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Which Wonder Woman look do you like best?

posted 7/1/2010 10:04:06 PM |
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tagged: sexy, fantasy, fashion, straddle

They're changing Wonder Woman!

Comic book vixen Wonder Woman is trading in her star-spangled hot pants for an updated look featuring leggings and spurs, according to an IGN interview published Tuesday.

Down below is the link to the old look vs. new look pics

Wonder Woman old vs. new look


Personally, I like the old look for Wonder Woman, and I felt that they should have left it alone.

So, Pervia, which do like best, and why?

Bonus question:

What fantasy super hero is your all-time favorite?

As for which ones that I like best, I would say both Superman and Super Girl.

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Jul 1 @ 10:26PM  
Looks like our lurker is back running up the view count once again on my latest blog. Thanks, buddy!

Jul 2 @ 1:38AM  

I'm with you Shawn. I like the oler version. They always fuck things up by making changes.

Jul 2 @ 1:54AM  
I prefer the old one. Lynda Carter was hot.

Jul 2 @ 1:59AM  
I prefer the old one. Lynda Carter was hot.
I agree with you. She was pretty hot in that role!

Jul 2 @ 6:15AM  
The old one, even have a tattoo of wonder woman on my right forearm ,lynda carter made a big impression on me! lol

Jul 2 @ 9:08AM  
Lynda was HOT, HOT, HOT
The new one is NOT, NOT, NOT

I've always dealt with reality so fantasy was never an issue with me..

Jul 2 @ 2:12PM  
I knew my breasts were smallish when I saw Lynda for the first time!

Jul 2 @ 3:20PM  
I loved Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. She always kicked butt...and never broke a sweat. Her gold lasso and funky red boots were pretty darn sexy too.

Of course...Lynda Carter will ALWAYS be the best Wonder Woman.

I've never had a big thing for super heros...but my son had a huge crush on Supergirl for a really long time. He was 8 at the time and I thought it was adorable.


Jul 2 @ 4:56PM  
Here are some revealing pics of her.

I saw her in an episode of Law & Order with Fred Thompson four or five years ago and she looked great. More recently I have seen her as spokesperson for some product in commercials and she still looks good for a woman who bill be 59 in a few weeks.

Jul 3 @ 1:43AM  
Sigh.. so many fantasies run through my little head..wonder woman..catwoman.. why must they be clothed at all?


P.S. Gave you a greenie.

Jul 3 @ 11:38AM  
I'm with the others....they shouldn't change Wonder Woman. And yes, I grew up watching Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman...always wanted the red boots she wore.

All time favorite fantasy hero? That's hard...I loved Dyno Mutt and Scooby Doo.....then there was The Wonder Twins......and Captain's just too hard to choose an all time favorite.

Jul 3 @ 2:18PM  
Neither Tommy or myself were interested in super heroes. He did religiously watch Superman on TV in the fifties, but we never bought any comic books involving super heroes. In the mid sixties, we did watch the TV show, Batman. As Tommy said, "It is so phony, it's funny."

If we weren't watching cartoons or the Three Stooges, our thing was war movies first, gangster flicks second, and westerns third. The criteria was simple; if we weren't laughing, we wanted some killin"!!!

Moving away from Tommy and I, I was about sports and ate up on it. I had the baseball and football cards to prove it.

Jul 11 @ 10:06PM  
linda carter


Jul 12 @ 2:05AM  
I got pulled in at a weigh station back in December, and the CHP officer that gave me the red light (my load shifted, and my drive axles were about 4000 lbs overweight as a result!!! ) was a dead-ringer for a young Lynda Carter - but taller, and had brown eyes instead of blue...I fell in love!!!!!

I asked her how often her hubby (yeah - she was sportin' a HUGE ring with enough jewels in it to light up the whole office in a blackout) tells her that she looks just like Lynda Carter, and she broke out in the biggest smile and asked me " REALLY!?!?!?"

She then did the bracelet thing - you know - pretending to deflect bullets with her bracelets, thanked me for the compliment - then proceeded to let me know that she wasn't really married: she wears the ring to chase off the wolves(! she's a cop - she can simply shoot them!), then told me that I wasn't getting a ticket because I complimented her!

I stopped in my tracks on the way out the door and stumbled over my words, trying to make it clear that I wasn't trying to talk my way out of a ticket - that she really was that gorgeous, but thanks anyway for not giving me the ticket!

Yeah - Lynda Carter does it.

My favorite superheroes? It's a three-way tie between Wonder Woman, the 1960's-era Spiderman, and - The Tick.


Apr 7 @ 5:43AM  
I like the origional version,but at least they don't have Beyonce doing it...she would not made a good wonder woman.

Jun 16 @ 2:42PM  
lynda carter hands down is the better wonder woman & i`ve met both of them in person lynda carter is sexier than the new wonder woman

Jun 17 @ 8:46AM  
WOW!!!! ^^^ That's impressive
So what is Lynda doing nowadays..??
And Adrianne...??

Jun 18 @ 3:39PM  
she may be 60 years old but she still a sexy looking 35 no one can replace her as the amazon goddess

Jun 18 @ 6:43PM  
the new wonder woman suit is not that good looking the suit lynda carter was better looking

Jun 18 @ 6:45PM  
lynda carter in her wonder woman suit is hot & sexy better than the new look

Jun 25 @ 2:57PM  
Though no match for Lynda Carter, for someone who had no WW aspirations, Emily Deschanel did all right, even down to the boots.

Jun 25 @ 8:25PM  
i saw her too some people sandra bullock was the 1st choice to be wonder woman

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Which Wonder Woman look do you like best?