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AMD Week in Review

posted 6/27/2010 10:56:47 PM |
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tagged: review

Ok, I know..I missed doing a Review last week. Darned summer weather…got me wanting to be outside more than inside. And I’ve noticed, my dogs are more demanding during the summer months. What I mean by that is this…I open the door to let them outside…and they want me to go outside with them too. Guess they think it’s great having me out there with them to keep them out of trouble…yeah right!!!! As if they would behave themselves just because I’m outside with them. Brats!! Good thing I love them. But it is nice to sit outside and watch them run around and enjoy themselves. Anyway….I got a Review to here goes.

Guess we will start of with 40DWM who is “Still waiting” He’s got a good point…where is all the celeb’s and benefit concerts to help with the Gulf oil disaster??

RevDocLove gave us “The Right And Wrong To Ask A Man” You mean there is a right and wrong way? Ya can’t just tell him he ain’t getting any if he don’t get a move on? Well ladies, guess we can’t use that one for a motivator anymore.

whisperingcomet stopped in to tell us about “My new job” I’m jealous. She is spoiled at her new job with all of those bonuses and lunches….and…and…..and if she EVER comes into Pervia complaining about that job…I’m gonna give her a Pervian kick in the seat of the pants!

soft_touch938 said “Well hello” And told us a story about her landlord’s S/O hang up about plastic pots. What’s the big deal about plastic pots? Some people have some strange hang ups.

We had a new blogger pop in, DavidRebecca blogged about “Proud to be White” This turned out to be quite a lively blog. But, as I said in that blog…I’m proud of who I am…not what I am.

And soft_touch938 had some of us rolling with her “fun” with her cats in “I should be in bed but….” I have my adventures with my dogs…Softie has her adventures with her cats.

Ynot7769 told us “Just Cause I Liked It…” If you missed it…I would say go back and view the link he put in the blog…it’s interesting.

lunanegra stopped in to tell us “And it falls into place” She had reconnected with a friend recently who had suggested they meet up, and that Luna meet this friend’s roommate. And Luna was nervous, asking what she should say, how she should act…..I say her mother is a smart woman to tell her to be herself. And…she did give an update later and turned out she had a good time!

soft_touch938 told us about “Just a wee hours of the morning quickie” She viewed six hours of family slides. Now, for you youngsters out there that don’t know what they are…they are photos on slides that go through a projector and you click “next” pretty much like you do on photobucket.


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Jun 27 @ 11:02PM  
Wordsofwit said “Comments? What Comments? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Comments” Guess it was a little slow in Pervia. What?? Wait…slow in Pervia??? WTF????

StraddlyMyNose said “Ya gotta applaud Arizona and Nebraska” I do? Why? They win the lottery? OOPS!!! Not what this is about. States cracking down on illegal immigration. Well, illegal means breaking the……

soft_touch938 said “How ‘bout….” She wanted to “let loose” and blog “softie style”..I say..bring it on!!!

StraddleMyNose told us about “Seinfeld Rails Against Lady GaGa’s Less-Than-Lady-Like Behavior” Lady GaGa not being a lady??? Well how dare she call herself “Lady” GaGa!!! She should know that flipping the finger isn’t ladylike….maybe her wig was on too tight?

whisperingcomet told us about a “new baby”. Yep, her daughter is having a baby…congrats!!!! Love the name and how the initials work out for the little one. That is so cute!

And we saw maxximuss1967 pop in and tell us, “she thinks she’s the lucky one!” A short and sweet blog about how much he loves his lady. I still say both of them are lucky. And it’s so great he’s found love.

soft_touch938 told us about her new hobby in her blog “Picture This…” Yep, she’s got a new digital camera and has been taking some really cool pictures and sharing them with us here in Pervia.

RJ53 is “Just Wondering” how many people actually read bills presented in Congress before forming opinons on them. Or how many people have truly read the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and even the Preamble. She made a very good point with this blog. Definite kudo for this blog.

StraddleMyNose came back with “Conn. school removes Lord reference in high school diplomas” Must not be much for the school board to occupy themselves with if they are so worried about that. IMHO…they could have left “Lord” on the diplomas and no one would have dropped dead from it.


Jun 27 @ 11:07PM  
And since Straddle was demanding someone post another blog cause he had one he wanted to post… PinkToeNails gave it to him in “hey shawn!!!” and viola! He was able to post his next blog…..which was….”Canada quake also rattles Ohio and other states”…So..that’s what that little shimmy, shake was that day? Canada was rocking and rolling and “shared” some of the “fun” with some of us in the upper mid west here.

flavorbuster said “GOOD NIGHT ALL!!!” And broke out singing “Show Me The Way To Go Home” (ok, I don’t know the name of the song…but that’s the first line of it). He and Skwirl got a good conversation going on that one about yellow brick roads and all.

