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Fifty...and counting!

posted 1/6/2007 7:38:57 PM |
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I hate milestones. Milestones are related 2 gallstones in that U get them when Ur old. Oh, I'm sure some kid has had gallstones B4 and sure...McKauley Caulkin probably made it 2 ten movies, but that's not my point. My point is...I've been around awhile...and that should stand 4 something, right?

Wrong! I still didn't have a damned thing 2 write about. That's when something magical happened 2 me. Something almost devine. That's when I checked my email and found...wonder of all wonders...I had recieved an anonymous cumfuckme email complete with an attached dick pic! I couldn't fucking believe it! I had read so much about these instruments of evil used by horny men all over the world 2 torture unsuspecting women. I never even expected 2 see one (since the offending party often just deletes it in disgust), let alone recieve one myself!

But the thing I could understand...couldn't find some way 2 wrap my mind around...wuz this: What wuz I doing still alive? Why, 2 hear the women talk about these things U would think they were dangerous. Ok...maybe not kill U but at least cause temporary blindness or genital bruising or something. And I sat unscathed. I couldn't believe it!

Then I started thinking. What if these comfuckme emails really aren't all that big of a deal? What if U can really just delete them and go about Ur business? I mean...sure, I inadvertently looked at another guy's cock and that's going 2 cause me months...maybe even years of therapy 2 get over completely (if I close my eyes I can still see it!), but get over it I will. If I can get over it then I have 2 believe U ladies will get over it as well. Remember...what ever doesn't kill U makes U stronger. Either that, or it leaves U handicapped and horribly disfigured. Sometimes motherfuckers even end up, like...I don't know, hooked up 2 a fucking machine 2 keep breathing and shit. It's a fucked up thing...let me tell U.

So, as U can see I think I have proved decisively and conclusively that things could, in fact, be worse. So just hit that delete button, make an appointment with Ur friendly neighborhood headshrinker and have Urself a drink. Trust me...U'll feel better about it in the morning.

This message wuz brought 2 U by the Friendly Neighborhood Headshrinkers of America


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Jan 6 @ 8:15PM  
Lets see if i can do this......Ok...U know we all love you appaently men and women alike......... Just realize we that adore are you into men now............???? fantacy....................
will you let us know your final choice??????????/ we ladies are all waiting........ Sorry love........couldn't resist......

Jan 6 @ 8:21PM  
I think the man who sent you a photo of his dick needs to visit an optician as he obviously has trouble reading what you are into! Hell Slippery I didn't know you were the big five-oh as you look so young for your age (and that is not meant as a pass either so don't freak out about it).

Jan 6 @ 8:24PM  
Ah, see, the wanna fuck emails are like ants. Just one is pretty much harmless. The most it can do is cause some minor irritation. However, in droves, they can be a killer.

Jan 6 @ 8:24PM  

That's fuckin hilarious! I told Y he shouldn't send em.
You lived to be 50? Holy shit!!!! That gives me hope!
If I knew I was gonna live so long, I'd of taken better care of myself......NOT!

Jan 6 @ 9:04PM  
Sorry bad!!! Fifty BLOGS, not fifty years old! I look like I can make half a century?


Jan 6 @ 9:10PM  
Still have that cellar/crawlspace available. room for one more since crazy Eva chick escaped.

Jan 6 @ 10:24PM  
Good Lord, guys, you get on others for not reading profiles and essays, and yet you honestly think DS was 50 when his profile states 40? And then you assume he's straight when his profile states looking for "both" the last time I checked. Another funny one, DS!

Jan 6 @ 11:17PM  
Straddle........ya know I asked his to decide.......apparently he declined

Jan 6 @ 11:30PM  
Straddle I don't know if that is a valid observation on" his profile" saying looking for both. I read some of the womans profiles that say they are looking for both and guess what? They are not. Go figure. LOL

Jan 6 @ 11:34PM  
Yeah, but Wtxman, it's almost a known fact on here that a lot of those "women" that are looking for both or lesbians are actually guys posing as women on here. We have had a lot of that mentioned in the comments in peoples blogs over the past month.

Jan 6 @ 11:42PM  
"almost a known fact" very interesting choice of words. Maybe the guys that are looking for both are actually woman.

Jan 6 @ 11:44PM  
When I take my specs off, you do look approximately like a fetching hot chick ... mmm. Wannafuck?

Jan 6 @ 11:45PM  
Yeah, but you usually never see that on here if it exists. DS, are you really a woman with a bad wig on? j/k

Jan 7 @ 12:48AM  
hey...50 isnt all that bad!

Jan 7 @ 1:10AM  
As previously stated...the slippery one in a dress is not a pretty sight!


Jan 7 @ 12:03PM  
Damn, DS. How'd you do it? You got a wanna fuck from Bentan! I'm so jealous!

Jan 8 @ 1:17AM  

Even stirred Benny to a "wannafuck"...DAMN, good show DS!

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