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Michael Jackson's death: One year later

posted 6/24/2010 12:08:17 AM |
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tagged: music, entertainment, sad, straddle

It's hard to believe that Michael Jackson has been dead for almost one year (this Friday). I remember when it went down one year ago on June 25, 2009. All of us here on AMD were in shock that early evening as I posted this blog announcing this sad event.

Michael Jackson dead?

He was truly the king of pop, and his music will always continue to live on.

For those who wasn't on commenting on my blog a year ago when it went down, what were you doing when you first heard about it?

For those that were, how often do you reflect on this?

I personally feel we all lost an American Icon. A lot of people may not have understood the man, but there were many others who did. Many people connected to his music. Just about any song he did, he turned it into gold. Not too many people can do that. He was very talented with his voice, his music, and his dancing.

Here's a blog I did asking people what their favorite song from Michael Jackson was later that evening a year ago.

My blog a year ago on Michael Jackson's songs

What's your favorite Michael Jackson song, and why?

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Jun 24 @ 12:21AM  
Also, we had some very inappropriate comments that some people posted on my blog a year ago on Michael Jackson. Some on this site didn't like him and felt the need to post their opinions on the man after his passing. I did delete those comments at the time, and will do the same with this blog if I feel the comment(s) are innappropriate.

Jun 24 @ 1:03AM  
I can hardly believe it, but it's been 5 years since Mana Nishiura died in a New Jersey car accident. Who you say? Exactly. I have a hard time sympathizing for the loss of someone that had so many negative elements to his career. Yet conversely, I feel a great sadness at the loss of an extraordinarily talented musician that never had problems involving drugs, court battles, body dysmorphic disorder, agoraphobia, and “Peter Pan Syndrome.” You can't use the excuse of accomplishment. Jackson released 10 albums during his career. Shonen Knife has released 16. Shonen Knife has toured more frequently than Jackson has, and has more global record sales. In my opinion, as with a lot of other things in the U.S. it all comes down to the amount of glitter you can put on your promotional posters.

Jun 24 @ 1:26AM  
Thanks for the comment, Dom, but this blog is was about Michael Jackson, and not Mana Nishiura, nor Shonen Knife, or any other person.

problems involving drugs, court battles, body dysmorphic disorder, agoraphobia, and “Peter Pan Syndrome

I don't think you really needed to go into all this about him since my blog is more of a tribute blog.

Jun 24 @ 4:00AM  

Had it been longer, many kids would have been saved from his perversion.

Jun 24 @ 5:24AM  
There are too many songs to pick from to say its my favorite. If you are watching a video there are several. If you are listening to an album there are different ones that can be picked.
I have a band and from time to time we play some of his songs. MAN IN THE MIRROR IS A CROWD FAVORITE. Newer versions of Billie Jean are great.
There are sooooo many to chose from...... I dont think I can pick one single song and say it is my favorite.
Whats amazing is now that he is gone, people are really realizing how great he was.
Watching the this is it movie, shows how much he put int his music and how much he wanted to express the meanings, not to just hear a song but to really see what went on in his mind and what he wanted to project to us,his fans. I have been playing in bands for over 30 years. I do good and dream like all others but just sit back and watch and listen to him.......
I can go on forever but I will leave it at that..................

Jun 24 @ 5:25AM  
Last thing lol Dirt Dianna was always the most enjoyable for me to perform

Jun 24 @ 7:12AM  
what were you doing when you first heard about it?

I was online and clicked onto the CNN Web site seeing that paramedics were sent to his home. Shortly there after the death was announced. I then posted on here about it.

For those that were, how often do you reflect on this?

Not at all except that I am tired of hearing about him. It wasn't like his career was still viable with new music of consequence. Every guy has to be a dead man sometime, that's the way it goes.

Jun 24 @ 8:34AM  
Sorry..The last time I was a "fan" was when it was the Jackson Five

Jun 24 @ 8:40AM  
dammit, it was my day before it was his.
28 again, 28 again ...