Lisa46 asked us “What is the grossest thing you’ve had to do?” Definitely not a blog to be reading while trying to eat dinner. I had to finish my dinner first and wait a while before reading that blog. At least I knew what I was in for just by the title.

theSkwirl told us “Wait Just One Pea-Pickin Minute..Wouldja? After talking about debates and trolls she went on to say…yep….she “misses” cocktail, Aunty Ellen, etc… Why? Cause she did have a point…a troll does liven things up around here. Gets everyone all worked up…etc. Guess we’d better figure a way to entertain our Skwirl before she brings Aunty Ellen back…YIKES!!!!!!!! For those who haven’t had the pleasure of that one…be happy.

B9CC1D talked about “Race, Hypocrites, and Cowards” Another kudo worthy blog this past week. If you missed it…you would have to go back and read it for yourself.

StraddleMyNose brought up “Michael Jackson’s death: One year later” Wow…can’t believe it’s been one year already since his passing and Farrah Fawcetts. She had passed away from her battle with cancer earlier that same day.

soft_touch938 is giving us Pervian’s another one of her riveting stories in “Icy Dreams….Part 1 of ?”At the time of writing this…I’m still waiting on Part 6...hopelessly hooked again Softie.

NightOfOld is back and wrote “Once upon a Time” A nice little poem he wrote which he included all of Pervia in. His best work so far. Thanks Chuck!!!!


Jun 27 @ 11:12PM  
PinkToeNails asked “A birthday today, or tomorrow?? Ya know…having a fellow Pervian from the Land Down Under with a birthday makes it a little confusing cause of different time zones and all…….so tassie got lucky with getting “Happy Birthday” wishes twice. Wait a minute…that’s a cool idea….make friends with folks in different time zones…then ya can have twice the birthday fun. Whaddya all think?

And it’s about time we see this one…she’s been MIA lately and that is our very own beloved Sunshine79 who blogged about “Piss Hard Ons” Only Sunshine could come up with this blog topic. And I was surprised that one member had never heard of this. Btw…Mick would get those..he would pee first then wanna fuck.

Wordsofwit wrote about “The Stink that Stunk the Stench that Stank” Interesting title…interesting too that black and white “rabbit” his daughters dog chased into the garage. Ok…last I knew…a rabbit couldn’t stink up a garage that bad…a skunk maybe..but not a rabbit. Wonder if she ever got that stench out of her garage?

flavorbuster asked “WHAT IS THE MOST OUTLANDISH THINGS YOU HAVE WITNESSED ON AMD?” ummm…..too many to list? But, I still say the Aunty Ellen is the most outlandish. Acutally…I’m quite surprised that one hasn’t shown back up. She must still be on her meds?

Somnium wrote “For the interested:Medical Breakthrough:Restoring Site to the Blind” He provided a link to a short video about how stem cells can help to repair site for those who are blind. Great news for those who have had cornea damage, they may get to see again.

casuallylooking talked about “Reading instructions” for a cock ring. Glad she was able to find out it stretches enough…hate to imagine if it hadn’t.

And chocolatemilf stopped in with “REPOST: Riding Stradd’s Coattails…….”Isn’t it nice that Straddle can inspire blogs? Well, she said this blog was inspired by Straddle…guess someone has to pick up where he left off with the kinky stuff.

Ynot7769 told everyone to “THINK” huh? Think? About what? OMG!! Obama toilet paper!!!!

casuallylooking talked about “Swearing On A Dime…” Yeah, if I had to pay out a dime every time I swore..I’d be broke.. but, if I was paid a dime for every time I swore…I’d be pretty well off.


Jun 27 @ 11:17PM  
RevDocLove gave a helpful list in “Guys…. A Few Facts On How To Keep Your Lady Happy” It’s so simple… like the last one on the list…”never forget how much she means to you”.

RJ53 gave us some chuckles with “Yes it is a copy paste but I thought it was pretty funny…” Gotta wonder what some of those Church secretary’s are thinking. I mean…”This evening at 7 PM there will be a hymn singing in the park across from the Church. Bring a blanket and come prepared to sin. “ Wonder what that secretary was thinking…

Wordsofwit said “Here are some moldy jokes…” I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about the fact a pizza arrives at your house faster than the cops. Guess laughing won out.

Somnium shared “An actor with smarts and common sense…” Ya know…..I remember hearing about looking to James Cameron, famous director, for some ideas to stop the oil leak in the Gulf, and now, here is Kevin Costner, an actor, with an invention that could do better than everything else BP has tried. If I was CEO at BP….I’d be wanting answers as to why Hollywood has better ideas than the “pros”.

PinkToeNails said “I want one………..” She showed a link to a cute little Victorian cottage…and it is LITTLE!!!

whisperingcomet said “it’s time” Yeah!!! Party time!!! That’s what Pervia needs….a party night.

