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Road Trips...Which Road Trip Was Your Longest...Which One Was Your Favorite?

posted 6/30/2010 3:01:10 PM |
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I remember back in 2004…when I made the long journey with a U-Haul moving truck all the way from Oklahoma City to Vancouver, British Columbia. This trip was so amazing! I loved all the different states (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington) and all the different types of scenery along the way.

I had truly forgotten how much I really loved a good road trip. From cruising down Route 66…stopping over in Disneyland and California World for 3 days…and then continuing up I-5 along the coast…until I finally reached Vancouver, B.C. I simply could not take enough pictures…and trust me…I took LOTS and LOTS of pictures!

I was looking at some of those pictures the other day…and it got me thinking about this trip…and all the other fun road trips I took as a child. I simply love the laid back…take your time…adventures you can discover during an ordinary road trip. Yeah…I know flying gets you there quicker…and I like to fly too…but there’s just something about a road trip that always brings out the adventurer in me.

So Pervia…Which road trip was your longest?

Which road trip was your favorite?

Me? My longest road trip was my trek from Oklahoma City to Vancouver. And trust me…as much as I enjoyed large parts of this trip…I didn't need a kid in the backseat asking “Are we there yet?”…because I started asking this very question many times when I was still in California…then in Oregon…and I LOVE Oregon…and then again in Washington. This trip was crazy long…and it would have been that much better if I had had the luxury of an extra week to make this journey. Two weeks just wasn’t long enough...because I personally love to get out and explore…yanno…really explore.

I think some of my favorite road trips took place in Oklahoma and Texas. It’s amazing how much fun you can actually have right in your own backyard…especially when you have good company along for the ride.

Your turn…

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Jun 30 @ 3:52PM  
The road trip the longest for me is from Ohio all the way down to Miami, Florida, and back again when I was 15. I had a great time.

Jun 30 @ 4:27PM  

L.A., Calif to Detroit, Mich. on RT 66 was my longest. Have made the trip several times over the years.

My best was the same trip in the late 50's.

Jun 30 @ 4:41PM  
which reminds me missy...

U-Haul rang and said they want their bloody truck back !

Jun 30 @ 5:42PM  
The longest was several weeks long in 1972 with many stops along the way. It basically followed this route: LA to Florida to Maine to New York to Kansas City to LA.

In 1974 there was the western US: LA to Las Vegas to Salt Lake City to Yellowstone to Spokane to Seattle then back to LA on PCH.

In 1975 there was one spanning weeks from Dallas to Detroit to Toronto to Montreal to New York to Washington D.C. to Dallas.

I would say the first one was the best as it was my first trip east of Missouri.

There were also some trips of over a three thousand miles round trip with my parents as a kid, but those were really drags. All we did was visit relatives on boring farms most of the time. There was nothing to do, nobody to do it with, and hotter than blazes... can you say boorrriiiinnnnngggggg!

But I also learned that you can have a much better time in places if you know somebody who lives there to show you around as opposed to doing the tourist thing blindly.

But for overall enjoyment, the shorter trips within a few hundred miles have been the most pleasurable. There have been too many of those to count.

Jun 30 @ 5:59PM  
That's really a hard question to answer for me..
I've probably driven a million or more miles in my life
Probably the most interesting was when I was a kid
and hitch hiked all over the west..
As far east as Chicago to Seattle to LA... Mostly starting out in Phoenix..

Jun 30 @ 5:59PM  
I wouldn't necessarily call this a "road trip", but, when my sisters and I were kids, and my Dad would take his vacation time, we would head up north to the cottage...unpack the family van, get the cottage set up, and my sisters and I would run off some energy we had built up in the hour and half drive while Mom got some dinner going. Then, next morning...we would have breakfast, and Dad would get us all in the van and just spend the whole day driving all over the state. And every summer we made at least one, if not two, excursions out to Mackinaw Island. I have always loved crossing the "Mighty Mac" (Mackinac Bridge) it is so beautiful, especially at night. And the U.P. of Michigan is breathtaking.

That's about the extent of my road cruising the state of Michigan. Fond memories I'll always cherish.

Jun 30 @ 6:21PM  
Does anybody remember the blog like this one last year, only the focus was on summer vacations as a kid? If so, who posted it (hell, it might have been me)? It had a lot great stories in it, many were hilarious, and I would love to put the link to it here. It would make for some great reading!