Jun 24 @ 11:45AM  
I feel that If he molested those children he is surely paying for it now... I don't know if he did or not, I wasn't there. If it did happen, I feel truly sorry for those young boys.
Did he seem to have Peter Pan syndrome? Yes... but maybe he just wanted to have the childhood he never got to have, and thought his money could buy it for him.
Did he weird out with all of the plastic surgery? Definitely. But weird as I thought he looked, we all have different taste and maybe he was tying to get away from lookng anything like Joseph.
Was he a music genius? I believe he truly was. And his music will live on for many generations to come.

My, just turned 5 year old, grand daughter listens to all types of music. With a teenage brother and sister she is expsed to just about everything, and she adores Michael Jackson 's music. Especially Billie Jean.

Jun 24 @ 6:21PM  
Well, Happy Birthday, Tassie!

Jun 24 @ 6:48PM  
I remember being online, had Fox News on, and hearing that an ambulance was at his residence, that he had collapsed. Shortly after that, my sister had called and we were talking on the phone. She was watching CNN, I was watching Fox, and we both pretty much heard it the same time that he had died.

Regardless of his flaws, he was a musical genius. I grew up listening to the Jackson 5, and then later Michael's solo works. And yes, Thriller is my favorite of his albums, with my all time favorite song being Billie Jean. I just love the beat of the song. Even have it for a ring tone on my cell phone.

Jun 24 @ 7:18PM  
my all time favorite song being Billie Jean

That is one cool tune. I don't know anyone who doesn't like it and my crowd is rock and roll people.

Jun 24 @ 9:33PM  
Gonna watch his vids on YT or fire up my mediaplayer with an all MJ playlist in his honor. If I had cable, I'd be watching BET and MTV because I know there will be vids all day.

Also people in the molestation camp...he wasn't guilty. I have an article on files released posthumously(go figure) from the FBI saying that Michael didn't do it. Also, bear in mind human nature: if someone touched my kid, I wouldn't want money, I'd want his blood. Besides, the guy's dad who accused him in 1993 committed suicide few months after MJ died..what does that say?

If you ignore that- at least Michael stood in court, Roman Polanski who drugged and raped a 13 y/o girl orally, anally and vaginally, ran away to France for 30 years. I guess since his victim says "to drop it", 30 years had passed or he's a "great director" makes it okay. Same goes for Woody Allen and Morgan Freeman, but no ones going to call them pedos.

The way Michael lived his life and his eccentricities made him a prime target but that man was as human as you or I- yet it seems that no one understood that. Even if you hate him, give credit because he did change the game musically and if you don't care, just let others who did celebrate his legacy.

And with that..still can't believe he's gone :\


Jun 24 @ 10:32PM  
The way Michael lived his life and his eccentricities made him a prime target
You're right, and I think it's a shame they did make him one.

Jun 25 @ 10:31AM  
Damn it's already been a year ?

Jun 25 @ 7:49PM  
What were you doing when you first heard about it?

I was at home working on a client project and heard the news over the radio.

For those that were, how often do you reflect on this?

Not very often...although when I do...I feel great sadness for him and his family.

What's your favorite Michael Jackson song, and why?

It Doesn't Matter if Your Black or White. I love this song beecause the message is so important.

Jun 25 @ 8:17PM  
Crud- forgot to answer the questions..
For those who wasn't on commenting on my blog a year ago when it went down, what were you doing when you first heard about it?

I believe I commented, but I was in bed napping at the time, bc whatelse was there to do while recovering from surgery- wasnt allowed to do much. Anyway, sister popped in my room and told me Michael Jackson had died, and I was like: No, fucking way! I flew out of bed, and sure enough it was on CNN..still can't believe it to this day. This word is overused, but it was indeed surreal...still is.

For those that were, how often do you reflect on this?
Not often, but when I see the random video or an MJ song comes on shuffle, I'm like 'damn..he's really not around anymore.' :\

What's your favorite Michael Jackson song, and why?
Human Nature; its very underrated and easy-going. Its very MJ because all he wanted all his life was to be out of the spotlight to enjoy some normalcy. At his memorial John Mayer* gave a very good rendition of the song. Very understated, just guitar, backup singers, and the band.(*Google if you dont know).

'Dirty Diana' and 'Who Is It' are a close 2nd.

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Michael Jackson's death: One year later