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The Very Clever Fish…and the Snoopy Fishing Pole.

posted 6/29/2010 4:23:21 AM |
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tagged: funny, memories, life

Comet’s fun blog entitled Well hell, we're all OLD got me thinking about some of my own family stories. One particular story involving my son kept popping into my head and I thought I would share it here in Pervia.

One Saturday morning…when my son was 10-years-old…I took him to a fishing derby. This was not my first time fishing…nor was it my son’s…but you would have thought we were both newbies by the way we kept loosing our bait to a very clever fish. Now this clever fish continued to steal our bait for almost 2 hours…and he was really getting on my last nerve because somehow I was elected (I don’t remember any vote! ) to bait the hook. Well let me tell you something…I can think of a LOT of things I would rather be doing besides sticking squishy worms on a fishing hook but according to Zack…I was faster…so it was my job to do it. Oh goody.

Anyway...this continued for about an hour...when I finally realized I wasn’t fishing…I was baiting hooks…and Zack was fishing with 2 fishing poles…mine and his. So I told Zack it was my turn to do a little fishing...and to hand my fishing pole over. Well being the smartass he can sometimes be…he promptly handed me his snoopy fishing pole. I gave him a look that let him know I was not impressed…but he proceeded to tell me how he was really good…and because of this reason…he needed to use my pole because it was a grown-up fishing pole...and not a baby fishing pole.

Since Zack was trying to win a prize…I let him use my fishing pole for the rest of the fishing derby. Well…this clever fish continued to snatch our bait away…and he was really starting to piss me off because we came so close to catching him several times…but in the end he would always manage to get away.

Now Zack proceeded to catch several small fish…but nothing big…and I could tell he was becoming very frustrated because he really wanted to win a prize in the fishing derby. Now this is where the story gets interesting.

There was 5 minutes left in the fishing derby…and we had one worm left…so Zack told me to give it one more try because we both knew he was big...and since I had been playing with this fish for quite awhile…I gave it one last try. I cast my line out to where the clever fish had been hanging out all morning…and when I felt the him go for the bait…I jerked hard…I’m talking really hard… and somehow managed to finally snag him.

Well that fish fought and fought and fought. And I continued to reel him in on that little ole’ snoopy fishing pole. The pole bended and jerked multiple times…but it never broke…and the fish somehow stayed hooked. During all of this…I had Zack jumping up and down and screaming words of encouragement in the background because he was so excited. Hell...I was excited too!

Well...I continued to reel that fish in…sometimes by using the rod…and other times just using the line…but trying very hard not to break the line. When the fish was approximately 5 feet from the edge of the lake…the line finally broke.

At that very moment…Zack looked at me…and I looked at Zack…and without saying one word to each other…we both jumped into the lake at the very same time. We both were standing knee deep in water...and we both were grabbing frantically for that fish…Zack with his hands…and me with the net which I had quickly grabbed on my way into the water.

With Zack’s help…I was able to scoop the fish into the net…and throw him up onto grass where we had just been sitting. When we finally took a good look at that fish...we couldn’t believe our eyes. He was huge! And we had just a few minutes to get the fish to the officials before the derby officially ended.

At the end of the fishing derby…Zack was awarded the prize for biggest fish caught…and let me tell you…he couldn’t stop smiling…or telling everyone his big fish story. Before we left…we let the fish go because I really didn’t want to clean a fish that day…and Zack felt the fish deserved to be set free since he was so smart. You gotta love the logic of a 10-year-old!

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Jun 29 @ 4:26AM  
And even though we didn’t have fish that evening…we had pictures of that very clever fish…and a story that would be told over and over again. A wonderful story of how Zack caught (with a little help from mom) a very clever 8 pound fish on a snoopy fishing pole.

I have often wished I could relive that Saturday morning in June all over again.

So peeps…how about it? Do you have a favorite story you'd like to share about a younger family member or yourself? A story that makes you wish you could relive it all over again?

Come on Pervia…it’s story time!

Jun 29 @ 6:41AM  
GREAT story Kat...most of us have kids, so maybe we should all think of an early teen story about our offspring!

when my daughter was 12 to n14, she had begged her way into staying up a little very firm words to her...


morning rolls around, i hear her alarm go off for the 2nd time, so I stick my head in her door...and tell her to get up...she said..."i am"

so I say, and is there a smile on your face?

she says back to me, as she snuggles a little deeper in the covers..."are my feet on the floor?"

Jun 29 @ 7:31AM  
think of an early teen story about our offspring!

Which run in with the police do you want to hear about...I'll pass on that one. Much rather forget that phase than write about it. I will say that she eventually became a human beginning in her early twenties.

Jun 29 @ 7:33AM  
Cute story

Jun 29 @ 11:20AM  

Sounds kinda fishy to me.

But I'll give you a kudo for the story anyway.

Jun 29 @ 11:59AM  
Wonderful story... one niether you nor your son will ever forget.
A greenie for you... and lovely new pic!

Jun 29 @ 12:45PM  
Now I wanna go fishing.

As for my kid.. well... I'll get killed if I mention any of the really funny things and she ever finds out.

Jun 29 @ 2:05PM  
Cute story Kat!...Cute story Whisperin! Me have no stories that are as funny as those, so I decline.

Jun 29 @ 2:38PM  
This is such a great story, Kat. Thank you for sharing this with us.

I used to fish up at my aunt and uncle's place when I was young. Did that a few times there, and had a good time.

About 20 years ago I used to babysit my two younger counsins, Jodie and Matt. I would take them outside and play some baseball with them. It wasn't before long with had some other kids in the area playing baseball with us and having a great time.

Kudo for a great blog.

Jun 29 @ 6:42PM  
My sisters and I used to go fishing with our Dad every summer. We went with him a few times ice fishing..but that was too cold. And besides, we drove Dad crazy with out constant running and sliding on the ice and not paying attention to our poles.

Jul 14 @ 5:29AM  
Thanks for all the great comments and stories Pervia. I loved reading each and every one.

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The Very Clever Fish…and the Snoopy Fishing Pole.