Jun 30 @ 7:44PM  
My longest road trip was from Seattle to Chihuahua Mexico. and home to Sacto. That was a TRIP and no it wasn't exactly fun, quite profitable, but not fun.

My favorite was from Oregon to Arizona and New Mexico. We did take time to see things like the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Palaces of the Moon, Vermillion Hills etc... and the badlands and a couple of old pueblos. Then we spent six months in AZ before coming home.

Jun 30 @ 8:11PM  
My longest trip was when we moved from Pope AFB, NC to Cheyenne, WY. We had a station wagon full of kids and dogs. Dad driving a Uhaul and towing his truck. I think it took us 4 days. Our dogs got loose at one of the motels we stayed in... that was great cause when Josey took off, she was a runner! That dog was everywhere with Chi Chi in tow... I didn't think we'd ever catch them. That was back in '81.

In '86, I rode with my brother and his family from Albuquerque, NM to Chester, SC, me in the backseat between two toddler boys... I don't recommend anyone ever do that!

Jun 30 @ 8:15PM  
Lets see..... longest was from Minneapolis to OR, down to CA, over to NC and then back to MN.

Fastest was driving from San Diego to Mpls in total time of 45 hours .. was a 7 hour siesta along the way. Had to take the long route through NM ans the Grand Canyon was under blizzard warnings.

Pleasurable ones ... too many to count.

Jun 30 @ 8:23PM  
My longest trip was from Detroit to Miami with my girlfriend at the time in the late 70s! She had friends there so, had a place to sleep while we vacationed there! That was fun- went up to Orlando to Cape Kennedy and toured around there! Saw the Saturn V launch vehicle with the Apollo space craft all laid out in sections, separated by about three feet between each, in a horizontal display- really neat! You can't appreciate the immensity of that vehicle, until you see it up close! That was the highlight of the trip!

Next longest was a trip to Columbia, S.C. from Detroit four years ago for a service call for my business! I actually went through my old boot camp, Ft. Jackson, S.C. and toured around there for a few hours- that was pretty cool! Another highlight was Gatlinburg, S.C. Been there a few times before my trip in '06- very popular tourist attraction now! Love the Smoky Mountains there!

Shortest trip was from San Diego, CA to Tijuana, Mexico, about 18 miles one way! Got into Tijuana early afternoon, stayed about 20 minutes and left- never got out of the rental with my girlfriend- just turned right around and drove back! Back then, all we saw were pot holes all over the streets, overhead power and phone lines went from point A to point B- not down one side of the streets and up the other- nope, they just criss crossed them to wherever they had to go! Many cars we saw, looked like they had been in a demolition derby!

I don't know about now but back then, it was wise to buy Mexican insurance before going over the border- or have cash to pay your way out if you had an accident, at least that's what we were told! We didn't, which was one good reason to get out quickly, after seeing what we saw!


Jun 30 @ 11:44PM  
The longest was several weeks long in 1972, it sounds great. It really wasn't in hindsight. We didn't know how to do it to optimize it. We came into a lot of places blind and missed a lot of things in hindsight. Now with the Internet, we have a lot more firepower. But what could we have done different that would have enhanced that trip?

If I had it to do over again with the circumstances at the time, I would have dropped into what appeared to be an appropriate bar frequented by locals. I would have picked their brains, bought a few drinks, and probably had a better time. Hell. I might have had a place to sleep besides the side of the road.

Jul 1 @ 12:16AM  
it was wise to buy Mexican insurance before going over the border

No fucking shit. I learned that real quick, and actually listened to people, having heard horror stories.

Jul 1 @ 5:40AM  
Two come to mind. One was from New York to Rapid City South Dakots to Los Angeles in a hippie van full of musicians. We went from garage to garage the whole way there. I flew back. My favorite one had to be from Panama to Columbia back to Panama up to El Salvador and back to Panama again back in 1971. . That one was a little more comfortable as the people I went with had a Mercedes instead of an old VW van. The one that seemed the longest was when I got the bright idea of taking a bus trip from Los Angeles to Dallas to see some friends. You know how big freakin Texas is when you stop at every town that has more than 5 people the whole way? And we went by way of El Paso. I never did that again.

Jul 14 @ 5:25AM  
Thanks for all the great comments and stories Pervia. I loved reading each and every one.

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Road Trips...Which Road Trip Was Your Longest...Which One Was Your Favorite?