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What Do You Sneak Into the Movie Theatre?

posted 6/30/2010 9:54:54 PM |
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tagged: fun, movies, food, life, entertainment

The summer movie season is upon us and I’ve been contemplating a few possible movie choices. I’ve also been thinking about changing back to my reeeeeealy big purse…yanno…the kind that is awesome for sneaking things into a movie theatre.

Now I don’t do this every time…but the prices they charge at the theatre for a bag of candy…or a soft drink is so outrageous…and kind of stupid. So back in the day when I was a lot poorer and a lot younger…I started sneaking a few snacks into the theatre to keep my theatre costs down.

In fact…I used to hit the Saturday bargain matinee for $2 per person…and then pop a bag of microwave popcorn right before my son and I left for the theatre. I would then stop at the 7-11 and pick up a drink for each of us…and a small bag of licorice for my son. Yes Pervia…I could take two people to the movies for less than $10 back in the 90’s.

These days…it simply depends on whether I feel like munching on something…which isn't too often anymore…but it seems the company I keep is always eyeing my purse…and trying to slip something in for the movies.

So Pervia…what kinds of things do you sneak into the theatre?

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever snuck into the theatre?

Me? Well…when the mood strikes…as evil as they are…I occasionally just have to have a bag of Reece’s pieces or some snowcaps...and a nice frosty bottle of cherry Pepsi. These days…I only sneak in the occasional granola bar and a bottle of water. Gessssssh…how boring have I become?

The weirdest thing I've snuck in would have to be leftover tuna casserole and leftover lasagna in a Tupperware bowl…and yes…I even brought my own fork.

Your turn…

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Jun 30 @ 10:27PM  
I don't do movies hardly at all, but when I do, I go to the dollar store and stock up on munchies, usually candy. I may not want any candy for over a week, but once in the theater, BOOM, within 15 minutes I have a craving for chocolate covered almonds. Even though I try to get a full meal ahead of time it happens. Besides the chocolate almonds are good to chuck at the loud mouthed kid ahead of you a few rows that won't shut the fuck up during the picture.

What I miss are the drive ins. You had privacy. You can eat, smoke, drink, fuck all in the privacy of your own car with no obnoxiously distracting people to bother you. What a concept! It worked for me 40 years ago!!! The nearest one to me and the 6.5 million people in the Metroplex is about 50 miles away. How did that happen?

Jun 30 @ 10:31PM  
Believe it or not, I have never really sneaked anything into a movie theater. I guess I'm one of those people that really doesn't like to eat while watching a movie at the movie theaters.

Jun 30 @ 11:11PM  
Believe it or not, I have never really sneaked anything into a movie theater.

That is amazing. When Marti was a kid we always took her and her cousins, or buds to the dollar store to stock up (cheaper for us as they never had money). We gave them enough pocket money for a tub of popcorn. It is hard to sneak popcorn in and what is a movie without popcorn?

We even went so far as to get dry roasted peanuts and put them in baggies and stuff like that. This often happened when we had a house full of kids as we would alternate with other parents or my wife's sisters on the weekends keeping the kids. Before they went to the theater, we stuffed them as much as we could with lunch or dinner. If your didn't, the appetites went into overdrive and could get damned expensive

Jul 1 @ 12:03AM  

I have to go with Shawn on this one.

Jul 1 @ 12:22AM  
i snuck a midget and a side of beef in............those were sum good ribs

Jul 1 @ 1:57AM  
You snuck a midget in???? I guess that could be a snack...iffin ya think a midget is bite size. like movie snacks, but really just want a bottled water and some tarts...the em...but I never thought aboughsneeking snacks in...hmmmmmmmmmmmm...haven't been to the movies in a long time. I watch Netflix in bed wvwrynight after work and do it with no snacks...not really a snacker.

Jul 1 @ 2:01AM  
Just soda or bag of chips- nothing extreme. I recall one time long time ago when my father took us kids to the movies, he had me try to smuggle 2 cans of soda in either pocket of my shorts into the theater.

It was so obvious with outline of the cans and noise of liquid moving, but it was the $1 theater so no one gave a shit. Funny the look I had on my face though.

Jul 1 @ 3:56AM  
i wouldnt consider going to the movies and not sneak something in, now a days it is usually a bottle of water.

