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Suing Micky D's over toys

posted 6/23/2010 12:25:35 PM |
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tagged: opinion

Been seeing this story on the news the last couple of days where this group, a Washington-based consumer advocacy group threatening to sue McDonald's over the toys in the Happy Meals. According to this group, the toys are part of the reason for kids obesity in America. Story

In hearing, and reading, this story...the one thought I have is.....What about the parents? Isn't it THEIR responsibility to monitor what their kids are eating? Better yet, isn't it THEIR place to tell the kids "no" when the kids start "nagging" them to go to Micky D's? I know when my sister's and I were youngsters, no matter how much we begged, pleaded, and yes, threw tantrums or pouted, when Mom said no, she meant it. She never needed some advocacy group to step up and make decisions of these types for her. And working at the hotel, I see plenty of parents with their kids....and I've seen plenty who know how to say "no" to their kids and then "tune out" the crying. I see a lot of rooms where the parents have healthier foods for their kids. So, I'm figuring that more parents out there are concerned with their child's health and well being than what this group is saying.

Bottom line, it isn't all on McDonald's here. They are only providing a service.....I don't see them twisting arms or holding parents hostage to get them to buy the stuff for their kids. Parent's have the authority, and responsibility, to tell their kids no and stick to it. Let them throw a fit.....just don't give in. And as for this group, maybe their time would better serve kids in going after more dangerous threats like pedophiles, bullies, etc.

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Jun 23 @ 12:45PM  
I like a happy meal with a toy involved too......oops wrong type of happy meal!

Jun 23 @ 12:53PM  
I think Shakespeare said it best...........

First, kill all the lawyers.

Jun 23 @ 1:05PM  
I had posted a blog two or three months ago (since deleted) about a county in California banning all toys in Happy Meals or similar promotions. The precedent for this kind of action goes back to the banning free toys in cereal boxes as I recall (I am not going to research it). If I am mistaken, please feel free to correct me.

Jun 23 @ 1:16PM  
Ya said it all sugar...nothing I can add to improve it. A and kudo for you and maybe a ...yes, definitely a

Jun 23 @ 1:21PM  
If a happy meal really makes you happy then we should start passing them out around here.

Jun 23 @ 1:50PM  
When I was young we went to Mc Donalds once in a blue moon. I don't eat any fast food now. It kinda scares me.

Jun 23 @ 1:51PM  
Actually it's not what the kids are eating that makes them obese right now.. it's the inability to safely go out and play hard like the rest of us were able to when we were kids. When your recreation consists of turning on the tube and twiddling your fingers on a controller.. what does the world expect?

The only places where kids are not generally obese is smaller towns. Where gangs of kids roam the hills and play outdoors from sunup til mom makes em come home. Even that is not as safe as it once was. Hells bells.. little kids could eat pure lard and not gain an ounce if they were up running around. I used to eat three plates of food at each meal and still weigh 75-80 lbs. Then I grew up and got sedentary because of health issues and I'm blimping up. Not cool.

Jun 23 @ 5:09PM  
When your recreation consists of turning on the tube and twiddling your fingers on a controller

Welllll... there IS something to be said about that! It develops dexterity in their fingers so that if they join the military (especially our Luftwaffe)* they will have the adroitness to fly our drones that we use to locate terrorists and take them out! Also handy to fly into space with! Just say'n!

*Luftwaffe (German pronunciation: ['luftvafa] (derived from the words "Luft"= air and "Waffe"= weapon) is a generic German term for an air force. Okay... so I like to play with words!! So, shoot me and throw me over a cliff!


Jun 23 @ 5:22PM  
Amen sister disco!!!!! I couldn't have said it better myself! And skwirl is right on too!!

Kudos to both of you!

Jun 23 @ 6:03PM  
I think it's nuts with the lawsuits today with people and groups...

Jun 23 @ 7:13PM  
So does this mean I can sue cause I can't find a boyfriend? okay where do I send my complaints to the Mayor maybe? I think this McD issue is as stupid as my comment. I mean get real and get off their butts

Jun 23 @ 10:00PM  
Notice its MacnDons, not Burger King or Wendys, etc. These fast food places are also adding more nutritious selections with their meals ..

Sure the problem is a lot with the parents. I also have heard of many schools ending phys ed and recess because it gets in the way of classes needed for passing "the test".

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Suing Micky D's over toys