KitKat25 said “Don’t Hate Me Cuz I’m Polka Dotted…” Poor Kit!!! She has a rash!!!! A reaction to some antibiotics she had been taking. Hopefully that rash clears up soon.

soft_touch938 told us about “Softie’s been takin’ pix again” Yep…more pics to share with everyone in Pervia. She has quite the eye for taking pictures.

And we saw KayJay19 stop in and talk about “Toy Story 3” Yes, I admit it…I love the Toy Story movies… I grew up watching Disney movies also…and still enjoy them. Some of us don’t fully “grow up”.

lunanegra had “One, “big” dilemma” Looks like the majority is for the idea of walking… and it’s even more fun if one has a friend for a walking buddy. I love a nice walk myself. It’s my peace and quiet away from my dogs.

whisperingcomet said “PARTY” Yeah!! Our party girl is back!!!!!!!!!


Jun 27 @ 11:22PM  
MonkeyWoman30 is “Feeling Reflective..& A Bit Naughty” She wrote a hot little story that actually got Skwirl a little “warm”… even left her speechless. Good job MonekyWoman!!!

soft_touch938 told us about “BWI…been a long time folks” She was feeling mellow… .yeah, one can feel mellow while intoxicated…it’s when one gets bombed, plastered, falling over drunk that it’s hard for feel mellow.

whisperingcomet had a “last remark” on her friends offer of $$$ for a blowjob. She had told him she would have done it for half the money…..What????? Half??? No way!!!! Then her friend shot back at her that he had such a great time he would have paid twice the amount! And after a couple of other blogs got posted….she blogged about “vallywhapper” Yep, she asked the question that some have wanted to…..”WHY DO YOU WRITE THAT SILLY SHIT?” Just got to love the way she asked it. And of course..he answered, in his own way.

mrknowuwell exclaimed “Horny Man online!!!” Really? Horny men in Pervia? Who would have thought it….

whisperingcomet talked about “Foster dogs” She’s been thinking of a companion for her little dog, Jake. Jake might like that since dogs are pack animals. Her idea of “fostering” is a good idea…gives her a chance to see how Jake reacts to another dog in his territory.

soft_touch928 asked “Periva…Where are you?” Ummmm…right here? In this little niche of cyber world called AMD…. Ok…don’t know about the others…I was at work today. But I see it was a bit busy today in the blogs. So…some were here. Ok… that blogs half a dozen times a day.

RJ53 gave us instructions on “Installing A Husband” Does everything in life have to involve tech support? Well……maybe the Boyfriend 5.0 might not….sounds like it would be more fun to keep.

And that will bring this weeks Review to a close. Interesting week in blogs I must say. A few chuckles along the way….a little bickering…..overall…a nice and quiet week. Summer has everyone in a good mood. Ok…going to get this posted then off to bed for me…gotta work the next few days.

Jun 27 @ 11:32PM  
Great review as usual. Kudos

Jun 27 @ 11:46PM  

Here's my greeny for a job well done.

Jun 28 @ 12:01AM  
Great review as always sugar!

Here's a kudo for you...


Jun 28 @ 2:16AM  
Excellent job as usual....kudo to you and I blog entirely tooooo much...methinks.

Jun 28 @ 2:28AM  

Jun 28 @ 2:48AM  
How do you keep track and not go crazy from all that? Anyway, good one as always, green cookie.

Jun 28 @ 3:22AM  

Jun 28 @ 7:25AM  
And that's all I got to say

Jun 28 @ 7:30AM  
Bravo!!! Great job Dawn!! I don't know how you have the time to do this but I'm glad you do it!! Thank you!!

And as always...

Green one to ya!

Jun 28 @ 10:19AM  
Bravo, you, this is wonderful. You worked hard on this one.

Jun 28 @ 2:12PM thinks you just get better and better with each review. Kudos!

Jun 28 @ 4:43PM  
good thing you liked my was deleted...........and NOT by me

Jun 28 @ 5:13PM  
Great review! I haven't blogged in a while...guess I better come up with something. Love you! ...oh yeah...Select is back! Hey Select!

Jun 28 @ 6:39PM  
You do such an AWESOME job every week on this. Kat's right, you do keep on getting better and better at this. Kudo!

Jun 28 @ 6:49PM  
One thing (yeah leave it to me to say) that I think the review misses is covering the the comments in the blogs, that can actually make a blog dynamic and interesting.

Please allow me to explain, there was a post about being proud to be white that was a copy/paste email thing falsely citing a celebrity saying things the man never said But the comments from the people was what made this blog significant during the week IMO.

I am probably in a minority but I go back to blogs to read the comments. They may be more important and significant (as in this case) than the blog itself. I feel that is an important dimension to it all. My nickel minus three pennies.

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