My aunt took her own pizza one time...and the management made her leave

Jul 1 @ 4:58AM  
If they catch you sneaking anything into the movies here, you and your whole party will be removed. The same with the arcades in the area. They do have security to check large bags and oversized coats for "safety" reasons but my daughter who is a manager of an entertainment complex says what they usually find is contraband candy, popcorn and sodas. Although last week at the local arcade what they found were handguns in the handbags of two 16 year old girls.

The last time I was in a movie theatre was in 1999.

Jul 1 @ 11:51AM  
Sugar free chocolates and diet/caffeine free soda they never have those things. LOL I used to work at a theater.. so ummm.. I have sneaked all kinds of things in.

Jul 1 @ 12:29PM  
Well...we weren't a movie family. There was one theater in the town where we shopped and I saw 2 movies there when I was fairly small....Bambi and The Day the Earth Stood Still.

When I was older, there was the drive-in but we never snuck anyone in but as far as snacks...hell everyone pretty much took their own popcorn, candy and drinks cause it was cheaper.

There was a theater here when we first moved here but I never went....wasn't use to going to movies and it wasn't a big interest for me. But again we had a drive-in and I did like that.

But a girlfriend and I DID sneak into a burlesque show at the street fair one year when we were about 13... Wonder why they don't have burlesque shows at fairs anymore....what a hoot to watch the girls come outside on a stage to give a preview and watch all the men oogle 'n drool...gaud I remember that like it was yesterday.

Jul 1 @ 3:15PM  
there was the drive-in but we never snuck anyone in

Ah, yes, I remember that one when I was in junior high. A friend of mine had an older brother and he was a cool guy, but he was ugly. Ugly guys didn't have girlfriends but enjoyed movies. The drive in was the suburban LA lovers' lane for couples in high school.

As he was so cool, he would take us to the drive in. There would be he and his sister in the front seat (it was two dollars per person), and four or five of us piled up and crammed in the trunk of his 1962 Buick Electra 225. Once we got our space and parked, he would let us out. One time, Joey cut a greasy, nasty fart when we were jammed in the trunk and in the line for admission. That is another story, but it was bad! But the pay off was that the "trunkers" had to pay for refreshments.

The problem came when we piled out and had to squeeze seven people into the car (nobody thought about that). The problem was resolved by a couple of people getting on the car's roof (on this trip it was dictated that it be Joey for obvious reasons). Well, the people behind us began to bitch that the people on the roof were obstructing their view, so Joey and this other guy had to sit on the ground next to the car.

Jul 1 @ 6:38PM  
What I miss are the drive ins

Same here! Dad used to take the family out either Friday or Saturday nights to the local drive in which was about a half mile up the road. My sisters and I always knew we were going to the movies when Mom would pop a paper grocery bag full of popcorn. And it wasn't Jiffy pop either. It was the old fashioned heat up the oil, put in the kernels, and put the lid on the pan and shake. Oh, and Dad would be filling up his cooler with beer for him and mom, and pop/soda for my sisters and I. And...Mom always remembered the mosquito repellent. Dad would let us kids sit on the roof of the car/van...whatever he happened to have at the time. Then later on, when my sister and I hit our teens, and that drive in was still around..we did the "sneak friends in the trunk" every Saturday night. We'd have the windows up smoking joints, drinking...having a good old time.

As for movie theatre's....I would go to the little grocery store behind my parents house, stock up on candy bars and a bottle of pop/soda, put my goodies in my purse and I'd be on my way. Today...I don't even know if my area still has a drive in...but, I also don't go to theatre's too much anymore. I'm not going to pay 7 or 8 bucks for a movie only to listen to people yell, talk on their cell phones, and get in my way. I'll wait till the movie is on dvd, rent it, and watch it in the privacy of my home and then I can munch on whatever I want.

Jul 4 @ 4:02PM  
Well Peeps...I still love to go to the theatre occasionally for a good movie...but I have to admit my visits are becoming very far and few in between these days because of the quality of movies...and their ridiculous expense.

A special thanks for the heads up RJ. I had no idea you could get tossed out because of sneaking snacks into the theatre. I simply thought they would confiscate the contraband. Oh and learn right?

Thanks so much for all the fun drive-in well as all the wonderful comments. I really enjoyed reading them...especially the drive-in stories.

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What Do You Sneak Into the Movie Theatre?