Tabby *(REPOST)*